Friday, April 20, 2012

1.19 - Blow it Up

It didn’t work.

It did however get the Sari and Weaver family a few complaints from the neighbors, and Naveen isn’t impressed. “You could have been killed! What were you thinking?”

Cadie has no memories of her father what so ever, and didn’t even know he was real until she woke up one day and founding him eating breakfast with her mom and sister. She’s not about to tell him about Boinky.

He grounds her, ordering her to fix up the broken sink and then clean the entire kitchen. It wouldn’t be so bad if not for Boinky standing behind her and laughing at her the entire time.

Liam’s birthday falls on a Sunday, and Serena did her homework for the weekend on the bus home. They’ll have the whole weekend to be together before he grows up.

Well, assuming their mothers leave them alone long enough to actually do anything together.

It’s so hard to get alone time in this household.

Hard... but not impossible.

Their siblings are out on the town, Mel and Naveen are making up for lost time on a date somewhere quiet (and thankfully away from the house), and Alexandra is out putting in extra hours for work. This might be their only chance to be alone until she’s also legal. 
Still, Liam hesitates. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

She pulls him closer to her, her thumbs in his loose belt buckles. “Liam, this might be our last chance until I’m older. I want it, believe me.”

That's all he needs to hear. His own hands grab her, pulling her onto him, her back pressed against the wall in his bedroom, her arms wrapping around him as they kiss. 

On his tiny single bed he gently touches her bare skin, sending shivers down her body. Their noses touch constantly, even when not kissing he doesn’t want to be too far from her. When he slept with Catrina everything was rushed, so that they wouldn’t be missed from the party. He’s not about to make the same mistake with Serena, and goes slowly, enjoying every second of their time together.

She gasps as he enters her, but doesn’t ask him to stop. Instead, wrapping her legs around his hips, urging him onwards. 

She feels him speed up, his movements getting messy and unattractive as he gets close to climax. She cries out when it hurts, but he doesn’t stop until he’s done, and the only thing she can think of is “thank goodness.” 

He turns them over, holding her on top of him as she brushes his hair from his face, setting a soft kiss on his lips before trying to pull away. “I have some extra credit I need to do for Monday, okay?”
He frowns, not wanting to let her go but eventually lets go of her hips, letting her get off.

She doesn’t have any extra homework. She just really wanted to get away from him and go shower. She’s never felt so disgusting before, and every part of her feels dirty.

Liam can see her at her bench from inside the house, but she ignores his request to go watch some TV with him. She can’t even look at him right now. Woo hoo was gross enough in theory, and doing it with the guy who was raised as her brother... ugh. It takes all her self control to keep herself from deciding their entire relationship is a bad idea. They’d had chemistry the night her dad had come home, but now...


I think my favourite woo-hoo scenes to write are the awkward and uncomfortable ones.

Also that one picture of Serena and Liam right before they kiss might be one of my favourites. <3 Looooved all the poses I got to use in this chapter.



  1. Poor Caddie! As for Naveen returning sooner thanks to Serena being the heir, I thought the rule was technically that the spouse can't return until the YOUNGEST kid's second teen week. =P

    I dunno if I should be hoping Serena and Liam work it out or not.

    1. I think we've established by now that the rules no longer mean anything to me. ^^

  2. I'm with you Becky, about Serena and Liam. It seems like Serena is hot for him one minute and turned off by him the next. It's confusing me.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the explosion very much. I just wish it had worked... (IFs are creepy!)

    1. Yeah I was actually planning on taking the story one way, but instead decided to follow the story Serena and Liam themselves want to tell. One minute Serena really is all over Liam and rolling wishes to kiss him, the next day nothing and even turns him down when he tries to autonomously kiss him. My hypothesis is that he was just really terrible in bed.

  3. lol, aww, poor Liam :p At least now Serena won't have the agony of desperately waiting to be legal so she can be with him again, lol...It might not be the epic love story I thought it was gonna be but I'm definitely looking forward to the enevitably awkward confession of her new feelings :D

    1. If they go according to my plan the confession will be glorious and humiliating for all involved.

      <3 I can't wait.

  4. You're such an evil bitch. And I laughed at the bad in bed comment. We can't all be pros at woohoo. Maybe now to find her a new Pablo!!! :D

    Wouldn't THAT make Liam so happy?

    1. Shush. Don't spoil it for others! : P

  5. Oh dear, I'm not sure who to feel sorrier for, Serena cos her first time was such a let down or Liam because he has no idea...

    Plus, poor Cadie, what will it take to get rid of that IF?

    1. I think you should wait to see who to feel sorry for once Gen 2 starts for real. I love Serena and Liam, and you know what happens to couples I like.

      Cadie's story line will be completed in the next chapter.

  6. Don't usually like to comment so long after the fact, but I'm just now to this point and *loved* the attempted detonation of Boinky!