Saturday, April 14, 2012

1.15 - Going Crazy

The toddlers become children. 

And little Cadie:

Their birthday comes while their siblings are at school and James’ mother at work. They share a cake because money is still tight, but neither child complains. 

However their moms do have enough money to buy them a matching pair of fishing rods for a birthday gift. 

James thinks its sort of nice to be out under the hot sun. He always has had a love for the outdoors. 

Cadie likes being outside too, but she’d rather die than get any closer to the water. Its not that she dislikes water... but what is there’s something in there? If James gets any closer it’ll eat him!

This is what Serena thinks about her younger “siblings” :

So she begs Liam to take her out somewhere nice. He offers to take her to the Bistro or library but she has different plans...

There’s something about all these pieces of scrap that light up a need in Serena. While Liam sees only junk, Serena sees how all these pieces can fit together, and what she might be able to make out of them. 

Liam meanwhile spends most of the trip on his phone talking with a friend who wants to see him soon. 

So after dropping Serena off at home he heads next door to see a newly aged Catrina Jones, daughter of Snowflake and Azure Jones. 
She asks him to go to prom with her. He’d forgotten prom was even coming up.

Katrina is by no means the prettiest girl in school, but she’s sweet and he doesn’t want to hurt her. So he says yes.

And he even goes out suit-shopping with his dad so he’ll look good.

He and Catrina actually hit it off really well at prom, and agree to hang out more outside of school. But it isn’t until the next day of school that he finds out Catrina is telling all her friends she’s now going steady with him. 

Girls are messed up, man.

Minnows aren’t monsters, and they won’t eat her while she’s asleep. So Cadie puts Oliver in a fish bowl by her bed. He’s a little cutie pie and its fun to have a pet!

Its also fun to have friends. Like James... and Boinky.

Boinky swears he’s real. And that he isn’t just a figment of Cadie’s imagination after she tripped and hit her head earlier today. Nope. Its totally normal to be able to see something no one else can. 

Cadie won’t lie. She’s about three words away from a total mental breakdown. And this thing isn’t helping matters at all. Oh Watcher, she’s gone totally insane. There’s no other possible explanation. 

No one notices Cadie’s panic, least of all her older sister. Serena doesn’t even notice Liam dressing up for prom and coming home with lipstick on his cheek (Which both Alexandra and Melody tease him for). No, Serena’s too busy working on this latest idea in her head. If she doesn’t get it done soon she’ll lose her mind!


And with that, the two heirs are the same age (In fact Serena's birthday is the following in-game day.) soooo lets have an heir vote!

Your options are Serena vs. Cadie. Their rolls in detail and a short biography hinting at both girls' stories is under the heir page tab at the top right hand side of your screen. (Or click here) I have one story that I'd prefer over the others, but honestly I'd be fine with either. Both stories are pretty friggin awesome, and my favourite is my favourite because I LOVE the way she looks. But yeah. Go vote now. 



  1. Geez, you don't give us a lot of time to make a decision! Now I shall contemplate and read, and contemplate some more. Need to checks out the rolls first.

    1. The rolls are actually pretty good for me this generation. Nothing I'm really dreading. I lucked out!

  2. Aww, poor Cadie, thinking she's going insane... *hugs her*

    1. Cadie may or may not be ACTUALLY insane. Haven't decided yet xD. She is really adorable though. I got so giggly when I saw her aged up.

  3. I like both. I ain't gonna play favorites. =P

  4. I can't decide. The vote will probably be over before I make up my mind. =P

    1. Lol! Well, I'm glad its a hard decision. I assume that means I've done my job well.

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  6. Blargh. I had to submit this twice, so if it shows up again - it's for emphasis. :D

    Poor Cadie.

    And I voted for Serena - because of reasons. :)

    1. I'm hoping Serena will win just because she has the Sabo eyes. I wanna see how long I can keep them going!

  7. What will you do if they tie? =P

    Also: Liam! <3

    1. If they tie I'll pick the heir -I- want.