Monday, April 16, 2012

1.16 - Hit if Off

James is a friendly lil bugger, and invites over a friend from school, Shavonne Amarel.
Neither realize is the other is their half-sibling, and they look nothing alike so they might continue through life never knowing (although there is the matter of that unfortunate nose).

Serena’s birthday arrives and it practically takes both her mother and Liam grabbing her by the hair to get her inside to blow out her candles.

But blow them out she does. And grows up just as beautiful as her mother.

She even behaves and stays for cake and small talk.

Before rushing outside as soon as everyone’s backs are turned to continue where she’d left off on her latest invention. Age hasn’t changed her at all. 

Cadie only hopes that age will one day change her. Boinky is always there now, from the minute she opens her eyes to when she goes to sleep. The only time Boinky isn’t around is while she’s at school. 

“Cadie! Cadie! Cadie! Can we play now? Cadie! Cadie, can you hear me?”
For obvious reasons, weekends are the bane of Cadie’s existence.

James is always there for her when they’re home. He knows all about Boinky, since Cadie can’t hide things from him, and he doesn’t judge her for it. He just makes sure to try and be a good distraction from Boinky. He HATES chess, but it helps Cadie focus, so he puts up with it.

It’s been a while since Harris’ last visit, but Alex knows right off the bat that this visit isn’t for her or their son. 

“Whatever you need to tell her, try to be positive.” She whispers. “Mel’s been pretty down since Naveen couldn’t be here for Serena’s teen birthday.”
Harris promises to paint his news in the best light possible.

“What do you mean this might not even go to the jury? Doesn’t Naveen at least deserve a fair trial?”

“If we send Naveen to the mainland for a fair trial there’s a huge chance we’ll never see him again because of all the enemies he made. But if we have a trial by jury here the jury will be made up of sims who know us, and I don’t think any of want Alexandra to testify in Naveen’s defense in front of people who will only wonder why she didn’t come forward earlier. Plus Xander had a lot of friends who won’t believe her, I wouldn’t have believed her if not for the fact that I know her better than I knew him. Believe me, a private trial with only a single judge will be our best bet.”

“Can... can I be there?”
Harris nods. “I’d prefer it if you were. Alex will need the support when she takes the stand, and it will make Naveen look more like a loving family man than a murder if some of his family is there for him.”

“Thank you.” She breathes, hugging him tightly. “You don’t know what this means to me.”

He doesn’t say anything, just returns her hug politely before heading back home. Alex still hasn’t asked him to stay the night since they agreed to just be friends again. At first helping Naveen was just an attempt to get on Alex’s good side. Now it’s starting to make him feel like a better person. How strange.

Alexandra worries about her oldest son sometimes. True, he looks like a good boy, he acts like a good boy, and he has great grades. 

But then there’s that damn shirt.
“Evil Bunny League is just a teen fad thing.” He tries to soothe. “It’s not like a cult or something mom, I swear. How about I invite some of my friends over tomorrow and you can see that they’re NOT all mass murderers or something.”
She agrees, hesitantly.

So he invites only his “good” friends. Starting with two of his half-siblings. 

And the youngest Evans, Judith.

Also cousin Jeanie.

The first thing Judith does at the party is coo over her favourite singer, Melody Sari. Pablo and Liam became fast friends after learning they were related, and now they’re closer than Pablo is with any of his other siblings. Why’d Liam have to invite daddy’s little princess? She’s so embarrassing!

But then Melody’s cute teenage daughter walks up to him and asks him for a dance. 

They hit it off really well.

So well in fact that when the party’s final guest arrives and asks Liam if they can go somewhere more private he doesn’t even hesitate. There’s something about seeing Serena and Pablo dancing together that really irks Liam. It must just be because he sees them both as his siblings. 

“You didn’t have to dress up.” He murmurs in between kisses. “I told you this was just a casual thing.”
“I wanted to look my best.” Catrina smiles. “And I think you’ll love this dress even more once you see it on the ground.”

And he has to agree, he likes her dress much better once its on the ground. 

She just likes the fact that no one even came looking for them, even though this is Liam's party.


So in a very tight vote of 12 to 9, Serena won out as my generation 2 heir. As a huge thank you to those of you who voted for her both Mel and Alex will be getting their own happy endings. Which would have been impossible for me when it came to Melody if Cadie had been the heir because Naveen would have been in jail for waaaay too long to make it just seem like a normal trial. 

For those of you who voted Cadie I just want to give you a big thank you. I really didn't expect her to get ANY votes because she's so young and from the messages I've received from a couple of you I know that at least some of the votes were because you thought her story would be interesting. I'm afraid her story is going to be cut down a lot because of how much younger she and James are compared to my heir and her future spouse, but I will still try to give them a good relationship with each other and have their own plot. 

Oh and Melissa, thank you SO much for Harris. He's just... <3. He filled the town with gorgeous blonde children who will beautify my town with their perfect genetics and colourful personalities. At first I wanted to make Pablo and Judith into twins but no, she's a fair bit younger than him (about Serena's age actually). Pablo is quiet, calm, and always looks annoyed with life. Judith is constantly laughing and people and partying hard. Oh and no, I didn't edit or style any of the teens at the party (except Jeanie's shirt and Catrina's eye shadow).

Speaking of Jeanie, Heaven the Great has her as a guest in the Avendale Legacy! She won't show up a lot in mine so if you think she's cute go check her out more over there.

Spladoum if you're reading this I love you.

EDIT: Oh and thank you all so much for 1000 views!


  1. You know, for once, I don't feel upset after reading this. Kinda of happy maybe!

    1. Blasphemy! I blame my lack of sleep on this being a happy chapter : P.

  2. I did vote for Cadie, but I was torn between the two and am glad that Serena being heir allows more happy endings.

    1. I'm so happy you're sharing who you voted for! I LOVE hearing you guys' response to the things I write and I'm actually really happy you were torn between the two. To be honest... so was I. I mean, I loved Serena for her looks but Cadie's story and charm appealed to me as well. But I promise Serena's generation won't disappoint.

  3. Oh Liam, no! Catrina is not for you. She wears too much make-up and is a hussy! If only Alex knew THAT about some of his friends. :P

    I agree with Kayla, am actually pretty happy this chapter. Probably shouldn't say that because you'll likely make up for it later.

    1. Eh. I'll hold off the real heartbreak for later. I'll behave... maybe.

      I'll be honest, I love Catrina. She's got the insane trait!

  4. Yay for happy endings! Oh and Liam, put Catrina down and pay more attention to Serena...

    1. Yeah but Catrina's EASY. And Serena is... Serena.

  5. Congrats for Serena winning. :D

    I feel bad for Cadie having to deal with that creepy IF. *shudder*

  6. I love the creepy, haunting, stalker takeon the IF; made me lol! Also, LIAM!! What are you doing?! I know you're a hormonal mess right now but do you really have to rip your boxers off for the first girl that looks at you?! smh