Sunday, May 27, 2012

2.1 - Want to Love You

"What are you looking at?" Harris asks, smiling as he just enjoys looking at her. For weeks now he and Alex had returned to being lovers, and it was as if nothing had ever gone wrong between them. Still, every moment they were together he made sure to cherish. Apparently she was doing the same.
"The time." She seems annoyed, but not from his words. "I wish I could stay but this isn't my home, and your daughter will be home from school soon. It isn't right for me to over stay my welcome here so soon after Gwen left you both behind."

"Gwen leaving before we'd agreed was one of the best things to ever happen to me." He responds. "And Judith practically worships the ground you walk on. She made us watch your big debut film, Modern Amazons four times when I told her we were together. She won't mind if you want to stay for dinner-"

"-Or the night." He continues, moving to lean over her, pushing her back onto the bed slowly. 
"Harris I really shouldn't..."
"I thought you said you loved me."
"That's not fair. I do love you, but this isn't right."

"What about this isn't right?" He asks, honestly confused as he pulls away from her. "I love you, and I can't image my life without you."

Her response is said in almost a deadpan. "We had a child out of wedlock, you tried to ruin every man in this city because you thought I'd slept with one of them, you have anger issues, your ex-wife only just left you, and now we've been screwing on the same bed you two used to share together."
He can't hide his grin. "The only thing I regret is not just grabbing you and riding off into the sunset together the first time I saw you in the film studio."
She has no idea how to respond to that because honestly that would have saved them both so much heartache and trouble. Instead: "I'm sorry, Harris but I really have to go. Still need to help Mel plan Serena's birthday."

He lets her get dressed before coming up behind her and pulling her close. "Melody has her husband back, she doesn't need you to babysit her anymore, Liam is full grown, and James is off at boarding school. What's really holding you back from me?"
She hesitates, but answers him anyway. "I'm scared you're going to break my heart."

He pulls away, as if insulted before reaching out to stroke her cheek, his eyes shining from his held back tears. "I deserved that, but I could never in my life betray you like you fear I will. After you hurt me I slept with other women, yes, but I never loved them, I could never even look at them without seeing your face and missing you. I've never felt that way about anyone before, especially not Gwen."
Alex can't hide her smile. "What are you saying?"

"I'm saying you're my soul mate, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. And only you." Reaching into the desk behind him he returns with a small box, getting down on one knee in front of her.

"You're my soulmate." He repeats. "And if you don't say yes I don't know what I'll do."

"I wouldn't dream of saying anything but yes." She smiles, holding back her tears as he slowly slides the engagement ring onto her finger with shaking hands.

For once, Harris feels like he just made a really smart decision. Everything is going right, and he'll do whatever it takes to give Alexandra her happily ever after.

The first person to find out about Alexandra’s engagement is her oldest son, shortly followed by her closest friend. 
“We’re planning something private, maybe in Champ le Sims where Harris’ family has an estate. You, Naveen and the girls are invited of course but otherwise it’ll just be the two of us and Judith as a witness. Liam would be going but he has an audition with the coach for the local llamas and I can’t ask him to miss that. 

Melody is still convinced Harris is nothing but a lying, filthy politician who doesn’t deserve her best friend’s love... but Alexandra really does seem to love him. And he makes her so happy. 

So she gives them her best wishes. She won’t be able to make it for the wedding, but she’ll see Alex when the newly weds get back in town. And of course Alex will have to be back in town once Serena and Liam wed, whenever that finally happens.

Speaking of Liam, he’ll be staying with the Saris. After all it’s pretty much expected for him and Serena to marry so what would be the point of him moving out just to have him move back in a few days later? 

Plus Naveen sees Liam as the son he never had, and someone to train in the art of athletics (Because goodness knows Naveen is as strong as they get. You didn’t get to his level in the thief career without being as strong as an ox).

Ever since Naveen’s return, Melody hasn’t felt the need to sing or make music. She takes the occasion job, but always turns down offers for regular gigs. She’s a Headliner. Not quite the cream of the crop, but she’s fine with that. 

She has her husband, her two beautiful genius daughters, a house she owns and a relationship with the sister she’d presumed dead. Melody’s life might have been easier if she’d stayed at home with her wealthy parents, but she wouldn’t have been happy. Life here had been hard, but it was all worth it in the end. 

Slowly, Serena is taking over control of the house. Soon every room will look like the new dining set in the background.

Serena’s birthday party is family only. Which means aunt Aria and her husband Nathaniel McSexy- I mean McKinley.

Also Alexandra, her new husband, and his two youngest. Because they’re honorary family.

Pablo and Liam haven’t spoken since the older boy punched Pablo in the face during gym. Liam may have ended up “winning” Serena in the end anyway, but apparently the resentment remains.

Serena’s only birthday wish is for people to give her some space. This house is big, and the people in it few, yet she always feels crowded.

She becomes a young woman. 

And promptly excuses herself to go outside.

She knew someone would come get her, but assumed it would be Liam.

“What’s up, Pablo?”
“Not much.” He answers. “I jut wanted to make sure you were okay. You rushed out of there pretty fast.”
“Cake disagrees with me.” 
“Uh huh. Well if you wanted to talk I’m right-”

Another hand taps her shoulder from behind and she turns to see Liam. A quick glance back over her shoulder shows her Pablo’s headed back inside. It was a little rude of Liam to interrupt like that, but she can’t honestly say she isn’t happy he did. 
“Well, happy birthday, Serena. You uh... you look beautiful. Like, really beautiful.”

Eloquent he is not. But adorable? Very much so. And she loves him for that. “Bout time I grew up, eh? I thought you were going to go crazy having to wait for me.”
“I almost did.” He admits. “But do you know what kept me going?”
She’s pretty sure she knows where he’s going with this. “What?”

“The thought of your expression when I did this...” With a cocky smile he steps backwards, getting down onto one knee and holding a ring out to her. 

“And there’s that expression. Exactly how I imagined it.”
She’s almost in tears and can only nod a quick yes to give him her answer. She wants to marry him, to be his wife so badly, but there’s still something in the back of her mind that makes her heart sink. What is it again?

“Shall we head to bed now?”
It’s an innocent request on his part, and justified considering how well he’s been behaving during their age difference, but with those words come all the doubts and worries Serena had been trying to forget. “I uh... I need to help my mom clean up. But I’ll meet you there, okay?”

Its hours before she heads to his- to their room, and thankfully he’s fast asleep. One day soon she’ll have to come clean about her worries, but thankfully that time isn’t right now.


Iiiiii'm back, bitches!

Reminder of Serena's roll: (Cause even I'd forgotten it)

- Couple
- 2 kids
- Primary Career: Inventor
- Secondary Career: Professional Sports
- Gen Goal: AWESOME! (Redesign the entire house)
- Misc Fun: Half- Siblings


  1. ROFL! Nathaniel McSexy... HAHA! Love it! And those overalls...

    *cough* Sorry, I'm easily amused. =D I am SO GLAD that you are back! I missed the Saris! Serena grew up looking beautiful (like all your Sims). And Liam. *swoons* He's as gorgeous as ever. I love that look on his face as he greets Pablo. Lol, it's just brilliant. Also, that picture of Melody playing her guitar is lovely. What world are you using now?

    Yay for Alex and Harris! I'm happy that they got a fairytale ending. It just works, you know? =) But what is going on with Serena? How can you NOT want to sleep with that gorgeous hunk of a man?! =P

    1. I keep meaning to change Nathaniel's clothing but he really does rock those overalls. He and Aria have two children now. One daughter, and one newborn son.

      I'm using Autumn Falls right now. Its base game, and a fair size without being huge enough to hive me undue lag. (medium map, I believe)

      Serena's my fav sim so far. And I had a bit too much fun looking for good CC for her.

  2. Glad you got your computer back, and your legacy up and running again.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Melissa. It's really good to be back.

  3. Yay, I'd missed the Sari's. Seriously wondering what's going on with Serena, though.

    1. Subject to change without notice: Basically she has a fear of intimacy with the person she cares about. Mostly since their first time together was awful. I hope she learns to overcome it soon. I want a Serena/Liam baby!