Sunday, April 8, 2012

1.8 - Whatever it Takes

So for comparison sake: 
Liam and his mother, Alexandra.

Pablo and his mother, Gwendolyn.

Watcher can’t understand what goes on in Harris Evan’s mind. Neither can the people who live in the city he is the mayor of.

Its common knowledge now that Zane is the father of Alexandra’s baby boy. Xander’s biggest worry is that this fling between his brother and Alexandra will end Zane’s marriage to Morgan Hemlock. That bitch was the craziest chick he ever screwed. 

“It was a one night stand before he and Morgan were married.” Alexandra tries to explain, not for the first time and probably not for the last. “We’re just staying in touch for Liam’s sake but there’s nothing even remotely romantic between us. Morgan knows that and she’s accepted Liam into the family.”
How does anyone even believe this shit? 

Melody gets a haircut (Because Watcher accidentally deleted her hair).

She also realizes her clothing has tightened considerably in the past few days and a short trip to the doctor confirms that she’s pregnant. No aches, no pains, no morning sickness. Psh. Being pregnant is EASY.

Naveen arrives at her house after work for a late dinner as always. This time she doesn’t even wait for him to enter the door but practically jumps into his arms as soon as his motorcycle rolls into the driveway (Yes... he has a motorcycle).
“Hey! So. Uh. I’m pregnant! Yay?”

Definitely yay. Naveen’s never felt so much joy from one sentence before.

But still, worry remains in his mind. He loves Melody, and he has no doubt in his mind that he’ll love their child just as much, but soon Melody will want him to be there for them and he doesn’t know when Jane will let him go. Her birthday is coming fast, but she’s made no plans to move or change their current living arrangement.

“As soon as I’m able to I swear I’ll move in with you and the baby.” He promises, meaning it. 

“I know you’re not staying away because you’re playing me.” She smiles. “You have to take care of your ‘sister’. And I respect that.”
He can’t believe how lucky he is to have a girl like Melody. But of course her words also make his stomach drop. She’s never mentioned her family or any sisters who may have gone missing at a young age, but Aria’s seen her and confirmed their relation. Naveen has no idea how he’s going to handle that hurdle when he finally gets there.

The girls fall into a routine. While Alexandra returns to work early, Melody stays home with Liam and helps with potty training.

And while Liam and Alexandra are having some mommy-baby time, Melody reads up on what to expect when you’re expecting. She’s had no pains or anything really, and no strange mood swings or cravings. This baby stuff is SO goanna be a walk in the park.

Not a walk in the park: Labour. 

Luckily Naveen shows up at the hospital only moments after she does. And she can yell at him until the doctor gives her the damn epidural. 

A few hours later, the young couple welcomes a daughter to the world. A little red-head named Serena.

Naveen follows them home like a puppy before pulling Melody aside to talk.

“Listen, best case scenario we can be together soon, but before that happens there are some things I’ve been keeping from you that you need to know about.” His hands are shaking from nervousness, but he has to do this. “Can you come over tomorrow? Its uh... its time you met Jane.”

Meeting Jane is the last thing Melody wants to do. But if it means being able to spend the rest of her life with Naveen, she’ll do whatever it takes.


So Serena's a toddler in game. And I'm in love. <3 SHE IS SO CUTE. And looks like her daddy. If Mel's planned second inherits her eyes though then I will be so conflicted. I don't know what I waaaaant.

Melody was actually pregnant back in Morikipo and about to start showing, but then the move reset her pregnancy back to the start again so now Serena is a whole day younger than I wanted her to be but whatever. It's one day. I can work with that.

And just so you all know, I won't be sharing her full roll until the heir vote which will take place when the planned second is at child age or similar. Maybe when they're both teens actually. But that might be too much torture for me cause then I'll fall in love with both of them. T_T


  1. Lol at the protest. I think I saw a glimpse of Elijah and Scarlett in that photograph... =)

    Also, I love how Naveen wears a medal around his neck. Always. Seriously, he's hilarious. But now I'm worried about this meeting with "Jane". I mean, I honestly don't know what to expect.

  2. Yes. Yes you did. : D Wanna know something hilarious about them? Elijah is in the criminal career, while Scarlett is a cop and they're expecting another child (Now that Ana is a teen). You'll be seeing more of them later on in my plot.

    Yeah Naveen's medal is a glitch. He's a gender bent (and slightly altered) clone of Nadira Sabo, my Gen 2 Sabo heir. And I guess she had her dad's medal in her inventory when I cloned her because after I switched her gender the medal showed up on him and no matter what I did I couldn't take it off! It infuriates me!

    1. D'aww. How cute! I love them, and I'm glad you added them to your world. Thank you. <3

      That sucks about the medal. I thought it was cute when I first saw it, his way of showing everybody who's number one, lol. Have you tried twallan's dresser mod? It has a feature that allows you to automatically remove all accessories from a Sim. You'd have to replace all of the accessories on his other outfits, but it may be worth a shot. You just click on Naveen and do NRaas/Dresser/Remove All Accessories. If you don't want to keep the mod installed after you remove the medal (or try to), just make sure you use master controller to reset everything, as dresser is an interaction injector mod and can cause your save to bounce if it's uninstalled incorrectly.

      Or, if it's from his inventory like you were saying, couldn't you just make him active and remove it manually? Or I think master controller has a feature that allows you to transfer items without making the Sim active. You should look into it if it bothers you that much. PM me if you need any more help with it, as I'm sure there's got to be a way to get rid of it. =)

    2. I've sort of just learned to accept it to be honest. And he's been playable a few times already. It isn't in his inventory but it was in Nadira's. So it just sort of got stuck in the empty space of coding (I assume). I can live with it. I just wish it hadn't happened in the first place.

  3. Yay, I can't wait for Melody to meet Jane/Aria!

    Oh, and squee for babies :)

    1. Babies <3. Mel and Alex have amazing genes. No joke.