Monday, April 2, 2012

1.5 - Secrets Come Free

Naveen’s coming over for a date later and that's all Melody can think about. She doesn’t even notice her best friend’s change in behaviour or... situation.

At least she does notice her new clothes. “So I guess Harris took you shopping?”
Actually this was the first outfit Alexandra could find in the maternity store. “Um... yeah. Sorta."

"You look nice."

"Thank you." She decides to change the subject. "Did you want me to take off while Naveen’s over?”

Melody thinks about that for a moment. “It would be great if you could. I don’t really want you to be an accessory to murder if he pisses me off again.”
Alexandra actually smiles, shaking her head softly. Melody couldn’t hurt a fly if her life depended on it.

Alexandra heads off to the studio to talk with her boss about something or other and Melody meets Naveen outside. 

 “So I was thinking we could go to the local pool.” He says with a smile, his touch on her hands sending a nervous giggle through her.
She regains her control and shrugs. “Actually, I was sort of hoping we could... y’know... stay here today.”

“Well, if you insist. I can’t say no to you, gorgeous.” He may know her real first name, but he still doesn’t use it. She doesn’t mind.

It feels silly to change back into her night gown before they cuddle on her bed... but that might just be from the nervousness she’s feeling right now. His every caress and kiss sends shivers through her body and she loves every second of it. 

His lips crash onto hers finally, and he pushes her down onto the bed, his hands pulling at her night gown until she puts a hand up to stop him. 
“Whats wrong?”
She blushes, unable to meet his eyes. “I’m... scared. I’ve never done this before.” 
She sees a spark in his eyes that almost looks like amusement. “I’m honoured.”
Before she can slap him his lips are pressed back down onto hers. Okay, the slapping and biting can wait until later. 

He’s a gentle lover, taking things almost painfully slow, his hands leaving no part of her body unexplored, his lips catching her moans of pleasure and whimpers of pain. 
He rolls them over, holding her hips as she straddles his lap, her hand on his face, her forehead against his. She kisses him softly, enjoying the feel of his body under hers. “Why’d you stop?”
He smiles. “Because I never want this to end, and I don’t want to hurt you.” 
“I can take it.” She promises. “I want you to take me hard.”

He obliges, not that he could have held back for long. Before she knows what happening he has her on top of the dresser. It’s all she can do to hold herself up, nevermind trying to control his thrusts into her. Any protests she could have vocalized are silenced by the feel of his lips on her breasts. All she can think about is him, his touch, the pleasure he’s giving her, and the gentle tickle of his facial hair on her chest and neck. 

She cums hard, her body shaking in ecstasy as he kisses, her now even more sensitive body, making her shake all the harder and then start giggling when she discovers the feelings are something altogether new. 

She’s still giggling by the time they’re back on her bed, his arm wrapped behind her and holding her close. “I love you, gorgeous.” He mutters, kissing her cheek softly.
His words bring a jump in her chest. She never realized how much power three little words could have, and they don’t sound faked like she was so sure they would. She believes him, and she believes herself when she tells him: “I love you too.”

She asks him about his past, and without thinking about it, he answers her truthfully. “I come from a small nation by India, my father was king but he was forcibly removed from his throne when I was only a small boy. My older brothers took care of me, but I lost contact with them when I moved to Bridgeport and met Jane.”
“So then she isn’t your sister.”
“Not even remotely. But she is as close to me as my brothers once were, and I owe my life to her.”

“So do you love her?”
He doesn’t understand her question at first, but then realizes she only asks because she doesn’t know. “Jane is... young.” He watches his words carefully. “Too young for what you're thinking.”
“Who is she?”
He sighs. “Melody, I love you and I trust you with my true past, but I cannot tell you anymore about Jane than I already have. It’s not my place.”

His words hurt her, but at the same time perhaps its best she doesn’t know. Then she won’t be in a position of danger if the police ever come to question her. She knows full well that Naveen is a criminal, Jane must be even worse. 
“You’re right. And I guess one story deserves another.” She bites her lip nervously. “My surname isn’t Sari... it’s Sabo.”

“Sabo?” His voice comes out almost a squeak, his fingers tightening around hers almost painfully. “Please tell me you aren’t related to Briar and Cashmere Sabo.”
“I’m their eldest daughter.” 
He looks as if he’s about to cry.

Instead he kisses her softly, recomposing himself as she wonders mutely what she said to get such a reaction from him. 
“I need to go now, Melody, but I will see you again, I promise.”
Her heart drops at his words. He’s lying, she’s sure of it. But she lets him go anyway. 

Washing her hands. Alexandra’s been neurotic ever since she was a child. She needs to be clean from her head to her toes and that means washing her hands every day before bed until they bleed. 

However sometimes when she washes her hands the make up on her wrists will rub off, revealing the now very light scars that criss cross over both arms. 
When she was young and pregnant for the first time she’d felt nothing but pain and humiliation. She’d tried to kill herself three times with no success or even a reaction from her family besides causing her mother and father to fight more. It wasn’t until she’d “accidentally” fallen down the stairs and lost her unborn child that she’d stopped self-harming. There’d been no point after that.

Of course now here she was again. Pregnant, alone, and in a situation she didn’t want to think too hard about. Harris had called her four times today alone, had apologized for whatever he’d done to make her mad, and his words just cut at her with more force than she’d ever been able to achieve with a knife. She would have to tell him about the baby soon, but if she did than who knows what would happen. 
She had an idea, but if she went through with it she might not be able to live with herself. 

Night had long since fallen before Naveen had the courage to return home and face... her. 

Jane doesn’t look up from her book as she finishes the page. “Home so soon? I thought you were planning on staying the night. I guess you’re not as irresistible as you think.”

He takes a seat next to her, waiting as she puts the book down. “No, I got her in bed... and off the bed... and on the dresser-”
“Too much information, Naveen.”
“I know.” He pauses. “And you were right.”

“She’s your sister.”
Aria makes a face when he confesses. “Oh eew. You screwed Mel? If I think about that too hard I might puke.”
“You told me to go for it!”
“Cause I didn’t think it was actually her! I mean... dad practically kept us on a leash! I just thought she was another one of those imitators. My mom was a huge movie star in her day, it was less of a stretch than the idea that my own sister decided to move to the same island as me.”

“Okay, thats fantastic, now what the hell do I do?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean you HATE your family. Would you be insulted if I kept... you know... with her?
Aria hesitates, considering her answer before smiling. “I haven’t spoken to my sister since my teenage birthday. I don’t know who she is, or what she’s like, and I don’t care. She’s not my family, you are. And I’d rather lose my connection to her than risk losing you.” 

“You’re my family.” She continues. “And if Melody makes you happy I won’t ask you to stop seeing her... even though it does make me very uncomfortable."

“So I guess I shouldn’t talk about her ass or that gorgeous face she makes when she-”
“NAVEEEN! That’s groooooss.”
Yeah. This is going to be fun. But probably not for her.


Yeeeep. Aria ran away from military school and became the Empress of Evil at the ripe young age of... probably 16 or 17. I loved her too much to let her get away, so here she is.

*Sigh* Alexandra's cuts are a classic example of CC that looks AWESOME in CAS... but then is barely visible in photos. The picture of her brushing her teeth actually shows them off better than the picture of her washing her hands. 


  1. Whew! Great chapter! Is it hot in here or is it just me? Snap! Okay, I'm done. =D

    Alex....girl what are you going to do? I can't wait to see Harris' reaction to the baby.

    Melody and Naveen are so adorable together. They have good chemistry.

    It was nice to see Aria again. I like that she ran from military school to go in the complete opposite direction. Lol.

    1. Harris knocked up his wife only a day after Alex, so really SP itself is forcing me into the same scenario as Briar's generation. I love how easy this is! <3

      In my mind Aria was born to be Empress of Evil.

  2. It's great to see Aria again. She was my favorite of that brood.

    1. Mine too, actually. She just had such a personality and really stood out despite being the true "middle child" in a family of 7.

  3. I love the fact that Jane is Aria and I'm hoping we get an encounter between her and Melody!

    1. Plans are in motion for that... but not for a long while.

  4. Aww. Alex. </3 Her story makes me sad...

    1. Yeah Alex's life was not a happy one. But most of the sad parts were her own fault. No one forced her into anything.

  5. Aww, now I kinda wish I'd read the Sabo's but there was just SO much to catch up on, lol. Loving all the interwoven storylines so far and all the implied history (since I don't know the actual history)!