Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2.3 - Make You Mine

Melody and Naveen’s birthday arrives and Serena and Liam are still out of sorts with each other. So he isn’t here for the family party.

At least Melody and Naveen are still very much in love with each other. 

Age means nothing for these two.

When Liam finally gets home he’s a little surprised to find his old girlfriend waiting for him.

“I’ve really missed you.” She smiles, charming him with the same easy smile that had him so captivated years ago. 

As she hugs him he thinks back to the conversation they had when she left for boarding school. Had they actually broken up? He can’t seem to remember.

Serena doesn’t care about what happened before. She just cares about what she’s seeing now. 

“What the HELL, Liam? At least have the decency to break up with me before going back to your whore!”

They both ignore Catrina’s freak out in the back ground. 
“Serena you’re over reacting. Catrina’s an old friend and she just came over to catch up. All we did was hug.”
“I am not over reacting! She was your old girlfriend! Did you two even break up?”
He hesitates. “Uh... no.”

Thats all she needs to hear. “I’m going out. Try not to let my parents catch you two in bed together.”

Catrina sighs as Liam turns back towards her. “I uh... I just wanted to tell you I’m engaged, Li. I met this sweet guy at school and we hit it off really well. I really think he might be the one and I wanted to thank you for being such a good friend when we were teens. If I’d known your girlfriend would react so badly to a hug I never would have stopped by. I’m sorry.”

He shrugs. “You don’t need to apologize, Cat. I’m really happy for you. And don’t worry about Serena, she’s been over reacting a lot lately. I just have to find a way to make her see I really love her. And ideas?”
“You could rescue her from a dragon.”
He’s glad to see Catrina didn’t change as much as he’d thought she would. “Let’s keep that as plan B, okay?”

Serena knew where she’d end up the moment she left Liam and his whore behind, but she still hates herself for this weakness. For wanting to feel someone’s arms around her. 

Pablo doesn’t protest to her sudden appearance, but he does express shock at what brought her here. “You had to have been mistaken. Liam... he’s the good boy in the family, he’d never cheat on you. There has to be an explanation for what you saw.”

“The explanation is that I wasn’t giving Liam what he wanted so he decided to get it from someone else.”
“What weren’t you giving him?”
“What do you think?” She asks, pulling out of his arms. 
He wants to keep holding her, but lets her pull away. “Seriously? Liam is my brother and I consider myself straight but I’d sleep with him in a heart beat. So would everyone else in this town.”

“My reason is stupid.” She tries explaining. “I’m scared that I won’t... that I’ll stop loving him if we sleep together. Or that he’ll stop loving me. As long as I don’t sleep with him I can see it in his eyes how much he wants me. But what if he decides he doesn’t like me anymore after? That the wait wasn’t worth it?”

“That is a stupid reason.” Pablo agrees. “You’re the most beautiful girl in this whole city, not to mention your intellect and charm. My brother would have to have a brain injury to fall out of love with you. Any man would have to be incredibly stupid not to want to be yours. Every time I see you I wish I could make you mine, but I know you’re with my brother. And it hurts.”
Serena can’t help but shrug. “After today, I dunno if I can really say I’m with Liam any more. I just wish...”

He doesn’t let her finish, cutting her off with a deep kiss. Like he’s wanted to since they first met.

She returns his kiss, pulling away only when he does the same. “Pablo...” 
“Shh, I know we shouldn’t have done that. Just let me enjoy the moment.”
“I never said we shouldn’t have done that. I just wish you’d do it again.

He does so, happily. Wanting to feel every part of her, but hesitating up until she pushes him away, and then takes his hand to lead him to the bedroom.

Once in his room the clothes come off. She takes the lead, pushing him down onto the bed and crawling over him, their lips never parting for more than a few seconds. 

He turns them over, taking the lead from her, penetrating her body from behind as her hands grasp at the bed covers, her gasps and moans being muffled by the bed. She never opens her eyes, just enjoying the feelings that she never received when she slept with Liam as a teen.

Her eyes remain closed long after they’re done, long after night has fallen and Pablo almost thinks she’s fallen asleep. He curls up next to her, one arm over her waist to keep her close. 
“Mmmm Liam, that was great.”
Pablo feels his heart break. He should have known she didn’t want him. She just wanted a substitute for her fiancee. 

“Get out.” He growls, pulling her off the bed. “Get out now and don’t you ever come near me again. I wish I’d never even met you.”

Serena can’t understand where his anger is coming from. So what if she’d called him by Liam’s name? It was an honest mistake! But she leaves anyway, feeling utterly destroyed.

The guilt doesn’t actually hit until she’s back home, in the room covered by the sports posters Liam picked out. The room reminds her why she fell in love with Liam in the first place. He’s always been innocent, kind, couldn’t hurt a fly. He may have hid a few fights from her but was it really as big a deal as she’d made out of it? And all she’d seen him do was hug a friend who he hadn’t seen in years. Was she turning into a monster? Liam had done nothing but be patient with her, he’d been there for her since they were children. And all she’d done in return was lie and cheat.

She doesn’t react when he enters the room, trying to hold back her tears until he says something. 
“Serena, I wasn’t... I mean Cat only came by to tell me about her engagement. She moved on around the same time I realized I loved you. I haven’t touched her or anyone else since the night we first kissed, and I wish you could trust me.”

She stands up, walking towards him. “I know, Li. And I’m so sorry I’ve been horrible to you. I do trust you, and I know you love me. I love you too.”
He doesn’t quite believe her final words but ignores the feeling. “What went wrong between us? When did we go from happy to not being able to sleep in the same room together?”

“It’s just stress.” She lies before bursting into tears. Everything is too much! Between the wedding, and work, and you, and, and...”

He pulls her in tight. “Love, please don’t cry. I hate seeing you like this. If you don’t want to get married I understand. But I don’t want to put you through this if it isn’t what you want.”

“I want to marry you.” She insists, enjoying the feeling of being in his arms again. “I just really don’t want a giant party any more. The more I think about it the more stressed out I get. I wish we could just have something small and private.”

“Then lets get married right here and now.” 
She pulls away, wrapping her own arms around her body. She can still feel Pablo’s arms around her, his lips on hers, and the guilt is suddenly worse than ever before. She could tell Liam about the affair, but if she did then he’d call the wedding off immediately. She can’t bring herself to say anything, even as his lips touch her forehead. “Love?”
“Okay.” She decides, unable to face him. “Lets get married.”

She doesn’t have a fancy white dress, and he doesn’t have an expensive suit, but neither notices. They have their rings and thats all they really need.

Momentarily, Serena doesn’t even think about anything but here and now. And if Liam notices her acting strange he says nothing. 

They head to bed together for the first time since they were teens, and Serena finally realizes she was worrying for absolutely nothing. Better late than never... right?


I used so many different pose packs in this chapter. And all of them awesome <3. (Even the one with Pablo sticking his tongue down Serena's throat xD)

I was SO sick and tired of having to add sims to my household for certain scenes, so Misukisu's Pose Player add-on mod was a godsend. You can find it here: Pose Player Add on It basially allows you to pose sims outside of your active family and without the need of the pose player... box... thing. It's awesome.


  1. Damn it Reya! How could you do it? And really, one right after the other? Did she even shower first? Gross.

    Seriously though, those 2 have so many similar features that any conceived baby would give Serena deniability unless either man demanded a paternity test.

  2. "Did she even shower first? Gross" - LMAO

    Weeeee!! You're back! :D I was actually totally rooting for Pablo since I just didn't think Liam and Serena were right for each other (also, Liam's cute but a bit smothering and seems completely incapably of reading people)...not that Pablo was right for her but maybe he was Mr Right Now and all that. But then the twist took me by surprise and I can't believe her next "logical" move was to run back to Liam like a safety net D: I don't care if she finally got all tingly for him, she's been a complete bitch to him and he's done nothing but love her. Liam deserves better, I kinda hope he wises up and dumps her skanky ass!

    That said, I'm really looking forward to all the juicy storylines that are bound to spring from this >:D Shall I start knitting booties now? :p

    1. Geeze you cheat ONCE and suddenly you're a skank? : O

      I'm not even hiding the fact that she's pregnant by the end of this chapter.

  3. And poor Liam gets the sloppy seconds.

    He shouldn't have been in such a hurry to marry her. I mean, the whole 'your whore' thing was so over the top, I'd be backing away slowly, then running as fast as I could as far away as I could get...

    1. I think Liam's just used to her being a little strange. Serena really isn't the best people person, and everyone knew Liam and Catrina used to screw like bunnies every chance they got. I probably would have called her a whore as well.

  4. Serena has serious issues and I really don't think she deserves Liam! I wonder how much he'll take before he gives up on her...

    1. You'll find out soon. : )

      Okay so not SOON, but, y'know before the generation ends.

  5. “You could rescue her from a dragon.”


    1. Cat grew on me. At first I thought she was frigggin annoying (which is why I banished her to boarding school) but now I like her. Hopefully I can includde her and Coy more. Their child will either be hideous or adorable. I'm excited!

  6. .... naw. Emotional relationship destroyer or something