Friday, June 8, 2012

2.12 - So Alike

Cooking is a skill everyone should know. River is not impressed, but she does it better than Brooke so she doesn’t whine about having to make her own after school snacks. 

The weekend arrives and River gets invited to her best friend’s house. 

Cinnamon Jones-Amarel is the daughter of Catrina and Coy. She’s an odd one, thats for sure, and one of the main reasons for why River spends so much time in recess detention but River doesn’t ever blame her. 

In reality Cinnamon was born an evil genius and has plans to take over the whole city. But River doesn’t know that, and she doesn’t need to until Cinnamon decides wether or not to trust her with her plot for total domination.

Brooke prefers solitude with a paintbrush to hanging out with people.

That said, she does have one special friend. Hunter Fierce-Avendale. Son of Jeanie Fierce and Zane Avendale (yes... that Zane Avendale). 

Hunter isn’t like the other kids at school. He’s good with people and can already be counted as one of the “popular kids”, but he’s also a great painter so Brooke can respect him for that. Most of the kids she knows (her sister included) can barely even draw stick figures! 

Hunter is friends with Brooke cause she doesn’t even register the fact that he’s a vampire. She knows, probably, but she doesn’t care. Its a nice change.

Plus even as a weak sim she can take his hits and returns the blows just as hard when they pillow fight. Brooke doesn’t want a hundred friends like Hunter and River have. She has Hunter and thats all she wants. 

Brooke understands that it’s important to have a good relationship with her older sister. Somehow River is friends with all the popular kids at school, and if Brooke wants to get through first elementary and then high school in one piece she’ll need all the help she can get, especially with her... difficult personality.

River feels confused. “You... want to play tag?”
“Uh huh. What do you say?”
“I’ll beat you, you know.”
“Wanna bet?”

River wins. Brooke doesn’t catch her even once.

River’s birthday is fast approaching, and when it gets here she’ll be a teenager at long last. Goofy ol’ Jan is already a teenager and he keeps calling her to bug her about still being so little. At least Cinnamon has more sympathy for her. River really can’t wait to be grown up.

Brooke on the other hand would be quite content to remain a child forever. 

To no one’s surprise, Liam gained his first belt in martial arts long before Serena did. 

She responds by quickly working towards her first belt.

And her second while Liam’s stuck at work doing a press conference. 

River’s birthday is here at last. 

She grows into a beautiful young lady.

River has her whole life planned out. She’ll focus on her studies during high school, keep romance and drama to a minimum and join a sports team or two. That way she can join professional sports. 
“Just like dad!” She announces happily to her mom.

Serena hides her grimace behind a forced smile. It’s almost terrifying how much River looks like Gwendolyn. Her hair, her eye shape, her lips. “Your dad would be so proud to hear you say that.” She manages to say convincingly. Once again Liam has missed River’s birthday, but this time he really did have work. And River doesn’t hold it against him. 

When Liam finally gets home Serena falls into his arms. “We have a problem.”

His heart sinks. “Okay... what’s wrong?”
“She looks so much like Gwendolyn... I don’t think we can wait until her young adult birthday like we planned. We’re going to have to tell her sooner. Before she starts asking questions.”
He sighs. “I have a day off this Thursday... we’ll tell her then.”


I am SO happy with how River came out. I've sneaked a peak at both her and Brooke as YAs and both are quite attractive. I'm excited for the next generation. Even though it still is a bit of a ways away.


  1. Wow, I love how River looks as a teen; even more attractive than she originally looked when I saw her. I feel bad for her finding out how different her life is than what she thinks it is. Hopefully Pablo doesn't get to her first.

    Also, Cinnamon is quite cute. I look forward to seeing how well she grows up. However, I am concerned about her plans to warp poor River. Can't wait to see how -that- turns out.

    1. RIver is basically surrounded by evil EVERYWHERE... and has absolutely no idea. It's pretty obvious she's going to get exposed to it sooner or later but I'm hoping I can make the decision for her. If she gets much of a decision that is. It might be made for her (Not spoilers, still deciding really).

  2. River is lovely and I really hope that when she does realise all the evilness surrounding her she's able to resist it

    1. Mmm maybe. She did roll Criminal - Thief.

  3. Wow, River is beautiful, I love Brooke too though :) River would make a better thief though XD
    (I'm pretending I commented months ago)