Sunday, June 10, 2012

2.13 - Rough Waters

Serena finds herself middle aged.

Liam assures her she is still as beautiful as the day he realized he loved her.

Jan Amarel has been River’s friend since early childhood. He was her big buddy and class mentor. (Also math tutor since mom and dad didn’t need to know about that C-)

And just to quell any possible boyfriend speculation, they’re first cousins. He’s the son of her dad’s older brother, Christian Evans. Rumour around town is Uncle Christian has been trying to tap grandma Alexandra but Jan doesn’t like talking about that.

Jan works at the bookstore but promised to meet River for some dancing at the karaoke bar later that night. 

He doesn’t show up but she’s used to that. He’s always busy, and his dad is legally insane so he has to take care of the old man. River just wishes he’d call first so she wouldn’t have to waste her whole night like this.

She’s about to head home in annoyance when something catches her eye. It’s just a light, and kind of an ugly one at that. But it has her full attention, and her hands are beginning to itch just the slightest. She knows what she wants to do... but can she?

Crap. She can, and she did. And now she feels horrible about it.

But beneath the guilt, there’s a strange rush that makes her feel sort of giggly and light all over. She isn’t sure if she’ll ever have the guts to steal again... but she really wants to.

Pillow fighting with daddy!

The junkyard is an endless source of amusement for Serena. Especially when she’s blowing stuff up!

Well, most days it's an endless source of amusement. Today she ends up watching Zane Avendale die of old age. He was the last founding Avendale standing. 

Zane was Hunter’s dad. He assures Brooke that his father’s passing won’t interfere in their big science project. He knew his dad was going to die sooner or later, and he’s happy for the memories he’s been left with.

Brooke would be lost without her family, and doesn’t believe Hunter when he says he isn’t really sad. 
“If you want to talk about it, you know where I am, okay?”
He just shrugs and then heads back home.

Cinnamon ages up. Watcher has no idea what she was doing in the criminal warehouse, but it was probably something nefarious.

Thursday afternoon arrives and as soon as River sits down on the couch her parents surround her. Inside she’s freaking out. Did they finally notice the strange lamp in her room? The paintings? Did Mr. Jones from school call to complain about his missing orchid? Shit! 
“River, can we talk to you for a moment?”
Outside, she’s as cool as a cucumber. “Of course, mom. What’s up?”

“Well sweetie, I just want you to know that we both love you very very much and what we’re about to say will never change that.”
River’s heart falls. “What, was I adopted or something?”
She was being sarcastic, but Serena isn’t. “No, you’re most definitely my biological daughter... but Liam isn’t your birth father.”

River feels like she was just punched in the chest. Liam isn’t her dad? But she has his skin colour, his personality, everything... nothing makes sense anymore. Well, almost nothing.

The tears in her eyes are already brimming. “Is that why dad is never here for my birthday?”
Liam feels as if she just slapped him. “Don’t you ever even think that!”

“River you are MY daughter. I may not have given you my genes biologically, but I’ve raised you as my daughter and I love you more than you will ever understand. Besides, you may not by my biological daughter but you still have some of my genes in you.”

“What do you mean?” River asks, confused. 
Serena save Liam from having to pick between the truth or a lie. “Your father is Pablo Evans, Liam’s half-brother.”
“Dad, I thought you told me you only had one brother, Jan’s dad.”
“I lied.” Liam sighs. “Pablo... he isn’t a good person. And we were worried he’d try to influence you negatively. He lives off of hurting people, and we don’t want you to go through that.”

River doesn’t know what to think anymore. “Can I have some time? I don’t... I mean, what am I supposed to do now? What am I supposed to think?”
Liam wants to grab her and pull her close but he thinks better of it, choosing instead to give her some space. “Take as much time as you need, love. If you have any questions we both promise to answer them as best we can. And just remember, we love you so much.”
“I know, daddy.” Somehow it feels weird to say that now, but she can’t just call him Liam. That’s even weirder.


I kinda wanna give River a big hug right now. : ( 

I might end up introducing a "vampires live forever and humans don't" subplot to Brooke's story since I seriously can't think up anything to make her roll interesting. Dammit, Brooke!


  1. I can't imagine finding out that your father is not really your father. I am curious how they managed to keep her from Pablo all these years though. Can't help wondering that she is going to go find him and he is going to assist getting her on her way to her life of crime.

    1. Pablo is the Loki of this sims story. He's a coward, but when he sees a vulnerable opening he'll take it.

      He'll be around soon enough. : )

  2. Poor River, she must be feeling so mixed up right now *hugs her*

    I'm dreading her meeting Pablo and what he'll say to her...

    1. Still working on that scene in my mind. But lets just say even though he didn't inherit his father's politician's tongue he can still be very persuasive.

  3. I used to shoplift as a teen, like, all the time, and I totally know that 'will they notice this crap I have all over the place and wonder if I stole it?' fear.
    They never did.

    Poor River, that's got to be hard to deal with. learning your dad isn't your real dad.

    1. Yeah I seriously doubt Liam or Serena will notice River's stealing. Mostly because they're both idiots, but also partly because they're the sort of parents who would look the other way if their daughter's murdered someone in front of their very eyes.

      They might have a different reaction if River comes home in a cop car though.