Saturday, April 7, 2012

1.7 - Welcome to the Family

Melody is a very loving and dotting aunt. Especially in those first mornings so Alexandra can sleep in and regain her strength. 

And after Liam is back in bed for his nap, Melody is out at the coffee shop for an audition.
It goes well.

So Naveen stops by to help her celebrate.

Nervously, she brings up the idea of having children with him. 

He actually thinks about it for a long time, leaving her to grow more nervous with each passing moment. 

He takes her into his arms just as she was about to make up some excuse about the whole thing being a joke. 
“If you want children, I will never deny you.” He tells her with a smile. “But it will be some time before I can be with you and our children.”
They decide to let things happen naturally, figuring children will come sooner rather than later with the amount of time they spend in bed. 

The morning of Liam’s birthday Melody picks up the newspaper. In it there are two fascinating articles side by side. The first, detailing a very public verbal fight between Harris Evans and Morgan Hemlock-Avendale. The second article is a rather scathing editorial by Morgan Hemlock-Avendale herself on Harris’ lastest infidelities. Luckily Alexandra isn’t mentioned in the article, but Melody throws the paper out before her friend wakes up anyway.

Alexandra gives her little bundle one last snuggle before he gains the body strength to fight back and gain an attitude. 

And then hands him over to Alexandra who wants to help Liam blow out his candles.

He looks just like his father. Alexandra doesn’t know how she’ll be able to keep him a secret from Harris now.

Its those same thoughts that run through her mind during her late night walk through town. Taking a seat on a bench by the main park she can’t help but feel completely deflated. She loves her son, but there’s a fear in the pit of her stomach of Harris finding out about him. If he wanted he could have Liam in his custody within a day. Harris had so much money, so much influence and all Alexandra had was a few background rolls in short films and no room for Liam’s crib anywhere but right next to the front door. She needed some sort of miracle.

“Hey mind if I join you?”
His voice jolts her from her thoughts and she looks up at the almost familiar face with a smile. “Zane? Please do. I haven’t seen you in ages!” 

“Yeah not since before you and Harris got together.”
There’s an almost bitterness in his voice that she catches instantly. “I don’t want to talk about Harris.” She sighs. “I’m having enough trouble keeping my son from him as it is.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean I told Harris the baby wasn’t his when he found out about my pregnancy. But now Liam looks like a clone of his father and without a name on his birth certificate it won’t take people long to connect the dots to Harris.”

“Huh. That actually explains a lot.” Zane mutters to himself as Alexandra looks on in confusion. 
“Explains what?”
“The sudden hatred Harris has for almost every male in this entire town. I mean, he practically owns this city and has been taking his frustrations out on everyone, myself included. My wife, Morgan, wants to fight back but no one could really figure out a cause behind his actions. At least now I know it isn’t insanity.”
Alexandra’s stomach falls. “I’m so sorry Zane. I had no idea Harris would take it out on others. Maybe I should tell him-”

“No.” Zane says, cutting her off. “You should let him keep on squirming and fuming. He’s being an ass about all this and you shouldn’t have to lose your son out of fear.”
Alexandra sighs. “There’s no point. I have to face facts. He’s going to figure it out sooner or later.”
“Not if you tell everyone I’m Liam’s father.”

Alexandra isn’t sure she heard him correctly.
“My grandmother was blonde, a very similar shade to Harris’ and my siblings and I have varied enough features that no one will think twice about Liam’s looks.”
“But what about Morgan?”
“Well we can tell her that I’m not actually Liam’s father. She loathes Harris and would probably give you a kiss for opening up a way to hurt him like this.”
“But I don’t want to hurt Harris anymore.” Alexandra almost pleads.
Zane shrugs. “Then wait a few days for him to see Liam around town with you and have him separate you.”
Damn it all, he has a point. “Alright then, Zane... welcome to the family.”


D'aaaaw. Liam's a cutie pie. I'm sort of sad he won't be in the running for my heir. Ah well, there's always hope...

Speaking of hope. Next chapter will see a distinct change in location with the Sari Legacy moving from Morikipo Island to Autumn Falls. It'll only be mentioned in the story as a fail on Melody's memory as a humerus gimick, but it was necessary for me to be able to continue playing my legacy. Part way through this chapter my game froze up and refused to function no matter what I did. And I literally tried every thing I could think of to fix it. So using Twallan (The amazing)'s Porter mod I moved over all the sims from my city to a new one. 

Again, in the story the move never actually happened. I just did it to fix my game issues. Well, hopefully fix my gaming issues. Too early to check and see if Autumn Falls is actually a better town or not.


  1. Okay, now that I am not rushing out the door and can fully focus...comments!

    Oh God Zane. Really? You want to claim Harris's son as your own when you have seen how temperamental he can get?

    And Alex...can't you think beyond right now and realize you might should mention that Harris can get scary, like violent scary?

    Reya, if Harris murders Zane, or has his murdered you and me, we'll have words!

    Also, with Melody and Naveen not trying to not have kids, shouldn't he confess about his secret sooner or later? How will Aria feel if her only family has a child with her estranged and disowned sister?

    1. All of the above will be answered in upcoming chapters! : D Your comment is making me smile like crazy cause it means I didn't miss anything.

      Plus Zane's got more protecters than anyone else in the city. Them Avendales stick together. I'd be more worried about Alex if I were you.

  2. Naw he is so cute!!!!
    Zane is a very brave man

    1. Brave or stupid. Same thing, am i right? : D

  3. Brave AND stupid, me thinks. =)

    Dear god, if Harris does ANYTHING to Alex I will be yelling at you, Cece. Or else, just sending you a very long, very bitchy PM explaining my feelings on the matter. Hehe. <3

    Yeah, Zane better not get hurt either. He is such a sweetheart for doing that though. I'm getting all emotional just thinking about it, lol. I can't wait to see what happens next!

    P.S. Sorry if this comment doesn't make any sense. It's 5:30 a.m. here in Texas and I'm still a bit sleepy.

    P.P.S. What do you mean "there's always hope"? You're not going to pair Liam up with your heir, are you? Are you?! Lol, just ignore me. =D

    1. Harris is like a tiny puppy. Big bark, the occasional bite, but nothing too bad really. Even so, I'd love a PM from you about the matter. You don't PM me enough as it is.

      Weeeeell... I rolled separately for each of my heirs so they'll have individual stories that you guys will be voting for as WELL as the heir themself. Mel's first rolled couple, her planned second will be a single with help. So like I said... hope. Doesn't mean it's set in stone. : D

    2. I love that we get to vote for your heirs.

      *cue evil laugh*

    3. You seriously scare me sometimes. O_O

    4. LOL, I was KIDDING! Sort of... ;)

  4. Zane is very sweet but I'm dreading Harris' reaction and part of me thinks he has a right to react badly if he finds out the truth.

    Also, I can't wait to find out Aria/Jane's reaction if/when Melody & Naveen have a child!

    1. Aria's reaction will be in chapter 1.9 (Probably. Unless my game decides to screw me over or I pull some scenes early... in which case it'll be in 1.8).

  5. I'm glad you were finally able to get your family moved without crashing, Cece.
    If I were Zane's wife, I'd be a bit pissed that he didn't even run this idea by me first. Even if it helps get at a guy I really hate, having the whole town think my husband fathered a kid on some other woman...I don't think I'd be all for that, lol.

    1. Yeah Morgan has some sort of vendetta against my sims. She and Alexandra have been friends since their first day in town yet every time I try to set up a scene with them she doesn't show up! I've given up. But if they happen to run into each other naturally than we'll learn what Morgan's real feelings are on the whole matter.

    2. Cool, I'd love to see it. Maybe now that you are in a new town, the Sim gods will be more favorable.
      Or, you could appease them with a Sim sacrifice...