Thursday, March 29, 2012

1.1 - A New Start

Embarrassment. That was the only feeling evident on Alexandra’s face as the two girls stepped out of the cab to see their new home for the first time. It was basically a glorified shack. Nothing like the slums on the far side of town, but still smaller than the garage in Melody’s old family home. 
Alex had picked the house out herself from photos her sister had sent her while they were on the ferry. Melody had spent the entire trip in the washroom with sea sickness, and found her best friend’s distress altogether quite amusing. 

“This is such a disaster!” Alexandra wails, grabbing her head as if in pain. “Viva said this place was nice! Not a... a wreck! And we don’t have any more money for something nicer and its so far from the city and now my head is going to burst open and I’ll die and you’ll have to go back home!”

“Alex shut UP for a minute!”
She does so, looking up at Melody as if the older girl was going to bite her head off. 
“Listen, the house isn’t perfect but I think it’s still pretty nice. Two bedrooms with enough space for a double bed in each, a nice kitchen, a good shower, and the subway is right across the street so we don’t have to worry about being closer to the city centre.”

“I guess you’re right...” Alex mutters, looking down, ashamed.
Melody smiles after a moment. “Listen, lets both just worry about getting jobs and a steady income coming in. Once we have more money we can look at moving somewhere nicer, deal?”

Alexandra and Melody had both grown up in Starlight Shores, a large and bustling town by the beach a few days travel from where they were now. Both girls’ mothers had been actresses, and it had always been Alexandra’s plan to follow in her mother’s footsteps. But not using her very well known family’s name. 
Here, she was Alexandra Weaver, background extra. 

Melody had plans to change her name as well, but she hadn’t decided on just what quite yet. The Sabos were so well known. Her father, a huge rockstar on the mainland, her mother an actress, heck her grandmother was credited with re-creating the vampire-be-gone formula! She didn’t want any of that pressure. She’s always just wanted to be a pop star, not just another name on her dad’s record label.

James something or other owns the local coffee shop and is willing to hire her on a weekly stipend as a sing-o-gram deliverer. 

Well... its not exactly what she wanted, but its a start, and it will help her meet her new neighbors. 
“Please tell me I don’t have to wear some sort of silly outfit.”
“Oh you do. But don’t worry, its not silly... its downright ridiculous.”

Melody wouldn’t be held responsible for killing someone right now. This costume really is 'downright ridiculous'. 

Alexandra is absolutely no help at all. 
“See I’m getting a more hotel bellhop feel from this, not so much rising pop star.”
“I haaaaate yoooou.”
“And you were a bit flat on that last note.”
“Shut UP, Alex!”
“Now you’re not even singing.”

Melody tells her off and eventually they go their separate ways for the evening. Melody focuses on singing around town for tips. 

While Alex goes around town meeting the locals.

And practicing her reaction shots in the mirror. If she ever gets a close up she will OWN it.

Melody meets her own share of fascinating locals. 

Even then, her first “real” job opportunity comes from Alexandra’s older half sister. She wants Melody to give her husband a cheer up sing-o-gram since he’s been so stressed out from work. 
Melody finds the whole event utterly horrifying.

But Sebastian seems to enjoy the spectacle and does smile for the first time since he and Aviva moved here. Something that doesn’t escape Melody’s attention. 

And Aviva seems to adore the return sing-o-gram Sebastian hired Melody for. Perhaps this job isn’t as awful as she first thought.

The jobs come rolling in after that. 

A few days pass by before both girls have time to eat dinner at home together. 

“So I met... someone at work today.” Alexandra begins, hesitantly. “He seems very forward and asked me out for drinks this weekend. Should I go for it?”

Melody has trouble holding her tongue. Alexandra hasn’t gone on any dates since her teen pregnancy and the incident that followed shortly after. That fact that Alex is considering this date is a huge deal!

She hides her smile as she takes a seat at the table. “Well, I see no harm in a date, just make sure to keep things slow. I’m happy for you.”
“Thanks. I guess.”

Alexandra did fail to mention one thing... the guy who asked her out is named Harris Evans. He’s the mayor, and he’s married. 


Welcome to the Sari Legacy! 

Now to those of you who might be new readers, there WILL be details in this legacy from the final generation of my Sabo Legacy, but I will try my hardest to give you all the information you'll need in the story itself. Either from the character's mouths or in narration. 

So since this is the "Sari Legacy" I think its obvious what Melody will be changing her surname to. She just hasn't actually picked it in story yet. 

Some of you may have noticed a little link on the top right of the blog that reads "Heir Vote". My plan for this legacy is to slow down my updates to every other day (or so) and to have you guys pick my heirs as a bit of a challenge for myself since I am notorious for over planning every single little detail of my sims lives. This should make things... fun.... er... for me. *Eye twitch*

- Single With Help (Melody as the heir, Alexandra as her help) 
- 4 Children (My plan is 2 and 2)
- Primary Career: Singer
- Secondary Career: Film - Actor
- Generation Goal: Social Bunny
- Misc Fun: Tattoo Addict


  1. OH! I am looking forward to a story that is explained with details :D I like this writing, it's more explanatory and shows more details.

    Right, you are sure you are going to let us pick the heir?? You do realize there is no way around it right? :D

    Anyways, I love the start of this, I'll look forward to how melody will be getting along with the sing-o-grams lol :D

    1. Unfortunately I keep falling back into my old writing style during the next chapter but I am making an effort to keep up the pretty descriptive style I usually use in my non-sims stories. Its harder than I thought it would be O_o. I blame pictures.

      You guys are beginning to worry me about the heir vote thing.

  2. Oooh yay!! Heir polls will be SO much fun!! =)

    And of COURSE you'd start it off with some drama, a date with the married Mayor!! Yikes! Temptation is sweet...

    1. I think with Alex it isn't so much temptation as someone telling her he adores her and her not wanting to be without that. Regardless of the consequences.

  3. Great start, Cece.
    The sing-o-grams or whatever are so completely ridiculous. I've been having Jacklyn do some of those for shits and giggles, but that will never appear in my story, lol.
    Heir polls should be fun.

    1. Oh gosh I LOVE the sing-o-grams. They kill me! And at least its an opportunity to go around town and showcase all the pretty sims I've populated the island with.

  4. You are very brave for little us choose your heir. No way I could ever do that. Nope, nope, nope.

    Already a scandal is brewing! I have a feeling this may not end well for Alex but we shall see. Melody is so beautiful! I lol'd at the "downright ridiculous outfit." And Alex is right, it's more like a bell hop uniform but whatever EA.

    Bastian. <3 I'm glad his sing-o-gram made him happy. =]

    1. I actually find the uniforms Mel's been getting absolutely adorable! They just kill me, and all the sims who watch her sing look like they're about to burst out in laughter. So I'll probably be making fun of her clothes a LOT throughout her generation.

      Love Bastian <3.

  5. I am SO excited about choosing an heir. Payback...ah sweet payback. :P

    1. ... I'm having second thoughts now. O_O

  6. Oh YAY I missed you my darling hunny pie!! xx

  7. Ooh, we get to vote for your heirs, fun...

    I love the singing shots, that outfit is a little unfortunate though. As for Alex's date, I have a feeling this isn't going to end well

    1. I LOVE Melody's outfits in her career. I swear everytime she gets a new one I have to stop myself from making them the focus of each chapter just so I can make fun.

  8. Ooh, they're pretty! I especially like Alex. =) Also, SCANDAL! My favorite!

    1. I was so impressed by both Alex and Melody! They really embody the genetics of their respective legacies. Alexandra having the Starr genetics, and Melody being pure friggin Sabo.

  9. Just starting to read this. I like it so far! Your sims are both very pretty! :)

  10. Trying to catch up on all these awesome legacies...just started reading yours. Great start. Loved the little shocker at the end about Alex dating a married man.