Saturday, April 28, 2012

Computer Issues

So as I'm sure most of you know by now, my computer died on Sunday night and when I took it in to the Geeksquad they told me it was a failing hard drive, and it'll be right as rain on Friday.

On Friday they called, told me it wasn't the hard drive. That even with a perfect hard drive my computer wasn't detecting them. They offered to send it back to the manufacturer for further diagnostics, but I'd have to pay to fix whatever it is that fucked up my computer. Also it might takes weeks or months.

My other option is to buy a brand new computer, get the goddam extended warranty (because I always use it), and see if the Geeksquad is willing to install all the documents they were able to salvage from my old computer. That said, a new MacBook pro can be as much as $2.5k and I only have about $1k in my savings account.

Basically I'm saying that the Sari Legacy is on hold until further notice. But even if I can't get my save game back, the story of Serena and Liam will continue. I have Liam up on the legacy sims exchange, and Serena is basically a clone of her Melody with Naveen's hair and eye color. It'll take some work, but I won't let them go.

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