Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2.2 - Frustration

Serena’s graduation arrives shortly after her birthday. 

She’s awarded highest honour for her grades and is voted most likely to save the world through her inventions. Her classmates are all slackers, obviously.

After graduation Melody and Naveen have a party to attend at Yalena Avendale-Wish’s house, so Serena and Liam have the house to themselves.

“Serena, do we really have to wait until the wedding?” There’s a need in his voice that makes Serena’s heart sink. “I want you so bad.”

She pushes him back slightly. “Love, please. I want to be a good girl. Can’t you wait just a bit longer? Our wedding is only a few days away!”
He sighs, pulling her closer into an embrace. “You know I’ll wait, Serena. Even if it drives me crazy.”

She rewards him with a kiss, but that just makes the sexual frustration all the worse for him. 

Liam lets out his frustration through working out. The house is too green. He and Serena should change that soon.

Speaking of Serena, she signed up at City Hall as a freelance Inventor, and works from home making robotic toys and household gadgets. It’s a fun job, but requires lots of scrap metal. 

So every other day she’s out in the junkyard on the far side of town.
Today, she has a visitor.

“Fancy running into you here, Serena. I haven’t seen you since the party.”
Fancy is what she thinks of Pablo’s clothes, not exactly appropriate attire for mucking around a dirty junkyard. But the Evans have always been a weird bunch. They probably got it from their mom though seeing as Liam came out pretty normal. “Yeah I’ve been sort of busy. Liam still hasn’t caught a lucky break at work so I need to make as much money as I can to pay for the wedding we want.”
“You guys are having money troubles? Just talk to dad, he’ll help out no problem.”
“It’s not money troubles.” She explains. “We have enough for a decent wedding, but I want the best so I need to pay for it.”

“If you were my bride you wouldn’t have to pay a penny to have the wedding of your dreams.” Pablo smiles, taking her hand delicately. “You’re too beautiful to have to work for a living. Liam should be taking better care of you, you deserve only the best.”

She feels her heart race, her face blushing softly. “Pablo, I... uh... Liam does take good care of me. He really does. I don’t deserve him.”
“Agreed, you deserve more.”

He leans in to kiss her but she breaks away. “Pablo please, I’m engaged to your brother! Have some respect. I’m very happy with him, and I wish you could understand that and just be happy for us.” 

“I should have asked you out the day I met you.” He says instead. “Before Liam had the chance to punch me and lay claim to you.”
Serena’s never heard this story before. “Liam wouldn’t hurt a fly!”
“Wouldn’t he? Maybe you should ask him.”

Liam’s out when Serena finally gets home so she decides to wait. 

And with each passing moment, her anger just grows and grows. Would Liam really hurt his own brother just for wanting to ask her out? He has no right! Is that why she never received any invitations to prom?

Liam senses trouble. Big trouble.

“Did you seriously punch Pablo in the face when we were teens?” He gives her no answer, instead looking off to the side and thats all she needs. “You BEAST! How dare you think you even had the right?”

“I was just trying to protect you!” He shoots back. “Pablo only wanted one thing from you! Are you honestly mad at me for something that happened so long ago?”
“Yes! Because I thought I knew you! I thought you were gentle, that you were nothing like your father! I’ve heard the stories about him, what he did to people who crossed him-”

“Don’t you dare bring my father into this!” He interrupts. “This is between you and me.”
“I couldn’t agree more.” 
He reaches out to her but falters when she raises her hands towards him. “Serena please, I was young-”
“I don’t want to hear it, Li. I just... I need some space.”

That night she sleeps in her old bed. It uncomfortably lonely and she misses Liam’s arms already.


I should mention that Pablo has the evil trait. Also hopeless romantic. I laughed cause he's so much like his father. 

Best looking generation to date. <3


  1. Replies
    1. They're form MTS. I couldn't have an inventor sim without awesome goggles. It felt like a sin.

  2. I always though Harris' Evil + Hopeless Romantic traits were hilarious. But even evil assholes need love, right?

    1. Yes. Yes they do need love. Sometimes they just go about it in the worst possible way.

  3. Serena, you should not be getting married. At least not now. Not when the mere conversation with someone you've not seen in years makes your heart race. Sigh. I suppose it's because you never had the chance to really grow up and experience love outside of your soon-to-be-husband/kind-of-sorta-brother. This should make me feel sorry for you, but it doesn't. Rather, I'd appreciate it if you grew a pair and told Liam exactly how you felt and why you are avoiding him. Kudos for the confrontation about Pablo, but that's not really the only issue here, is it?

    1. I'll tell you this much, even if Serena comes clean about her feelings and fears it might be too late.