Wednesday, April 11, 2012

1.12 - As Long as it Takes

Alexandra has become quite an accomplished chef with all her time at home lately, and has been itching to try some new recipes so Naveen heads into town on her behalf. 
He runs into a familiar face. 

“Ray, baby, come on. You know Arycella doesn’t mean shit to me. She’s just telling you all that to turn you against me cause she wants me back and you know it. No, I- no I don’t really care about Sozanne. You sure she’s even mine?
Everybody knows about Xander Avendale's trail of broken hearts, and Melody told Naveen he’d been the one to rape Alexandra as soon as she’d found out. Naveen had promised to keep his temper in check for Alexandra’s sake but just being around this man is making it hard to keep his promise.

“Hey you live with that Alexandra Weaver girl, don’t you.”
Naveen had been trying to avoid him, really. But as he leaves the bookstore Xander is there waiting for him. “I do live with Alexandra, yes. She’s my wife’s roommate.”
“Roommate, eh? Must be nice having those two beauties to screw any time you want. You should share sometime. I mean I’ve already tasted Alexandra if you know what I mean, but Melody is just so...”

Naveen’s heard just about enough. Just the thought of that man anywhere near his Melody is too much for him to keep his promise any longer. Xander needs to be taught a lesson and he needs to be taught one now.

He grabs Xander by the throat, pushing him up and against the bookstore exterior. “I swear to the Watcher, if you EVER come near my wife or Alexandra again I will rip out your guts and feed them to you piece by piece, do you understand me?”
Xander can’t speak from the force on his throat and only nods fearfully, desperate for air.

Naveen lets him down slowly, proud of his own restraint for not punching Xander’s face in there and then... but before he can leave Xander pounces. Naveen doesn’t realize Xander has a knife until its almost too late to block the blow.

Melody received the call while at the park across the street with Alexandra. She makes it home and calms herself down only moments before Naveen arrives in the back of the police cruiser. 

“I should have washed up first.” He laments when Melody’s eyes widen. 
“It’s... it’s not so bad.” She lies, unable to hide her discomfort. 
He wants to  hold her close, tell her everything will be alright but he can’t. Instead: “We don’t have long.”

He takes a seat at the edge of the bed and she hugs him from behind, wrapping her arms around his chest and her face in his back. She doesn’t want him to see her tears. 
“You did what you had to, Naveen. It was self defense. He tried to stab you.”
“It doesn’t change the fact that he’s dead, and four different individuals saw me do it. I’m going to be in jail for a very very long time, love. There’s no changing that.”

She moves to face him, reaching out with her hand to wipe some of the blood away. “We could run away.” She offers. “Take the children with us and just go where Sim Nation laws won’t ever find us.”
“Melody I’ve spent most of my life on the run, and its not something I ever want to re-live or put you and the children through.”

She blinks back tears. “Naveen I don’t want to lose you.”
“You won’t lose me.” He promises, aware of the promise he’d broken earlier that day. “I’ll still be here, we just won’t be able to share a bed. And I swear I will do everything possible to be back home with you as soon as I can. You have to believe me.”
“I do believe you. And I’ll wait for as long as it takes.” 

Scarlett McKinley is waiting for him outside when he’s done saying his goodbyes. “Thank you for letting me see my family.” He smiles, shaking her hand. “It means the world to me.”

She takes a step towards him suddenly, getting almost uncomfortably close. “Do not mistake this for my giving a crap, Mr. Sari. But you have friends in very... powerful places. Jane will do what she can for you, but you need to stay loyal to the right side. Remember that.”

Alexandra can’t hold back her tears when Melody tells her what happened. “Mel I’m so SO sorry! I should never have told you guys what happened. Its all my fault they got in that stupid fight and... and oh Watcher...”

It isn’t until she hears Melody’s own sobbing that Alexandra realizes she should be the one doing the comforting.

Melody’s words are only half understandable as she sobs into Alexandra’s shoulder. “Please Alex... just stop.”
“Stop what?”
“Stop trying to leave me!” Melody manages at last. “I can’t so this alone and I need you right now.”

Alexandra’s heart sinks at her friend’s words. She wants to promise she’ll behave, tell Melody what she wants to hear but she just can’t do it. “I... I’m here now. Okay? Just... please stop crying.”
Thats the best she can do. And it makes her feel absolutely useless.



For the record I'm done with the "Everyone gets a happy ending eventually!" thing. Cept maybe for Alex. Cause certain people have be been guilting the shit out of me through PM. 


  1. Awww, this chapter is so sad.

    Even though he is mine, I was cheering inside when Naveen had Xander. Damn that bastard for having a knife. Though, really, he deserved to die.

    Poor Melody. SHE has been through so much. Alex is grating on my nerves and I don't know if I want her to have a happy ending anymore. /me glares.

    1. Yeah, Xander was never supposed to die originally but its just... worked. The story sort of wrote itself at that point which is why I didn't tell you about it earlier.

      I think the difference between Mel and Alex is that Alex pretends nothing is wrong until it all hits at once and flows over which is what she's going through now. Mel knows when to be strong and when to ask for help. They both go through a lot but handle it in different ways.

  2. Duuude. Wash your faaaaace before going to say goodbye to your wife. Seeeeriously. Eeeeeew. xD


    1. Yeeeaaah... but he needed to look like he was fresh from a fight and the blood looked AWESOME. : D

      In other words Scarlett didn't have any wet wipes in the car and wasn't about to stop off at a public washroom for him to wash up.

  3. Well, I guess that is one way to bond?

    1. One of many. And I always pick the "fun" ones.

  4. Who's giving you crap about Alex? *whistles and looks away awkwardly*


    I sort of thought this might happen. Sort of. Okay, not really, but I'm just SO GLAD Naveen didn't die. It's been such a gloomy generation that I thought you might kill him off. But maybe that's just my MO these days, lol.

    I liked your pictures this chapter. Especially the fight scene. That actually looked believable (and I say actually because I can never pull that shit off as well as you just did).

    Can't wait to see what happens next! =)

    1. I actually lucked out on the fight scene and just managed to take the photo of them on the ground at the perfect time. Dunno HOW Xander won that fight though in game, since Naveen's at lvl 6 athletic, and Xander is at 0.

      And who says he won't just die later on? Prison is a very scary place, m'dear. : D

  5. That blood CC looks like, I don't know, not blood, to me. I kind of had to not look at the pictures while I was reading to take it seriously.

    But otherwise, great stuff. Xander deserved to die, and it's sad that Naveen has to go to prison for it.
    And I feel really bad that Melody has to lose Naveen pretty much on Alex's account. I mean, no one deserves rape, but that girl is just plain selfish and stupid most of the time.

    1. I'll be sure to use one of the other blood patterns if I use that CC again. Especially since you weren't the only one to point it out.

      I also really don't see how Naveen's imprisonment was Alexandra's fault. Melody told him who Xander was, and Xander's own words pretty much spelled his doom. Plus, y'know, the knife.

    2. No, the actual imprisonment isn't her fault.
      But, she could have called the police on Xander, instead of letting him get away with it. I know that these cases are never cut and dry, and with her reputation in town, she'd have to deal with the slut shaming that happens to any woman who accuses a man of rape. But she'd also have the evidence of the text message sent falsely in Zane's name, and DNA evidence of the baby she carried.
      I understand why she would shut up into herself rather than deal with a public trial, but that let a rapist pretty much off the hook to continue on victimizing other women. Naveen didn't have to react to him or his comment, but he took the law into his own hands when it should have been the law who put Xander away.

    3. Okay I get you in that regard, and the fact that Alexandra never came forward despite the evidence she had is one of the main points of her personality. She just wants to pretend it never happened even though she has to look at the result every single day.

    4. Oh, yeah, it very much part of her personality to do what she did, I'm not doubting that.
      A lot of women would do what she did, and I really don't blame them. It takes a lot of courage to come forward with that, because rape victims always get put on trial for their own rape, even if they have spotless reputations. And Alex definitely doesn't seem like the type to have that kind of courage. As you said, she can't even face it herself, let alone go on trial with it.

    5. Exactly. Plus Alexandra's own reputation is about as dirty as you can get seeing as there are no single men in town. She's too scared of being even more shamed.

  6. I'm glad Xander is dead, rapists deserve every bad thing they get but I'm sad Naveen has to pay the price - he shouldn't be imprisoned for self-defence (although I guess it could be argued that he started the fight)

    1. Yeah I'm still working on the little loophole details but lets just say Naveen never does get that fair trial. He's too connected and self defence works magic. Buuuut lets just say his past may come back and bite him in the ass.

    2. I can quite see a defence of self defence being thrown out, especially with his past and the evidence that he started the fight. And hey, maybe Sim land is stricter on the self-defence laws...

      I also think that if Alex had or did reveal the rape not only would she not be believed but it would be taken as motivation for Naveen and make his position worse.

    3. It's hinted at more in an upcoming chapter (Okay one LINE in an upcoming chapter) but Xander was also very high up on the social ladder of the town and VERY wealthy. Alex knew all that so that also may have another reason for her to keep quiet. Plus at the time he was engaged to Raydenne Amarel, which is pretty close to the only thing linking the guys Alex has been involved with before (marriage).

      And yeah, Naveen's past gets brought up a lot while he's awaiting trial. Let's just hope none of his old enemies find out he's been arrested. : P (That's not a spoiler. I'm still considering my options for his plot line).