Friday, March 30, 2012

1.2 - An Attraction of Sorts

Another day, another cranky pregnant lady who does not appreciate Melody’s singing. 

An anonymous caller hires her to give a celebration sing-o-gram to some guy named Naveen Smith. With the smuggest grin Melody has ever seen he lets her into his house, looking her up and down. “When Jane said she was sending over a singer to celebrate our new business agreements I never thought you’d be a ‘dancer’ too. That girl really does take good care of me.”
Melody just about slaps him.

“Sir, I am not a prostitute. I’m just here to congratulate you and thats it.” She gives him her sweetest smile. “If you touch me I will break every bone in your body. Understood?”

Naveen’s eyebrows shoot straight up, almost making Melody laugh. “Wow... Fiesty... I like it. You really remind me of someone.”
“Your mother?”
“No that can’t be it, she was a saint. But maybe if you stayed the night we could figure it out.”

Yeah she’s totally goanna slap him. And then go home and scream into her pillow because his smile makes her tingly all over.

Days pass, and with it Melody finally has enough to buy a new less bellhoppy outfit. 
Zane Avendale is dating his brother’s ex, Morgan Hemlock and she seems to prefer the younger brother considering all the romantic sing-o-grams she's been sending him.

Zane’s sister Yalena is pregnant, engaged (to Daniel Wish) and not all that happy with the entire situation. 

Apparently watching Melody make a fool out of herself is the real magic in sing-o-grams because it brings quite the smile to Yalena’s face. 

She’s on her way to her next sing-o-gram when-
“Now the outfit is different but I'd recognize that ass anywhere. Hey gorgeous! Haven't seen you in a while!”
Ugh. Him.

“Okay so I’m just going to go home now and if you follow me I will...” Her voice trails off when her eyes meet his.
“You’ll do what?”
“I dunno. I can’t remember what my threat was. But it was a good one, I’d been planning it for a while.”

“You spent time coming up with a threat just for me? I’m flattered!”
She stops, looking at him oddly. “Are you mocking me?”
“Of course not. That would be rude.”

Melody can’t help her smile. “So do you mock every girl you meet or is it just me?”
He steps a bit closer to her, their skin almost touching in a way that makes her cheeks go red and her pulse race just a bit. “Mock? Usually everyone, but I only flirt with the women I like, the list of which you rise far above.”

“Ah so you are flirting. I knew it.”
“Am I not so obvious? Jane has done nothing but tease me about you since we met.”
“Jane is....?”
“My little sister.” He lies smoothly. “I’m the only family she has left, so I look after her.”
She thinks that’s the saddest thing ever. But the fact that he cares about his family is quite the turn on.

At that moment his pocket lets out a shrill ring, and with a sigh he grabs the phone to look at the message. “Speak of the devil, looks like I need to head home now.”
“Is everything alright?”
He nods, more to himself than her. “Just Jane being a child.”
We’re just talking. He types, replying to Jane's text message. A moment later he receives another message that just makes him smile. Oh she’s goanna pay for THAT one.

Before Melody can react he has her in his arms, their bodies pressed together in an embrace that she isn’t sure is quite appropriate for such a public place. “I would love to see you again, gorgeous. Perhaps next time we can have a real date.”

“A real-”
He cuts her off, his lips pressing against hers. Her first kiss, since all she did in high school was pointedly ignore all the boys who asked her out.

He slips a small, folded paper into her hand as they kiss, pulling back at last with a smug grin. “Be sure to call me sometime, gorgeous.”

On the other side of town, Alexandra’s night has gone in just about the most opposite way possible. Harris was supposed to meet her at the diner for drinks but instead he’s a no-show. 

Zane Avendale made her feel a little better, taking pity on the younger girl by sitting with her and listening to her talk, asking the right questions, and smiling or frowning at all the right moments. He’s always been a great listener and Alex appreciates it a lot.

He’s also got a really comfy shoulder and a water resistant shirt, so he doesn’t mind letting her cry on it.

He’s engaged, to Morgan Hemlock and she’s pregnant with his child. He lives with her and has always been the “good” child in his family. But there’s something about this little red head that makes him consider throwing that all away. He doesn’t even love Morgan, he only dated her so she’d stop trying to destroy his sisters’ careers for what Xander did to her. If he were single he’d really make Alexandra feel special.
But he’s not, so when she heads home alone he lets her, and then walks home hoping the cold night air will help him forget about her.


Harris really was a no-show for his outing with Alexandra and then Zane should up and they started goofing off together and just got along so well! They got half way to the friend level without ANY Watcher interference! Dangit Alex, he's engaged! Why'd you have to go and pick him? D : 

Naveeeeeen <3. I honestly don't even know WHY I like him. He certainly isn't the best looking sim I've ever made, but her personality is very true to his in-game personality, and maybe thats why I like him. I mean he's just... mrr~


  1. That's a lot of sing-o-grams.

    Now for me, I think Naveen is one of the better looking guys you've had (I like a strong nose, what can I say?). But his personality...I avoid guys like him like the plague, lol.

    1. Yeah I always date the assholes. But Naveen isn't really a jerk, he just acts that way on purpose. But I should show that, not just say it. *Pouts* Stupid characterization.

  2. Dude, those Avendale kids get AROUND. Who the hell were their parents? :P

    Naveen...I agree the above. Avoid cocky guys like that myself. But, sometimes, you just can't help it.

    1. Basically, Heaven.

      Xander - Dating Arycella Amarel on and off.

      Yalena - Engaged to Daniel Wish (Still), and just gave birth to a son named Duncan Avendale.

      Zane - Married to Morgan Hemlock. She's still pregnant.

      Ansley - Engaged to Rory Bowman (She has good tastes!)

  3. I liked Naveen! I think he would be fun to be around. You know the guy that always makes you laugh? I'm excited to see their first date.

    Oh Alex. =/ I do hope you find someone who loves you. Too bad Zane is already involved. He seems like a really sweet guy.

  4. See THATS what I was going for with Naveen. That annoying guy who flirts with everything that moves but still finds a way to make YOU feel special.

    Well not to spoil anything... but Alex may have already found that someone.

  5. Harris is a ******* (insert whatever rude word you feel like), but then I guess we knew that, and Zane is incredibly sweet, especially the whole getting engaged to someone he's not really interested in just to stop her hurting his sisters...

    As for Naveen, for me the whole flirting with everything that moves tends to be a turn off, but then I'm kinda picky when it comes to blokes

    1. What can I say? Zane's a good guy! As soon as I put the Avendales into my game they each got their own very unique personalty and I love each of them for it.

      ... But Zane is my favourite.