Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2.4 - Secret

It’s only the following morning when nausea wakes Serena from a restful sleep. 

She has a fleeting suspicion of what it is, and how it’ll make her quick marriage to Liam look, but thats not what bothers her. She has to think hard about the timing of her pregnancy, and what it might mean for the identity of the father. But the more she thinks about it, the less she really wants to. The baby is Liam’s. Even if it isn’t that’s what she’s going to tell everyone, especially her parents.

Speaking of her parents, they were a little shocked to find the couple married in the middle of the night, but neither hold it against the couple. Naveen and Melody never wanted a big wedding for themselves but were guilted into one by Aria. Naveen in particular is just happy his little girl is married to a man he approves of and knows will take good care of her.

Serena starts showing. 

And decides to tell Liam about the baby.

He’s ecstatic. 

Serena may have only become a YA a few days ago, but Liam’s a full week older than her. He’s wanted to start a family for a while now but kept it to himself since Serena was so much younger than him. But having her get pregnant from their wedding night really worked out.
“Do you know if its a girl or boy?”
“Not yet, love. It’s still far too soon to know that.”

“I hope its a girl.” He sighs to himself, walking away. 
His reaction makes Serena feel horrible, the opposite of how she should be feeling. She isn’t sure if she’s even looking forward to this baby anymore. 

Nesting: What Serena uses as an excuse for why she wants to renovate the whole house. Melody isn’t too impressed by the new kitchen. 

But the new nursery is nice.

The graveyard is right across from the sports station, so after watching Liam’s first game (He was so excited!) Serena heads over to look around. Catrina is there, and Serena figures she deserves every second of her glare.

“I want to apologize for what I said about you the other day in front of my house. You didn’t deserve it and I’m so happy for you and Coy Amarel. I heard the wedding was lovely. I wish Liam and I could have gone.”

“We sort of had to do what you and Liam did.” Catrina laughs, inviting Serena to feel her belly. “We found out last night that I was pregnant so we decided to make it official before I was showing. I’m so excited for this child, and I hope our babies can grow up as friends.”

Serena knows full well that both Catrina and Coy are batshit crazy, and would rather her child have nothing to do with the fruit of their loins, but she smiles anyway. “Yeah that would be great. Call us sometime and we’ll set up a play date when they’re toddlers.”

A new baby requires lots of time, attention, and money. So Serena finds herself at the scrap yard every day gathering materials for a big job the military base hired her to complete. 

It actually surprised her that Pablo waited this long to want to talk. 

“I heard about the wedding. Congratulations!” He begins, all smiles and acting like the perfect brother in law. “But what a surprise to see you both starting a family so soon. Especially seeing how we...” He trails off, not needing to say anything further. 

“It could be Liam’s.” She sighs as Pablo gently rubs her belly, smiling as her baby girl kicks. 
She can see the shake in his hands. “But could it be mine instead?”
Serena hesitates. “She... could be yours.”

Serena nods. “Liam and I went to the doctors earlier. I’m having a little girl and we’re naming her River. Liam picked it out.”
“It doesn’t seem fair that my brother gets to name my daughter-”
“Pablo, even if you’re her genetic parent you will not be her father. Liam is my husband and I will raise my daughter telling her that Liam is her dad. She will only know you as her uncle, and I for as long as I can help it Liam will never know what we did. I love him.”
Pablo bites his tongue to keep from swearing at her. “Serena, if I wanted to I could ask for a paternity test. That alone would have Liam asking questions you don’t want answered.”
Her heart sinks. “You wouldn’t.”
“I would.” He answers, not able to look at her. “So if you believe even for a second that River is my daughter I want to have a relationship with her. It’s your choice as to how we handle that.”

Later that night Serena goes into labour.

And gives birth to a little girl named River. While Liam is inside finishing up paper work she steps outside to get some fresh air. River isn’t Liam’s daughter, she can’t be if Serena’s done her math right however no one else knows but Pablo... and no one else needs to. She can keep this secret, she has to.


Well River is one child down, one to go. 

Her roll: 
- Couple
- 3 Children
- Primary Career: Criminal (Thief)
- Secondary Career: Sculptor
- Gen Goal: Opportunist
- Misc Fun: Multi-Cultural

On a little side note, Pablo is dating Faye McKinley. And has been since long before he and Serena had their affair. Faye is in the music career and Pablo is in the criminal career. 


  1. Huh?

    Your narration says the baby is Liam's, then says it isn't. I'm confused. =( Maybe there was a typo?

  2. "But the more she thinks about it, the less she really wants to. The baby is Liam’s. Even if it isn’t that’s what she’s going to tell everyone, especially her parents."

    That part? It was Serena trying to convince herself that the baby is Liam's. And even if it isn't she's already decided that no one can know. I'm sorry if that part was confusing, I didn't mean it to be.

    And if it wasn't that part than it must've been a typo. I'll check it over later, can't edit from my phone.

  3. Ooh, it's gonna get juicy! :D I'm excited about that but I feel so bad for poor Liam :'( Talking of, I might've missed it before but do you have him up for DL yet? I quite fancy some of his clissic good looks floating around my current hood :p

    1. Yeah he's up for download. Serena, Cadie and James will be up sometime tonight or tomorrow since mediafox was being a *itch earlier today.

    2. Oh God. Must have

  4. Wow. Can Serena get any lower than that? I mean, she slept with her fiancee's brother, then went home and married Liam, then slept with him, then found out she was pregnant by her brother-in-law, and then instead of trying to figure out why she felt the need to cheat with Pablo she decides that she needs to cover her tracks. I kind of feel sorry for her, as she obviously has issues that she refuses to deal with.

    Liam is sort of an idiot though, for not realizing that his wife is a bit unstable. The whole incident with Catrina should have clued him in, imo.

    I hope the next baby is Liam's though because HOLY CRAP your Sims are gorgeous. Serena is lovely, but Liam... <3 He's just... beautiful. =P

  5. And I lol'ed about Faye and Pablo. Maybe she will actually find happily ever after with him (unlike in my legacy, where I killed her off prematurely).

    Your next roll looks interesting too. I always like the multi-cultural miscellaneous fun. =)

    1. I... think I might be cheating for the multi-cultural misc fun but I've still got time to fix it if you wanna help me out with that. : P PM me

      Unfortunately Faye probably won't be getting a happy ending. Pablo's sort of an ass and all they do is fight in front of the bookstore (according to SP pop ups).

      Next child will be Liam's because I NEED to see that love child.

  6. That must be some math that can tell who the father is when it was like hours? minutes? between sleeping with the two potential daddies, lol.

    1. Actually Pablo was around 7 o'clock and Liam was 1 or 2 in the morning, so the math wasn't as hard as she made it seem.

  7. This is so going to blow up in Serena's face! Also, I hope Faye dumps Pablo, I'm kind of thinking Serena and Pablo deserve each other...

    1. Nah, Pablo's a bastard. Serena just needs to grow up and figure out what she wants.

      I'm excited for the blow up. No joke.

  8. I totally agree with Buckley. Serena is making too many mistakes back to back and should be figuring it out rather than attempting to hide everything and "hope" for the best. As Pablo said, he has no problem asking for a paternity test. This is going to be bad.

    1. River hasn't aged up yet so there's a 1/4 chance that Pablo won't even need a paternity test. If River gets Gwendolyn's dark hair I am going to laugh so hard.