Saturday, June 30, 2012

3.6 - Picture Perfect

Beautiful day, beautiful venue... should be a beautiful wedding.

The bride is beautiful too, but you already knew that.

The one thing River doesn’t need right now is stress. And stress is exactly what Pablo plans to give her. He found out late last night that River had reunited with her family, and that it was all Dorian’s fault. He’d underestimated that boy, but he won’t make the same mistake twice. 
“You look beautiful, child. I only wish you weren’t marrying a petty con man.”

“Con man?” She figures he’s referring to Dorian, but she can’t understand why. Dorian is an artist, not a crook.

“Oh yes.” Pablo smiles, proud by his own research. “The exhibit your fiancee owns was discovered by a woman named Elaine Dawson over three hundred years ago, and she died with no children. Your dear fiancee showed up in sim record only twenty years ago, the same time the exhibit re-emerged from the hiding place Elaine took with her to her grave. Obviously Dorian stole them and has been lying to your ever since. He’s likely only marrying you for your money. I’m sorry you had to find out on your wedding day, my dear.”

River’s heard enough. “You’re pathetic! Dorian’s never stolen anything in his life, and I know all this already! He told me himself the night he proposed to me!” Actually he’d left out those details, but she’d figured by now that there was still a lot Dorian hadn’t told her. Still, she’s certain he isn’t a crook, and this just means Pablo’s once again trying to alienate her from those she loves. 

“River please, what’s wrong? I’m only trying to protect you.”
His words have no effect on her now. 

“I don’t want you at my wedding anymore.” She decides. “In fact, I don’t even want you in my life anymore.”
“You still work for me, River.”
“Not anymore. I’m done being your pawn. Just get out of here you bastard.”

Dorian can tell River is bothered, but he knows better than to bring it up now, and instead just follows her gaze to see what she’s looking at.

Apparently the only father she needs is the one who was always there for her and raised her as his own. River’s happy he’s here.

The happy couple meet under the wedding arch once the sun has set.

And say their vows, and exchange their rings.

Then seal the promise with a picture perfect kiss.

After the ceremony portion is done, River tells her parents about Pablo’s lies and attempts to pull her away from them. And apologizes once again for leaving and lying to them.

Both Serena and Liam are just happy they’ve truly got their daughter back this time. And hopefully this will be the end of Pablo’s interference in their lives.

River almost starts crying during the cutting of the cake, but does manage to hold it together.

The cake is delicious on the way down.

Not so much on the way back up.

But she isn’t worried. She and Dorian stopped using protection not long after they got engaged. It’s really a miracle that this didn’t happen before the wedding. She’s married, she’s going to start a family, and she’s no longer a thief... guess her parents got what they wanted after all.


For the wedding venue I used Reverie's Dream B&B by my good friend Buckley. You should seriously check it out. SUCH a beautiful lot. 

And yes, River's career will be on hold for a while... but perhaps not permanently.

Friday, June 29, 2012

3.5 - Reunion

Step one in making your finance talk to her parents again: Call them.

Step two involved a few choice words said by either side, ending with Dorian threatening to tie her to a chair and make her talk to them. River had a few things to say to that (most of them sexual) but in the end she headed downstairs without any kicking or screaming.

The smile is as forced as you can get, but the guilt is practically eating her alive now that she’s finally face to face with her parents.

Liam had grown old before River even left home, yet it isn’t until now that River realizes just how old her father is. He won’t be taken by grim just yet, but the worry she put him through probably ensured he’ll be meeting with Grim sooner rather than later.

Liam tries his best to keep things as civil as possible. “So uh... I heard you changed your surname to Sari.”
River nods softly. “Yeah... it just didn’t feel right to be called Weaver. And I just didn’t feel like an Evans even though dad kept trying to convince me to take his name.”
“So you’re still on good terms with Pablo, I see.” He doesn’t hide the bitterness from his voice.

River feels a deep panic setting back into her chest, even as Dorian senses her nervousness and comes to stand next to her. “I know you think he’s awful, and a monster, but he’s still my father and he’s been nothing but kind to me. He doesn’t look at me like there’s something wrong with me, and I’m not going to give up thievery just because you and mom disapprove. It makes me feel alive, and I like it. I don’t want to change.”
“I never wanted you to change-”
“You did!” River insists. “You wanted me to be a normal, boring member of society just like you and mom are. I can’t do that, and I’m sorry, but I can’t do it.”

“Alright.” Liam relents, knowing River got her mother’s stubbornness. “I’m sorry we hurt you, River. But please, don’t punish us like this. We’re still your parents, and we love you so much. Don’t push us away again. I can’t stand losing you.”

Serena looks to the side awkwardly before asking what Liam won’t. “May we come to your wedding?”

River’s face lights up. “Yes! Of course! That would just make everything perfect!”

The relief on Liam’s face is impossible to miss.

And Serena makes sure Dorian knows they approve of him joining the family. He’s a good boy, and they’re glad he seems to be keeping River level and out of trouble.

Her parents leave, and River settles down to eat before her bachelorette party. “Hey Dorian?”
“... Thanks.”
That’s all she needs to say.

River’s bachelorette party goes off without a hitch.

Her coworkers know how to party and have a good time.

And Brooke even shows up despite her invitation being very last minute.

She makes a speech on her sister’s behalf.

And proceeds to douse her with fizzy nectar.

As soon as the “lifeguard” shows up, River’s memories become a blur of images. 

Only one memory really sticks. A comment from Cinnamon while they’re dancing. “I stopped working for your dad, y’know. Word on the street is he has full control of the local PD, yet they still managed to make the biggest bust of the year the night of your sister’s party. I feel like I can’t trust him anymore, so I left.”
River felt the need to say something, anything in her dad’s defense but... getting arrested that night was what pulled her from her family, what made her father coddle her and act the hero by getting her released early. Could Cinnamon be onto something? No... there’s no way. It must just be cruel gossip. 

"Dad musn't have had full control at that point." But she isn't sure she believes her own words now.


Next chapter's the wedding and I so insanely excited for it! You have no idea how badly I want these two to get started on their life together so they can start popping out babies! 

Bachelor/ette parties never fail to amuse me. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

3.4 - Storytelling

“You told me once that you weren’t like me, I never imagined...” She trails off as his arms wrap around her waist protectively, holding her close. As if scared she’d run away now that she knows he isn’t completely human. “Why didn’t you just tell me?”
“I was scared you’d think I was crazy.” 
“Dorian, I know you’re crazy. That doesn’t mean I’d leave you.”
“I wish I’d known that earlier. I was beginning to make myself sick over this.”

“So how old are you anyway?”
He smiles, matching her gaze with a mischievous glint in his eyes. “300, give or take.”
“And yet you still can’t pick out normal furniture? Fantastic job, love.”
“Hey my mom was as eccentric as they got and my dad... is as weird as the fae can be. Don’t blame me for that.”

She was just teasing, and kisses him so he’ll shut up. All his father’s visit has done is show her that she really did get a good catch. And she’s not going to let him go.

Neptune watches from afar. Teleporting across the world takes a lot out of you. And he’s hungry dammit.

While River heads upstairs Dorian sits down next to his father, waiting for him to speak.
“When I told your mother I wasn’t human she shot me six times in the chest.”
Dorian hasn’t heard this story before. “Was there any other reason for her shooting you?”
“She was just about to pop with you and your sister, and I only told her because I was being called back to the fae world.”
Now this story Dorian’s heard before. “Can you really blame her for wanting you dead?”
“No.” Neptune sighs. “You’re doing the right thing son. I’m proud of you."

"So you'll allow me to stay here with her? As a mortal?"

Neptune scoffs, giving his son a knowing glare. "Do I truly have a choice? You've already made up your mind, Dorian. I won't lose another son to pride. I will support your decision."

He finds her upstairs, dressed in something he’s never seen before. 
“What were you and your father talking about?”
Dorian smiles, pulling her close. “Just how awesome I am. He’s decided to let me stay here with you.”
“He could have taken you away?”
“I’m his son, and half human. If he called me away I wouldn’t have been able to resist. That’s why I called him here to meet you.”

“Oh Dorian...” Her voice almost breaks, partly from worry and partly from relief. She hadn’t realized how close she’d been to losing him. 
He holds her close, his lips so close to her own. “Don’t worry love. I’m not going anywhere now. I promise.”

She pushes him away, instead leading him towards the bed. His clothes are off instantly as she crawls on top of him. “No more secrets from now on, alright?”
He nods obediently. “I promise.”

They take things slow... at first.

But the temptation is too much for Dorian, and he takes control quickly. Never hurting her, but unable to hold back after wanting her for so long. 

Worn out, he lays next to her, one hand across her body holding her close. “Hey River?”
“Hm?” She asks, half asleep.
“We promised no more secrets, right?”
“I hate your job.”
She smiles to herself. “That’s not a secret.”

The following morning Dorian feels as if he’s on top of the world.

Neptune happily brings him back to reality. 
“I think there’s something about your River that you should know.”
And suddenly, the sick feeling in the pit of his stomach is back with a vengeance. “... Okay?”
“She’s the descendant of another of my sons. Aquarius, I believe I mentioned him to you before.”

Dorian’s face says it all, but after the initial panic he manages to calm down enough to do the math. “So... she and I... I mean, the relation is too far to matter, correct?”

“Oh completely. When I first found Aquarius’ descendants they were already three generations removed. I’ve been watching over their family ever since but ventured to be with your mother while River’s grandmother was still just a child in Starlight Shores. If I’d realized her relation sooner I would have told you instantly.”
“Does this epiphany change your opinion of my relationship with her?”
Neptune shakes his head. “Of course not. If anything this makes me happier. River’s ancestors were always dear to my heart, but when they stopped knowing me I felt as if I should no longer interfere with their lives. Not only have you found them again for me, but I know you will take good care of her, and she will take good care of you.”

Dorian smiles in relief but that relief is short lived. 
“However far removed River may be in number, her blood may still be strong. Her great-grandmother was a werecat of pure blood and you know their speciality.”
“Green eyes hide power.” Dorian mutters to himself, remembering what had attracted him to River in the first place. “But River barely recognizes her abilities. All she uses them for is stealing. She doesn’t realize she could transform if I showed her.”
“She may not, but if you have children...” Neptune trails off, knowing Dorian understands.

In the silence Neptune’s thoughts turn to children. It’s been so long since he held a child in his arms. It would be nice to be a grandfather again. “When you and River have children please call for me. I would like to see them for myself... to see if they require training I mean.”
Dorian knows the look in his father’s eyes. “Go have an adventure father. I’ll be here with grandchildren for you to spoil with gifts when you return.”

And with that, Neptune is gone. And Dorian spends most of the evening trying to explain everything to River. 
“So let me get this straight. We’re... related? In some strange convoluted way?”
“Far too distantly for anyone but my father to know, love. And I don’t see what the big deal is. You sister just married her second cousin didn’t she?”
River visibly twitches. “Yes... but I mean... watcher, just how old IS your father?”

“He was here long before the humans were created, and mother gaia was still just imagining the world into being.” Dorian’s so used to this explanation since that’s all he was ever given. “I don’t know much more than that. But does this truly bother you so much? My father was quite happy when he realized I’d managed to find the strain of his family who had disappeared off the face of the planet.”

At last River smiles, moving into his arms. “I’m not bothered, Dorian. Just surprised. This is all so much for me to understand in such a short amount of time but I swear I’m trying. And nothing will ever make me stop loving you. If anything my inner hopeless romantic is just calling our meeting destiny now.”

Dorian can’t hide his smile as he steps back. “I’m so glad you think that way, love.”

He pulls out the ring he’d been hiding ever since their first date. “Because the way you’ve reacted to everything just helped me realize I want to spend the rest of my life with you. River, will you marry me?”
Her squeal of happiness is answer enough.

He barely gets the ring on her finger before she’s in his arms. “I’m so happy Dorian, thank you. I don’t know what could possibly make my life any better right now.”
Dorian has one idea. But getting River to talk to her family again might not be as easy as he hopes.


This chapter also could have been titled "necessary exposition". Glad that's over. But just for the interest of those who may not have read my Sabo legacy, this is how far removed River is from Neptune:

Neptune -> Aquarius (married my Gen 3 Sabo heir) -> Raindrop -> Jacob -> Mackenzie (first to rekindle the relationship to Neptune) -> Paris -> Briar (last to know of his fae ancestry) -> Melody -> Serena -> River. 

Briar's wife was a were-cat and was supposed to be able to transform, but again, glitches plauged that generation and I was basically just trying to get through things long enough to get to Melody. I threw plot out the window.

I love these two <3