Friday, June 8, 2012

2.11 - Starting Over

River’s at school, Brooke is dressed and playing with her toys, and Liam finds himself cornered by Serena in the living room. 
“We can’t just let things fester like this, Li. I fucked up, I know that, but I want you to know it was never your fault. I slept with Pablo because I didn’t want to go into marriage never having loved someone else. I loved you, I knew that, but I was scared I only loved you because I’d never been with anyone else.”

“Okay.” A shaky breath, but he’s finally getting some answers so he won’t make a scene. “I can understand the fear, I guess. But one thing’s been bugging me... why him? And why didn’t you tell me any of this before?”

“I was...” She hesitates but presses on. “I was so stupid... but after I cheated you were all I could think about was you. I didn’t want to lose you and I was so scared that you’d leave me if I told you I’d slept with Pablo. And as for why him... he’s just very, uh, charismatic. He made me feel special and knew exactly the perfect things to say. But when it got down to it, he was just a substitute for you. And I am so so sorry. I know you can never trust me again, but please can we just... give it another try? Start over?”

It’s hard for him to hold back his tears. “You hurt me, Ren. You broke my heart and kept stabbing at it every single time I saw you. I don’t know if I can ever forgive you, for any of this.”
“Can we try?”

The sadness in her voice pulls at him, and as he looks up she falls into his arms. “Please, Li.”
He can’t do this anymore. “Okay, love. Let’s give this another try. But please, no more secrets. Even if you think I’ll be mad I think I have a right to know everything.”

Her heart sinks, thinking to the secret in her basement. “Right, uh... I think I need to show you something then.”

"What... the... hell."
“It’s a time machine.” Serena explains. “I uh... I was using it to try and stop myself from having cheated on you. Never did manage to get that accomplished obviously.”

Its hard for him to control his anger this time but he does. “Okay stop trying to do that. Immediately. I love River, and I don’t want you to erase her from history. She’s my daughter just as much as she is yours. I’m hurt that you cheated but you can’t just make it so it never happened. You need to learn to accept responsibility and suffer for it like you’ve made everyone else suffer.”

“I know.” She smiles. “I have to grow up, and I will. I am. I promise you.”

Brooke’s birthday arrives and the family is calm.

Child Brooke:

She tries to be a good girl, really she does... but Watcher, does River EVER shut up?
“And then Jan’s all ‘but it was your turn to print out the project’ but Cinnamon is such an airhead and I don’t think her family even owns a printer and I’m just stuck between them hoping I can turn invisible or that Professor McKinley doesn’t come back in and give us all detention but of course she did and now all three of us have to stay late Friday to clean the stupid chalk boards! Can you believe it?”

“Why not just ditch them and do the project yourself?” Brooke offers as a solution.
River considers it before shaking her head. “Nah. Cinna and Jan are annoying, but they’re my friend, y’know? Even if they get me in trouble I can’t really get mad at them. They’re special to me.”
Brooke’s convinced her sister is nuts. Sims are so annoying. They never shut up.

All she wants to do is paint.

In the morning, Serena and Liam begin some very... unorthodox therapy methods. 

Liam isn’t used to being made a fool of by anything athletic but using these karate trainers are a lot harder than he thought. At least Serena is even worse than he is. 

Therapy is quickly followed by a short lunch for two.

His birthday sneaks up on them.

He really is just as attractive as his father. But with a softer personality that has made so many fall in love. 

Even then he’s only ever had eyes for the woman in front of him. At last they might be able to have something real together, and learn to be happy as a family.

But as always, Serena has made a mistake. And this time her mistake was forgetting about her daughter’s biological father, and his promise to be a part of her life wether Serena allowed it or not.


Screw that first part. It was soooo hard to write it! If Liam were real, he would have forgiven Serena immediately and then just wallowed in his own self misery for the rest of his natural life. And obviously I couldn't have that cause you guys would have killed me. 

Heir vote will happen once both girls are teens. River's teen birthday is next chapter, and Brooke's is about 5 days after. So the vote should be within a few chapters at the most. 


  1. Damn you Liam. At least she is trying, the time machine shows that. I still don't like her though. Oh well, Liam deserves to be happy and if -she- is the one that does it for him (though only Watcher knows why, grrr) then so be it.

  2. Uh oh, what's Pablo going to do now...

  3. Awww poor Liam, but it had to be done!