Saturday, April 28, 2012

Computer Issues

So as I'm sure most of you know by now, my computer died on Sunday night and when I took it in to the Geeksquad they told me it was a failing hard drive, and it'll be right as rain on Friday.

On Friday they called, told me it wasn't the hard drive. That even with a perfect hard drive my computer wasn't detecting them. They offered to send it back to the manufacturer for further diagnostics, but I'd have to pay to fix whatever it is that fucked up my computer. Also it might takes weeks or months.

My other option is to buy a brand new computer, get the goddam extended warranty (because I always use it), and see if the Geeksquad is willing to install all the documents they were able to salvage from my old computer. That said, a new MacBook pro can be as much as $2.5k and I only have about $1k in my savings account.

Basically I'm saying that the Sari Legacy is on hold until further notice. But even if I can't get my save game back, the story of Serena and Liam will continue. I have Liam up on the legacy sims exchange, and Serena is basically a clone of her Melody with Naveen's hair and eye color. It'll take some work, but I won't let them go.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

1.20 - What Changed?

James has been painting ever since he was young, but he never saw it as anything more than a hobby until his art teacher took him aside to talk about LeFromage art school in France. The boarding school itself was amazing, old, and could really open doors for him... but he threw the flyer out as soon as he got home. His family needs him. Cadie needs him. He’s not about to let them down.

Speaking of Cadie and James, they're rarely apart. Serena wants to know if there’s anything romantic between them.

“Well I dunno, if he asked me I guess.” Cadie giggles, smiling to herself. “It might be nice to date James.”
“Cause he’s always there for me, he’s my best friend, and have you seen him at the pool? HOT!” 
Cadie’s words echo Serena’s feelings almost perfect. So why does the idea of kissing Liam still gross her out so much?

Liam’s birthday arrives.

And he becomes a handsome young man with eyes for only one very special girl.

Serena’s almost relieved for the few days of freedom she’ll have now. She’ll need that time to sort out her thoughts, see what kind of future she wants, and if Liam is even involved in that future.

“I found that boarding school flyer.” Cadie says, cornering James in the garage later that same day. “Why’d you throw it out? That would be such a huge opportunity for you!”

“I can’t just leave you, Cadie. You’re my best friend and you need me.”
“I do.” She admits. “But LeFromage Art School is all the way in France... so far from here.”
He doesn’t get what she’s hinting at until she kicks his shin. “Oh! You think Boinky might disappear if we’re at boarding school?”
“I hadn’t even thought of that!” She lies, obviously pleased that he figured it out himself.
He matches her smile. “It's worth a shot. Come on, we can apply online.”

Liam graduates, top of his class and most likely to achieve his lifetime goal of becoming a Sports Legend. He already has a job lined up at the local sports arena so his classmates’ prediction might just come true.

In a surprise even to them, both Cadie and James were accepted to the art school. James for his skills, Cadie for her “imagination” and stellar grades.Now the hard part is convincing their parents to let them go. They decide to wait until after Liam’s graduation ceremony... right after.

Melody has a moment of utter panic, seeing her sister’s face instead of her daughter’s when she asks about boarding school. But this isn’t the same at all. Aria was sent as a punishment, Cadie actually wants to go. 
“Sweetheart are you sure? I mean, you’ve only just met your father and it would break his heart to see you go like this.”

“I know, mom.” Cadie admits, feeling uncomfortable. “But I really think boarding school is the best thing for me, and I do have to think about my own future and what’s best for me. I want to do this, please. Dad will understand.”

At last Melody visibly gives in. “Alright... if you’re sure. But you have to call every other day at the least, even if you have to study, no partying, no woo-hoo, and I expect you to be home the same night you graduate. Understood?”
The conditions seem harsh, but Cadie accepts.

Just up the stairs a similar conversation is going on between Alexandra and James. But she gives him no guilt or reasons against attending. Alexandra already knows this is best for her son, and she won’t step between him and a better future. 
“Just remember I’ll miss you every second until you're home.”
James just nods against her chest, trying to keep her from seeing his tears. He can’t believe he’s crying but he’ll really miss his family!

Liam refuses to stay in his stuffy graduation robes for more than is necessary, and changes out of them the first chance he can. “That feels SO much better.” He smiles, nearing Serena. “I finally feel like I can breath again. How’s the hair?”

“It uh... it looks great.” She feels a flip in her stomach when she looks into his bright eyes, similar to the night they first kissed. Suddenly she’s counting down the days until her own birthday. 
“I know technically you’re underage but the house will be empty tomorrow... I’ll cover for you if you skip school and we could maybe... I dunno.”
She knows what he wants, and suddenly the feeling is gone and she feels a little sick. “Sorry Li, I’ve got an exam tomorrow. Really shouldn’t miss it.”

Liam goes to drive Serena home but gets stopped by Melody before he can. Dammit, of course she heard their entire conversation. That woman has ears like a hawk! 

As soon as Serena is in the cab home with the rest of the family, Liam starts the pleading and apologizing. 
“Mrs. Sari I swear I meant no disrespect. I love your daughter like you can’t imagine, and it was just a dumb joke. Of course we’re waiting until marriage and I won’t lay a finger on her until she’s at the very least legal. I was just... showing her that I still loved her, age be damned.”

“I’m not angry, Liam. I know what love is.” Melody smiles. “But I just want to make sure you’re serious about my daughter. Your own mother won’t stop me from pulling you apart piece by piece if you ever hurt my daughter.”

“Ma’am, I’m very serious about your daughter. My intention is to marry her someday... if you’ll give me your blessing, that is.”

The school is sending them a car to take them to the airport first thing the next morning, so Cadie and James have one final night in their own beds before heading off to boarding school. 
“I think this might actually work.” Cadie smiles. “And you have no idea what it means to me that you’re willing to go through with this for my sake.”

“It’s for my sake too.” James claims. 
“I know. But um... really, I just want to say thank you. If you, uh, know what I mean.”

He doesn’t get what she’s hinting at this time until her lips are on his.

Young romance really is nauseating when you can’t touch your own girlfriend for a week.

At least they can talk without punishment. 
“I know something you don’t know~” He teases, whispering into her ear. 
She’s tired, and not in the mood for him right now. “Oh? And what secret would this be?”
“Your mom gave us her blessing for marriage. Your dad is cool with it too. They can’t wait for the wedding.”

“Oh... that’s fantastic, I guess.” She excuses herself before he can see her fake smile turn into tears. Even her parents want to see her married off straight out of high school? She can’t deal with this right now.
Liam doesn’t need to see her face to know his announcement caught her off guard. He thought this was what she wanted too. Did he do something wrong? What changed?


Liam <3 His last trait is hopeless romantic, and he's up for download on the legacy exchange now: Sari Legacy Sims

I'm goanna miss Cadie and James but they're just SO much younger than my heir that it would be annoying to have them around the house during the start of her generation. So off to boarding school they go! Next chapter starts off Gen 2 (omg FINALLY) so I'll be finishing up Alex's storyline at least, and maybe filling in a few notes about Mel and Naveen before leaving the older generation to live their own lives and focusing on Serena and Liam. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

1.19 - Blow it Up

It didn’t work.

It did however get the Sari and Weaver family a few complaints from the neighbors, and Naveen isn’t impressed. “You could have been killed! What were you thinking?”

Cadie has no memories of her father what so ever, and didn’t even know he was real until she woke up one day and founding him eating breakfast with her mom and sister. She’s not about to tell him about Boinky.

He grounds her, ordering her to fix up the broken sink and then clean the entire kitchen. It wouldn’t be so bad if not for Boinky standing behind her and laughing at her the entire time.

Liam’s birthday falls on a Sunday, and Serena did her homework for the weekend on the bus home. They’ll have the whole weekend to be together before he grows up.

Well, assuming their mothers leave them alone long enough to actually do anything together.

It’s so hard to get alone time in this household.

Hard... but not impossible.

Their siblings are out on the town, Mel and Naveen are making up for lost time on a date somewhere quiet (and thankfully away from the house), and Alexandra is out putting in extra hours for work. This might be their only chance to be alone until she’s also legal. 
Still, Liam hesitates. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

She pulls him closer to her, her thumbs in his loose belt buckles. “Liam, this might be our last chance until I’m older. I want it, believe me.”

That's all he needs to hear. His own hands grab her, pulling her onto him, her back pressed against the wall in his bedroom, her arms wrapping around him as they kiss. 

On his tiny single bed he gently touches her bare skin, sending shivers down her body. Their noses touch constantly, even when not kissing he doesn’t want to be too far from her. When he slept with Catrina everything was rushed, so that they wouldn’t be missed from the party. He’s not about to make the same mistake with Serena, and goes slowly, enjoying every second of their time together.

She gasps as he enters her, but doesn’t ask him to stop. Instead, wrapping her legs around his hips, urging him onwards. 

She feels him speed up, his movements getting messy and unattractive as he gets close to climax. She cries out when it hurts, but he doesn’t stop until he’s done, and the only thing she can think of is “thank goodness.” 

He turns them over, holding her on top of him as she brushes his hair from his face, setting a soft kiss on his lips before trying to pull away. “I have some extra credit I need to do for Monday, okay?”
He frowns, not wanting to let her go but eventually lets go of her hips, letting her get off.

She doesn’t have any extra homework. She just really wanted to get away from him and go shower. She’s never felt so disgusting before, and every part of her feels dirty.

Liam can see her at her bench from inside the house, but she ignores his request to go watch some TV with him. She can’t even look at him right now. Woo hoo was gross enough in theory, and doing it with the guy who was raised as her brother... ugh. It takes all her self control to keep herself from deciding their entire relationship is a bad idea. They’d had chemistry the night her dad had come home, but now...


I think my favourite woo-hoo scenes to write are the awkward and uncomfortable ones.

Also that one picture of Serena and Liam right before they kiss might be one of my favourites. <3 Looooved all the poses I got to use in this chapter.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1.18 - Princess

James manages to calm Cadie down eventually, and they come up with a new plan.

Blow it up with science.

It takes Melody almost an hour to decide what to wear for the trial. She needs to be ladylike and proper, but she also wants to look good. She’s only been able to see Naveen once since his arrest, and she doesn’t want to disappoint him now that she’s older.
Alexandra doesn’t care about looking attractive. She just needs to look believable. 

“I’ve never been so terrified in my life.” Alex answers when Melody asks. “But I can do this, I know it.”

“You’ll do fine.” Melody promises. “And I’ll be there too. Just talk to me, not the judge and you’ll be fine. Harris wouldn’t have asked you to speak if he didn’t think you could handle it.”

The judge is a vampire from the mainland, and so the case goes on late into the night. Liam’s left in charge and sends all the kids (Serena included) to bed early. Close to midnight all the kids (excluding Serena) are fast asleep, and Liam doesn’t even pretend to hide his surprise when she walks past him, muttering a desire for some fresh air.

He stares at his blank homework page for a few long minutes, wondering if he should go out and talk to her, or if he should head to bed and pretend to sleep. Serena’s always been his little sister and he knows what she’s feeling right now. She needs a shoulder to cry on and he isn’t sure if he can provide that for her with the feelings he’s getting from seeing her in her skimpy nightgown.

Eventually he decides to suck it up and be a man. “Hey. Mind if I join you? I can’t sleep either.”
He doesn’t notice her smile as she shrugs and moves to make room for him.

“Stressed about your dad?”
Serena sighs and shrugs again, holding back her tears. “I’m scared. I mean, I want him to come home, but what if he’s different? What if he doesn’t love me anymore? I used to be his little princess but what if he thinks I’m too grown up now? And what if he doesn’t come home at all?”

“Your dad will come home.” Liam promises. “And if he’s changed than so what? You’re still my little princess, you always will be.”
When she smiles its like someone’s letting off sparklers in his blood stream, his entire body feels weird.

He thinks he knows what this is. “I can’t call you little sister anymore.”
She doesn’t even register that his hand is on hers now, instead there’s just the shock from his words. “What? Why? What did I do?”

“You grew up.” He explains, repeating the same fear she’d just told him. “But in a good way. When I look at you I don’t just see my best friend anymore. I see a girl I’d really like to know a lot better. Someone I wouldn’t mind calling my girlfriend if she’d let me.”
Serena can’t hide her smile. “That’s stupid. You already have a girlfriend.”
“And I’ll dump her in a second if it means I get to be with you. I only started dating Catrina because I didn’t realize that you were actually a girl yet.”
She laughs, but she knows what he means by that.

She moves closer to him, and he fights the urge to pull her to him. “Liam, you’re going to grow up really soon, and it’s illegal for teens and adults to be together. I can’t ask you to wait for me to grow up.”

“You don’t have to ask. I’ll do it anyway.” He leans back, pulling her down onto him slowly. She doesn’t pull away, just leaning into him until their lips touch for her first kiss. She isn’t quite sure if this is what she wants, but she trusts Liam with her life, so why not her heart as well?

They don’t notice their respective mothers getting home.

Serena doesn’t even register Alexandra pulling Liam to his bedroom by his ear. Her eyes are focused on the familiar face that enters right after her mom. She hasn’t seen him since she was just a little girl, and her few memories of him were shaky at best. But here he is, exactly as she remembers him. 

“You’ve grown up so much!” He states, voice shaking. “I mean, Harris would bring me photos but... wow. You look so much like your mother. I can’t believe it.”

It isn’t until her tears have started that he brings her in for a hug. “It’s okay princess, it’s okay. I’m not going anywhere ever again. I promise.”


HAH! A happy chapter. There. And it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would to write. Now if you'll pardon me I need to go break something.

In the picture of Liam walking outside to join Serena under the stars I am CONVINCED that he's looking up her skirt. Just saying.