Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2.10 - I Miss You So Much

First day of school: River realizes she isn’t a morning person. Stupid school.

Serena and Liam still aren’t speaking, and they take turns with the children. 

Mornings are his time with Brooke, and Serena takes over in the afternoon to finish teaching her to talk. 

Some days are better than others in this household, but Melody won’t be here to see if the situation can be fixed.

Naveen feels cheated. They had so little time together in life, why did Grim have to come for her so soon?

To Liam and Serena its as if they both lost a mother. 

But only Naveen’s lost a soul mate. 

“Mom wouldn’t want you to give up, daddy. You still have me, Cadie, and the girls. They need their grandpa.” 
He promises to keep going, to be strong.

The next morning he buries his wife in the Autumn Falls Memorial Gardens. 

He misses her so much.

But Serena was right. His granddaughters need him, and he’s happy to be in their lives for as long as he can be.

For a while, the house heals. Serena hears about a new couples therapy at the local gym that encourages communication through physical exercise like boxing or karate. Apparently beating the shit out of your spouse is considered healthy. 
Liam finds the idea ridiculous. “You couldn’t take me even if I had a hand tied behind my back.”
“Is that a challenge, Li? I could totally take you.”
Liam finds himself smiling for the first time in a while.

(Don’t ask about the miner. Serena couldn’t fit it through the basement door.)

As always, happiness doesn’t last long in this family. 

Naveen supposes he should be sad for the family he leaves behind, but death is just another beginning. He welcomes Grim this time and looks forward to what lies beyond the veil.

River is heartbroken over the death of yet another grandparent. Brooke most likely won’t retain memories of any of her grandparents.

Serena’s never felt so alone. Her husband hates her, her children remind her of all her screw ups, and now her parents are gone. Its as if her heart has broken completely.

The revelation comes while she’s trying to follow her mother’s old recipes and make dinner for her family. She’s been an adult for a while now, and she needs to start acting like one. Which means fixing things with Liam... which means talking about everything. The only way she’ll ever win him back is by keeping no more secrets. He has a right to know why she cheated, and if it hurts him... well, at least she knows things can’t get any worse than they already are. 


Naveen passed away while the timer  for the "mourning" moodlet caused by Melody's death had 1 hour left. I was so sad. My heart is broken. 


  1. Nooo! Naveen and Melody are gone? That makes me sad.

    I do hope that the loss of both her parents is what Serena needs to grow up soon. I do appreciate her resolve to tell the truth, for once, to Liam. Part of me hopes that he is no longer interested though.

    1. Sorry to say, but Liam is still very much in love with her. It won't be easy, but I'm aiming for a more or less happy ending here.

  2. Bye bye Melody & Naveen *waves* :(

    I'm glad Serena has finally woken up to the mess she's made of her life

    1. Certainly took her long enough, eh?

  3. Serena's finally growing up. For some people maturity comes too late to fix the messes they've made, but maybe Serena will get that chance. I agree with Heaven, she probably doesn't deserve it, but Liam does.

    Dude, I remember in TS2 your toddlers could grow up badly if a relative died too close to age up time. I used to dread the elders kicking off when a toddler was in the house. But in TS3, it's good thing because it's one less whiny, crying Sim to deal with. (I hate to be mean, but I just get so annoyed by Sims in mourning.)

    1. Ugh I know what you means about the toddlers growing up badly. I'll admit I enjoyed playing TS2 but I hate playing multiple generations because it just never worked well! I don't think I started to enjoy playing sim families until I started doing the random legacy challenge.