Saturday, March 31, 2012

1.3 - Love Me Rough

After being stood up the prior day, Alexandra had taken a day off work due to illness. Harris dropped by the studio too often since they were filming his father’s life story and he was the consultant. Alexandra couldn’t take the chance of running into him and his perfectly chiseled features. 
Instead she heads to the park and runs into him anyway.

Neither of them speak for a long, uncomfortable moment. Alexandra feels her palms getting sweaty in nervousness, although why she’s nervous she can’t understand. So what if he ditched their date? He’s married, she should never have gone after him in the first place. 
“I’m sorry.” He says at last, breaking the silence. “I was on my way, I swear. But then Gwen called from the hospital, told me the baby was coming early and I couldn’t just leave her to go through that alone.”

Alex can’t believe what he’s saying. “She was pregnant? You asked me out while your wife was expecting a child? What kind of a man are you?”

“A man who is not in love with his wife.” He answers. “And while we’re on the topic, what kind of a woman agrees to go out with a married man?”

She swallows nervously, thinking of her older sister. The girl who slept with Melody’s father and tore apart his marriage. She forced herself into what was once a perfectly happy family and ruined it for everyone involved, especially the children. 
“You could say it runs in the family.”

“So then we’re in agreement. We’re both horrible sims.”
She’s about to defend herself but he puts up a hand to stop her. “I don’t mean it as an insult, Alexandra, goodness is overrated anyway. Come on, lets go get that drink now and start over.” 

Alex can’t believe she agreed to the date, but a few drinks later and she doesn’t even care anymore. All she knows is that the music here is AWESOME and her date happens to be the best looking guy in the entire city!

“You have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.” He murmurs to her, taking her hand in his, running his thumb along the back of her hand. “I’ve never seen such a deep purple before, and I’ve been all over the world.”

She smiles softly, blushing at his compliment. “This is the farthest I’ve ever been from the mainland. But I can’t imagine traveling all over the world, its simply too much.”
“Stick with me and I can take you wherever you’d like.” He promises.
She doesn’t know how to respond to that. 

So instead she hugs him, leaning against his chest as they sway softly to the music. He nuzzles her neck a little, sending small shivers along her skin. “You tired?”

“A lil.” She mutters, not wanting him to stop.
“Well then we should head to bed, shouldn’t we.”
Alex opens her eyes after he says that. Ah crap. She was sort of hoping this wouldn’t happen on the first date... again.

‘Bed’ turns out to be a tiny bedroom under the bar that Harris claims to have the only key to. Alex knows this should be a warning sign, but at least its private. 

“I don’t know if I want to do this.” She mutters as he presses his lips against her neck again. His breath hot against her skin, fluttering her hair just soft enough to tickle and tease. 
He pauses, looking up at her. “You want me to stop?”

She doesn’t answer, cause she doesn’t know what she wants. And before she knows whats happening he has her pressed against the wall. There’s an anger in his eyes that sends a shiver down her back, this time of fear not excitement. 

She tries to push him off her but his hold on her wrist tightens and with a whimper she stops fighting, just looking up at him. 

“Alex, will you calm down?”
She tries, but her heart won’t stop racing. 

“I’m not trying to scare you, I swear, I just...” He lets his words trail off as he releases his grip on her. “I thought you wanted the same thing.”

He tries to back off from her but finds he can’t. In the time between him letting her hands go and now, she’s wrapped them around is waist, keeping him against her. 

“You scared me.” She whispers, her nose close enough to touch his as he leans towards her again. 
“I thought girls liked danger.”
“I don’t. I’ve been through enough.”

Before he can apologize she has her lips on his, her arms wrapped around his shoulders as his wrap around her waist. He takes this as a hint to stop talking. And move on to better things.

And they do, stripping off each other’s clothing piece by piece before moving things to... the floor. Since the bed is just 2 feet too far from where they were standing. 

She gasps as he enters her, biting down on her knuckle to keep from crying out in pain. 

He leans over her, kissing down her neck and chest, stopping himself from going as rough as he wants to, as he feels he has to. 

“Are you alright?”
She nods absently, as if she’s not really there, one hand wrapping around his waist as if to pull him closer. “More, please.”

He pulls her towards him, holding her tight against him as she moans from each thrust, her fingers clutching at his back so hard he's sure her nails will break the skin.

She feels him cum inside of her, his body relaxing but not giving up his hold on her, not that she really wants him to. She’s sure the dream will end now. She gave him what he wanted and now he’ll ask her to leave and she’ll never see him again, just like last time.

Instead he picks her up and sets her down on the bed, still in his arms as he pulls her close next to him. “You’re beautiful, Alexandra.”
She doesn’t say anything, just curls up on his chest as his breathing evens out until she’s sure he’s asleep.

And then she hurries off the bed in an attempt to sneak out. The tears start before she can reach for her clothes and instead she curls up right next to the bed trying to keep from making too much noise.

She doesn’t realize he’s awake until his hand is on her shoulder. She reaches to touch him and he takes her hand, looking down at her in worry. “What’s wrong?”
“I don’t believe you.” He’s groggy with sleep, but he tries to give her a serious look. “What is it? You can tell me.”

She sees no point in lying. “I’m scared I’ll never see you again. That you’ll want to forget about me now that we’ve slept together.”
He squeezes her hand softly and smiles at her. “That won’t happen, Alex. I promise. I love you too much to let you go that easily.”
His words bring a flutter to her chest she’s never felt before, and with it a strange calmness. “I believe you.” A surprising truth for her, but still the truth. Maybe things won’t be as bad as she’d feared. 


Well that was fun! I couldn't finalize a personality for Harris since he was always disappearing on me so I just let him choose his own for this chapter and I THINK it went really well. 

Alex is one of my favourite characters in a while, and I just hope I can do justice to her character since I know HOW complex I want to make her, but I worry I won't actually be able to get there. Poses are surprisingly helpful for this. O_o


  1. I just don't know what to think of Harris now... I just hope he doesn't wind up hurting Alex

    1. Well, Alex will get hurt. I'm just not telling whose fault it is.

  2. Why...why is this turning me on...stupid sims XD

    1. Its turning you on cause its HOT. xD You should've seen my boyfriend's reaction when I asked him to edit it. I couldn't stop laughing.

  3. Finally! That was sexy! You did a fabulous job and I can't wait to read another scene like that. I agree with AliH though, Harris is confusing when it comes to his intentions with Alex.

    1. The next one should be in the next chapter. What can I say? Melody is eeeaaaasy.

  4. Oh, Alex. What are we going to do with you?

    1. I sugget locking her up somewhere hidden in a straightjacket to keep her from hurting herself or the people around. (But thats a spoiler, of course)