Sunday, April 1, 2012

1.4 - Deep Temptations

It took a while, but Melody finally found the courage to call Naveen and ask him out on a date. He meets her outside her house, acting distracted, almost nervous and for a moment Melody wonders if its because of her, but then gets rid of the thought. That would be almost cute if he were nervous about their date.

“Please don’t laugh, but I actually have no idea what is considered appropriate when taking a beautiful woman on a date.” He confesses after a moment. “Jane gave me some pointers but for all I know she’s setting me up for failure for her own amusement.”
Oh so he IS nervous. Melody can’t help but giggle softly, trying to keep from smiling, but he sees the amusement in her eyes anyway. 
“You find this funny, don’t you.”
“A lil. Now how about you show me what’s behind your back?”

He does. She was expecting maybe chocolates or a single rose, not a whole damn bouquet! She can’t believe it! And with her look of shock and glee his cocky smirk returns. Looks like Jane didn’t lead him astray after all.

As Melody leaves for her day out with Naveen, Alex gets a call from Harris asking her to meet him at the Bistro for lunch. She refuses as she’s felt sick all day. 

Instead he picks up some of her favourite, fresh key lime pie and drops by to help her feel better. They’ve been almost inseparable since their first date, and from the moment they get off work to the moment she falls asleep each night, Harris is with her. She tries to keep... whatever it is they have a secret, but he makes no move to hide his expensive car in her drive way and is always giving her beautiful new necklaces to wear out on their very public dates.

She loves the attention he gives her, but there’s always that nagging fear in the back of her mind, the fear named Gwendolyn Evans.

And when she does voice her fears he always calms her down, whispering words of love in her ear as their skin touches, the friction building as they kiss. 

And each time they make love she still acts shy and withdrawn. Harris always thought he was into more forward women, but the way Alex blushes when he talks dirty to her is just such a turn on. 

And of course the way to bites down on her knuckle when its getting good, always trying to keep from making noise, even through they’re always home alone. 

Harris usually falls asleep long before Alexandra, but tonight he remains wide awake. Gwen was always alright with his infidelities because she knew he was fickle. He fell in love quickly, but then lost interest days later. Yet she remained his wife of so many years. She’d assumed his infatuation with Alexandra was the same but both were beginning to think differently. 

There was something about Alexandra that only made him think about her more with each passing day. He didn’t care about who saw them around town, or the fact that his wife hadn’t let him share her bed since their youngest had been born. If Alexandra ever asked him to leave Gwen for her he wouldn’t even have to think about it. He’d have his bags packed in an hour tops.

The date between Melody and Naveen is a simple one. Lunch at the local cafe (Where they dine on such fine delicacies as... each other’s tongue). 

Followed by a long walk around the more developed side of the island, just hand in hand talking about everything and nothing. 
It isn’t until they’re almost back at her house that they stop and Naveen smiles at her, just enjoying the look of her hair slightly messed up from the breeze. She’s one of the most beautiful women he’s ever seen, let alone met and he still knows almost nothing about her. Not that she knows much about him either. It might be time to change that. 
“You still haven’t told me your full name, Melodia.” He uses her stage name, what everyone else in town knows her as.

“My name is Melody-....” She hesitates, coming up with something, anything besides her real surname. “Sari. Melody Sari.” 
He gives her a look. “Sorry?”
“Oh shut up, you heard me.”

He chuckles. “Well in that case my name is Naveen Smith.”
“Oh sod off. You’re... making fun of my ethnicity, or something.”
“Please.” He scoffs. “At least the country I’m from is CLOSE to India. I bet you’ve never even been off Sim Nation.”
“Nope! And Saris are from India?”
He pauses. “Maybe?”

They both have a good laugh at that since neither of them actually know anything about the history of clothing. 

He walks her to her front door, and then pulls her back for a kiss goodbye. 
A very... intimate kiss goodbye, holding her up so her feet can’t touch the floor, his body pressing hers against the thin wall hard, lips crashing together as each tries to out-do the other in passion. 

Melody was raised as part of a celebrity family with the paparazzi scrutinizing every little thing she did. Kissing like this out in public in broad daylight is something she wouldn’t have ever even fantasized about. But his body is grinding against hers, his breath awakening something in her that she never even knew she had. All she wants right now is to tear off his clothes and take him, no matter whose watching. 
She has her right hand wrapped in his hair, pulling him back just far enough for her to speak. “Naveen~ please... let’s go inside. I want you. Now.”

He lets her down slowly, until she’s back on the ground and then backs off. Instead of pulling her inside to continue he straightens his shirt and then turns around so his back is to her. “Well, I had a great time, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Melody can’t see his grin but she can feel it. And if she had her ancestors’ fae magic there would be a hole in the back of his head right now. That teasing ASS. He did that on purpose.

When she gets inside she’s still seething. “That JERK. I hate him!”
“What happened?” Alex doesn’t even bother sitting up from where she and Harris are watching TV. 
“He turned me on and then just left!”
“You still going out with him tomorrow?”
“Fuck yes.”

Melody heads into her room still fuming as Harris gently rubs circles on Alex’s arm with his thumb. “Your roommate is... strange.”
“You don’t know the half of it.” Alex mutters, groaning as another wave of nausea hits her. 

The delicious pie Harris brought her doesn’t taste half as good on its way back up, but at least throwing up relieves the nausea for a few hours. Harris offers to stay the night or take her to the hospital but she refuses both, preferring to be alone tonight. She’s felt all this before.

Much later she gets confirmation of her worst fears.

She’s pregnant, with a married man’s child. How did she not see this coming?


I apologize for anybody who actually knows the first thing about Saris since I do not. Bakafox gave me the surname since Melody's mom was named Cashmere and had siblings with names like "Silk". And since Saris can be simple or elegant and are very versatile she thought it would fit a legacy surname and I agreed. Melody just picked it cause she's horrible at make decisions under pressure.

Naveen's real name is Prince Naveen of Meldonia. (I kid. I kid... maybe). 

Jane's real name is- *Censored*.

Oh and yeah, Alex is basically screwed beyond repair at this point.


  1. I actually own a lovely, elegant sari, made for me by a tailor from India. He taught me how to wrap it properly, but I've forgotten how by now. He also made me a really nice silk punjabi. And I have nowhere wear these things, lol, so they sit in my dresser.
    I did wonder why you picked Sari for a name.
    Is Naveen from a fictional country, then?

    1. Yeah I have three saris in my dresser that were gifts from friends and I wore one to a wedding a few years ago. There's such a large indian population where I live that I SHOULD know more than I actually do.

      ... Plus they're pretttyyyyy.

      Naveen is from a fictional country, yes, I SHOULD be including more on his past either next chapter or in the following ones. And yes, he's a prince. (Or was one, anyway). I sort of fell in love with Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog and couldn't help myself.

  2. Lol. Oh Naveen...that was so cold. Yet it left us all wanting more. Their date was adorable and I like that they hit it off so well. =]

    Alex, Alex, Alex. What have you gotten yourself into. Can't wait to see what's she going to do about this!!

    Cece, your legacy's are always like a soap opera. Which is a good thing. There's a reason those things can run for over 50 years.

    1. Soap Opera, you say? Hmm... I guess I should start thinking up a plot that involves clones and the like. Oh! Maybe an illigitimate half sister and- no, wait. I already did that. *Pouts*

  3. Hot, hot. And, now I am warming up to Naveen. I'd be going back on a date with him too, because I am a stubborn ass.

    Poor Alex. What to do? She doesn't know if Harris really loves her and whatever will Gwen do when she finds out? Horrible predicament.

    1. Thats pretty much how Naveen is able to pull Melody in so easily. He gives her something to want, and then doesn't let her have it so she HAS to see him again if she wants it. Then he introduces something new and the pattern continues.

      I really do love Alex's character. She puts herself through so much.

  4. Oh dear, Alex really has got herself in a tangle hasn't she?

    I can see Naveen's attraction for Melody but personally I'd probably have slapped him!

    1. Oh I'm sure she's slapped him a few times just off screen. Like the time he asked if she were a prostitute. But who knows... maybe that just turns him on?

  5. I think I may be in love with Naveen <3 This chapter defo sold me on him, that date was ao flirty and adorable :)