Wednesday, April 11, 2012

1.11 - Minor Expansions

Liam has a lot of fun at school and makes friends easily. Including Duncan Avendale-Wish, the son of Ansley and Danial who married not long after his younger sibling’s birth.

Its nice having friends his own age. They can pillow fight!

Zane calls sometimes, wondering why Alexandra is going back on their story, no longer telling anyone that he is Liam’s father. He asks if Harris got to her somehow but she won’t tell him what really happened. She just wants nothing to do with him anymore. Perhaps Xander was successful in that regard. She’s staying as far away from Zane and the rest of the Avendales as she can. 

With two babies on the way the house the family lives in is far too small. So after pooling a bit of resources and a large stipend from Melody’s singing career around town, they can finally afford a new home.

A very... empty. New home.

Oh thats a bit better.

The girls break in the house the only way they know how.

Naveen is just thankful for the new gym equipment Aria sent him as a wedding gift. After their wedding he'd promised to give up thievery for Melody's sake... but he might not have given it up entirely. Melody doesn’t need to know, alright?

Serena’s play place is close enough to Daddy’s gym for him to watch her play, but far enough that she doesn’t have to smell his sweaty pits. Cause... eew.

Later that same day Alexandra wants to go out to the park. Melody had been taking a nap but suddenly is all about going with her for some fresh air, claiming its good for the baby. Alex knows what she's doing. Its the same thing her parents had done after she'd lost her first baby. Suicide watch, they'd called it when they thought she was sleeping. But she doesn't tell Melody off. Even if she did, they still wouldn't leave her alone. And honestly, she sort of doesn't want them to.

“Oh!” Melody exclaims, pulling Alexandra from her thoughts and turning to face her. “The baby just kicked! Feel!”

Alexandra can't help but smile as she feels her friend's belly. Honestly if not for Melody's presence in her life she never would have been able to go through with having Xander's baby, but she knows she can do it. Liam was the greatest thing to ever come into her life and its not because he looks so much like the only man Alex ever loved. Liam is special to her because he is Liam, and she hopes she'll feel the same about the baby inside of her.

As they're about to head home it becomes clear Melody's baby wasn’t just kicking. It’s ready to come out.

Naveen is there to take her to the hospital in record time.

They bring home another little girl. Cadie.

And later that same night Alexandra brings home a little boy, James. 

Alexandra treats her son as if he means the world to her, just like she treated Liam when he was a baby. But still from morning until dusk she always has a shadow. Yesterday was Melody, today it’s Naveen. Alexandra almost wonders if they're ever going to give this up. She loves her son, and she's not about to hurt him or herself.

The babies grow up into adorable toddlers. 
Cadie is almost her sister’s clone, another perfect mix of both their parents.

James inherits his mother’s colouring, but is a clone of his father feature wise.

Serena isn’t too convinced on the new babies in the nursery. But she won’t be among them for much longer.

Daddy helps her to her birthday cake.

And show grows up into a little girl, with the eccentric trait.

Liam’s just happy to have his best friend his age again. Serena isn’t too convinced on Liam’s new nickname for her: “Little sister.”
She’s not THAT short... is she?


Aaaand 4/4 children DONE! If they still carried the Sabo surname, I'm sure I would have ended up with 6 kids, or even 7 if I'd gotten another twins + triplets hell hole. When Naveen married into the family he brought a radio with him. I got rid of that shit the SECOND he joined the family. 


I will adress the whole "Hey isn't this a single with help roll? Wtf is Naveen doing there?" next chapter. promise. I swear. It was supposed to happen before Cadie and James were born buuuut subconsciously I forgot to set up the scene and I guess I just wanted to give Mel as happy a life as I could. Although really by waiting this long I've just ended up ensuring the kids get more messed up than the adults. Oops.

Speaking of the kids... <3 them. Serena. Is. Beautiful. And has the Sabo eyes! (Thats 6 generations in a row bitches!)


  1. Technically you broke the single with help rule by having Naveen move in for the second pregnancy, as the rule only allows moving for the first one, but I figured you'd just pretty much given up playing the rules, anyway. =P

    1. I trryyyyy to follow the rules. I swear. But then I get these ideas in my head for stories and I just can't. But I swear moving sims in or out for longer than they should be there is usually the only way I cheat.

      ... Usually.

    2. The way I see it, it's a game, challenge or no. And if it starts screwing with your playing so much that it stops you from doing fun things you want to do, it isn't a game, it's work. The point of a game is entertainment, nothing more, nothing less.

  2. They're more like guidelines, anyway. 0=)

    (word confirmation: arsident irrre)

    1. Yeah I mean its not like I kept two heirs in my family instead of one. Now THAT would be cheating. (I'm sorry. I love you!)

  3. I'm dreading what you're going to do to Naveen next chapter now! (Story trumps rules anyway)

    The children are all adorable (as usual)

    1. I have the next chapter written and edited. I won't lie, I cried a bit.

      The kids really are quite cute, and I think I'm going to be hosting the heir vote early on because I am in LOVE with Serena and Liam. So if you guys pick Cadie instead I'll need that time to adjust my broken heart.

  4. Those eyes are kind of a fascinating freak of Sims 3 genetics, considering features are only supposed to be, like, a simple 50/50 roll as to whether they inherit it.

    1. They are aren't they? <3 Still, I love those eyes and I can't wait to see how these kids look when they're all grown up.

  5. Oh god, what are you doing to me this time, I cried enough this week