Thursday, April 12, 2012

1.13 - Best Friends Forever

Liam sits next to Serena on the bus for her first day of school. Their moms offered to let them skip today because of what happened in town but no one is telling them just what happened. All they know is that Serena’s dad had to go away for a bit.

At school there are so many rumours of Serena’s dad and a lot of the older kids were cruel to her during lunch. Liam didn’t leave her side at any point during the day and told the other kids off until they left. 
Serena’s understandably heartbroken over what the kids said about her dad, but she’s glad Liam was there for her.

The weekend arrives and Alexandra takes the kids to the local park. Ansley and Rory Avendale-Bowman are there with one of their brood. They have three (or is it four). Between the kids and work Rory hasn’t slept in weeks. Poor thing is one diaper change away from a mental breakdown.

Alexandra turns around to tell the kids to keep away from the open grills but finds herself face to face with Harris Evans. In a panic she looks at Liam over his shoulder, willing him to turn around and go back home but obviously her son can’t read minds. 
Harris notices her panic and tries to calm his own features. “Alex please, I’m not here to start a fight. We just really need to talk without you hanging up on me or leaving every room I enter.”

Against her better judgement she decides to let Harris talk. Serena’s keeping Liam occupied just out of hearing range so what’s the harm? “Okay... What do you want?”

He hesitates, trying to pick the most important question first, in case she changes her mind before he can ask any others. “Can I... meet him?” He doesn’t ask why she lied, why she hid Liam from him, or even why she broke his heart. He just wants to know his son.

Alexandra considers denying his request. She wants nothing more than to take her son home and pretend Harris never existed but the pain in his eyes is real. He feels betrayed and rightly so, and Alexandra doesn’t want to hurt him anymore than she already has. If their positions had been reversed and she were the one asking to know their son she knows what she’d give anything to hear. 
“You can meet him here, with me watching and he can decide if he wants to know you, alright?”

He hugs her before she can turn away. “Thank you, Alex. This means the world to me.”

When he touches her its like her entire world lights up. She knows- ... she thinks its just supposed to be friendly but she’s missed being in his arms so much, and its like nothing bad can happen. She almost has to force herself to pull away and call Liam over. 

When Liam finally walks over Alexandra makes the introductions. 
“Hunny, I’d like you to meet Mr. Evans. He’s, uh... he’s your father.”

“Aren’t you the Mayor?” Liam asks. “I can’t be your son. I thought you were married. Your real son, Pablo is in my math class.”

Harris looks like he’s caught between a wall and a hard place. “Uh... yes, I’m married. But that doesn’t mean you’re not my son. Your mother and I were in love once and that’s how you came into the world.”

“Were in love? So you’re not anymore?”
Harris looks to Alex for help out of this one but she just pretends she can’t see his panic. She’s sort of enjoying his squirming.
“Well maybe I’ll explain that one to your when you’re older, Liam. When can I see you again?”
Liam thinks about that for a moment. “My birthday is on Monday. Maybe we can hang out then?”
“If you’re mom allows it.”
Alexandra shrugs, holding back her smile. “I'm alright with that.”

No sooner have she and the children gotten through the door than Alex feels a strange tingle in her spine. Her birthday is upon her and she’d completely forgotten about it.

She has energy, a family, and most importantly a drive to live and grow old, watching her sons become men. 

Melody also ages, but her birthday is less happy. All she can think about is how Naveen is spending this day in jail alone. She’s been trying and trying to get visitation rights but he’s under lockdown night and day. She misses him.

Her singing career has really taken off lately, and without Naveen around money is once again tighter than her jeans. So Melody takes every job she’s offered, even if it means performing in the park in front of the police department. Naveen is so close, and she wonders if he can hear her rendition of “Love you Always”.

And when she gets home she has to fake smiles for the two little girls that look too much like their father. Serena still asks about her father, but Cadie is too young, and Melody wonders if she even knows she has a father who loves her.

Tomorrow Liam becomes a pimply, hormonal teenager. He isn’t looking forward to it and Serena takes advantage of his distress. “I bet Catrina Jacobs is goanna wanna kiss you and be your girlfriend. And then you’ll grow up and get married and have a bunch of blue haired babies.”
Liam looks at her in disgust. “Cat picks her NOSE. I’d rather kiss a frog.”
“And have him turn into a prince?”
“Shut up, little sister.”

Liam’s biggest worry is that his dad will be a part of his life now. “I don’t really know what to think about him.” He grumbles while they play with their old block table. 
“What’s wrong with him?”
“Well he’s weird. I mean, I’ve never seen him before and all of a sudden he wants to know me? Mom says I need to be nice to him because he didn’t know I existed but our town is so small, and he’s the Mayor. How could he not have known he had a son?”

“He’s still your dad.” Serena argues, painfully aware that her father is rotting in a jail cell right now. “Wether or not he knew you existed he’s here now, and you’ve always wanted a full family. Give him a chance.”

“You know you’re too smart for your own good.” 
Serena gives him a knowing smile. “What can I say? I’m a genius. Deal with it.”

The block table is Serena’s thing. Sports are more Liam’s thing. So they do a bit of that too before bed.
“Li... when you grow up we’ll still be friends, right?”

He catches the ball with ease, not even really paying attention to her throw. “Of course we’ll still be friends, little sister. Nothing can change that.” And he means it.


Liam is a teen in game. I fell in love. Cece want. <3

I believe Serena is 4 or 5 days younger than Liam. She ages up Friday and his prom is Thursday. I'm excited since he's already received phone calls from two teen girls for prom. I'm not the only one who loves him!

But yeah, pretty much everyone knows Serena's dad killed someone. They're kids. They don't care if it was in self defence or if Xander had it coming.


  1. Harris is so...up and down. One minute he seems like a good guy, the next he is kind of scary. I wonder how his relationship will be with Liam once he grows up.

    1. The ups and downs are caused by Harris' extreme passion. He's a lover and a great father, but when he's mad he can't control his temper. The real question is if he's learned to control his anger by now.

  2. Great chapter, Cece. I look forward to seeing how it all plays out with Liam and Harris, and Alex.

    And poor Rory! I feel for you, buddy. =D

    1. Actually I have to know (since I keep forgetting). Does Rory have the "dislikes children" trait? Cause every time he and Ansley are alone they're all over each other. Bring one of the kids along and he's doing the (I think its Neurotic or over emotional) crying at everything idle.

    2. I don't actually remember, but I would say probably not. I don't usually give Sims that trait in legacies, since it's so breeder heavy.
      But it's highly possible he has the Neurotic trait, since I love that one and give it to way too many of my Sims.

    3. Probably neurotic then. All I know is that I will purposely send Mel to the same lot as him to watch him interact with people. I NEED to take pictures of the Avendale kids sometime. I think they've made my starting population double all on their own. O_O

  3. Liam and Serena are very sweet together.

    I'm still not sure what to make of Harris but I'm glad Liam's getting to meet him and get to know him.