Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1.10 - Tension

Alexandra is home by morning, but refuses to leave her room for anything or anyone. Naveen isn’t sure to be worried or just accept Alex’s response of “lady problems”. The few times he'd spent the night at the girls' place Alexandra was always out of bed at the crack of dawn and making breakfast. This is weird.

When Melody wakes up nauseous she’s not sure what to think. She was never sick with Serena so maybe the caterer served bad food?

Alexandra only leaves her room to throw up as well, so Melody takes this as confirmation that the food must have just been bad.

Naveen isn’t sick because he has a cast iron stomach. Obviously. So he watches the kids.


There’s tension at home, but neither of the kids notice. They’re too busy just being kids.

Melody goes to the doctor to see if she can get some validity for her food poisoning theory but instead learns that she’s pregnant again. Naveen is suitably thrilled at their expanding family.

Alexandra’s own sickness has finally worn down, but when her son’s birthday arrives she’s no where to be found.

So Liam grows up all alone in the backyard.

Even as a toddler he knew there was something weird about his family’s situation, but seeing Serena with her parents makes him realize just how weird it is. He’s a little jealous that Serena has both her parents when he barely even has his own mother.

He’s jealous of Serena, but he doesn’t dislike her because of it. She’s his best friend, and he’s not about to push her away because she’s luckier than he is.

While Melody is dropping Liam off at school for his first day Naveen hears sobbing coming from Alexandra’s room. Despite his hesitance he decides enough is enough and enters her room. 

He notices her clothing instantly. Its one of the same dresses he’d given Melody during her pregnancy with Serena. But he decides not to point it out at first, making sure to keep his eyes on her face. 
“Alex I don’t know whats wrong but you can’t keep yourself locked up like this. It’s not healthy and everyone is worried about you.”
“You don’t mean to annoy.” She whispers, her voice sounding cracked from lack of use. “I’ll try to be more quiet.”
Naveen sighs. “That’s not what I meant and you know it. What’s wrong, Alex? You can tell me. With all the shit I’ve done I’m in no position to judge you.”

Instantly Alexandra begins to feel panicky, the words on the tip of her tongue but she just can’t. She doesn’t want anyone to know what happened. She doesn’t want to be a victim with everyone looking at her as if she’s fragile or something to be avoided. She’s a pariah in this town as it is. “I’ve just been feeling a little under the weather lately. That’s all.”

Naveen doesn’t believe a word of it. This doesn’t sound like an affair gone wrong. “Mel thinks you’re mad at her for calling you a whore at her wedding.”
Alexandra had forgotten about that actually. “Thats not it at all! I just... I need some time alone, okay? Please leave me alone, Naveen.”
He sighs to himself. “Well at least tell me where the baby bump came from. I saw Zane leave while you and Mel were talking in the courtyard. He told me he’d gotten buzzed in for a work emergency.”

Alex’s face falls. She considers saying nothing but then he’ll just get suspicious and continue talking about it. Thats the last thing she wants right now. “I... I don’t remember what happened. I woke up in a bed at the bar after the party had ended.”
“You were drugged?”
"I wish."

He hesitates, choosing his next words carefully. “If you don’t want... I mean.” He stops, reorganizes his thoughts and starts again. “I know a doctor on the mainland who would be willing to uh terminate the pregnancy if you want. He owes me a few favours.”
“Abortions are illegal in Sim Nation.” She reminds him. 
“Which is exactly why he owes me a few favours.” 

“Thank you.” She smiles, pulling him in for a hug. “But I don’t want that. I mean, I did think about it at first, but I just can’t do it.”
“I understand.” He lies. Not understanding why she’d want to keep the child at all. 

When Melody gets home she’s thrilled to see Alex out of her bedroom at last. The belly bump is slightly less happy news, but Melody fakes a smile. “I’m guessing this one really is Zane’s?”
“No, not Zane’s.” Alex mutters without realizing it. 

“Huh? Then whose baby is it?”
Melody question is innocent, just expressing her honest curiosity. Alexandra considers telling another lie, but Melody would see through her instantly. One of the bad things about having a friend since childhood, she supposes. “It’s uh... it’s Xander Avendale’s.”
“Xander? You mean the town jackass? Why on earth would you sleep with him?” She isn’t trying to be rude, but its hard not to be when it comes to that man. Melody is good friends with both Amarel sisters, and he knocked them both up within a week of each other just because he could. What on earth could Alex have seen in him?
After a moment Alex answers her. “It wasn’t by choice.” 

Melody’s face says it all. “Oh. Uh... are you going to keep it?”
“Well its not like our house has any long staircases handy.” 
“Naveen has this friend on the mainland-”
“I know.” Alexandra interrupts. “He already offered. I said no.”

“Besides.” She continues before Melody can say anything further. “Looks like you and Naveen have your own bun in the oven right now. We always wanted to raise our children together, right? This time they’ll even be the same age.”

“I love you.” Melody smiles, holding her friend close. “I should’ve talked to you sooner.”
“Yeah, you should’ve.” Alexandra admits. “But I forgive you, and I love you too.”


Okay scratch that. THIS chapter was harder to write than 1.9. Especially since I would personally act in almost the opposite way of Alexandra. I don't know anyone who would keep the child unless its for religious reasons, which isn't Alexandra's reason. I meant to give it more weight in this chapter than it had, but Alexandra's keeping her baby because of Liam, and the fact that he's the best thing to have ever happened to her. 

Well, that and the fact that I need 4 kids this generation.


  1. *sigh* I waited as long as I could to read this chapter. You done a good job with it!

    1. I think everyone waited today. I got like 20 views early on and no comments half the day. I was wondering if I'd fucked things over too far or something!

  2. You did a great job writing it. I love that Mel and Alex have made up and the words said haven't affected their friendship at all. However, I am rather surprised that Melody's reactions to Alex's confessions were "oh". 'You were raped, oh' and 'you threw yourself down the stairs in your first pregnancy, ignore'. I mean, it was implied and we as readers knew that, but I don't recall Alex actually confessing it before.

    1. I finally thought up a response for the obvious plot fail on my part! Melody didn't want to point out Alex's self harming because she'd handled Liam so well and brought up the idea of an illegal abortion. I claim that her reaction is more shock than anything else.

  3. I agree with your chapter note. I probably would have done the opposite as well - and most likely would have acted differently during their conversation (I'm emotional and sometimes hold a grudge, sue me). But I'm happy they're together again and cleared the air, so to speak.

    I'm cautiously awaiting the future dramz you've got planned. :D or D: or :( - not sure.

    1. Alex is over emotional, but she never stays angry (Even towards Xander it would be more fear than rage).

      Things can't go farther down than this so I cautiously hint that things may be easing up now... possibly. Not really.

  4. I, for one, am dreading your future plot. I mean, I know it will be awesome, but what else are you going to throw at us? Poor Alexandra, I can't believe she's keeping the kid. I just want to hug her.

    Also, I have to say that I agree with heaven's comment. If I were Melody I'd freak out a little bit more and then send Naveen out to murder that bastard Xander. She was so quiet about it, which is understandable if you're in shock, but I just hope she gets a bit more angry and upset in the future. Alex really needs more than just hugs right now; she needs someone to talk to her, to counsel her, to tell her to send that asshole to jail. (Hint, hint.) ;)

    1. Ooooh I have a few more tricks up my sleeve for this generation. But perhaps the kids will have happier lives... maybe.

      Mel doesn't get angry... but someone else does. No spoilers. : ) And jail? Psh.

  5. I agree with the above comments, but I also agree that under shock it's hard to react with a lot of emotion. Holy cow though, Alex needs a break from all this trauma :(

    Also, I was a few updates behind, I'm sorry! I'm happy Ray and Ary are both preggo, but worried about how Xander treats them. What a jerk!

    1. Okay FINE. Alex's life will go uphill from here. Gosh guys. : P Way to guilt the hell out of me.

      Ary's son is between Liam and Serena in ages so I should get some pictures of him soon. He's a cutie pie. And I believe inherited the Amarel eyes.

  6. I probably would keep the baby myself, I would have a hard time getting rid of my child, even if I was raped. I (luckily) haven't been raped before, so maybe I'm wrong on how I would react.

  7. I would keep the baby. I've lost two and could never give up the chance to have a healthy one - I know how emotionally devastating it is to lose one. And it's not the baby's fault...I unfortunately know someone who had two babies conceived without consent. She loves those two just as fiercely as her other kids. And they are amazing.

    You're very talented and I am loving this story. Gotta catch up though!!!