Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2.14 - The Teen Mind

River feels as if everyone was lying to her about everything and she feels almost betrayed. She still hasn’t decided if she wants her parents to invite her birth father over to meet him, and she certainly hasn’t told them about her kleptomania.

Brooke knows River is her half sister now, Jan knows about River’s kleptomania, but neither of them know what the other knows. 

Normally River has after school all to herself while her dad is at work and her mom is jamming junk together into inventions... but lately her mom hasn’t given her a moment to be alone. 

It’s like Serena is expecting her daughter to just up an disappear or something. Quite annoying, really.

Liam and Serena throw a party for Brooke’s birthday.

Cadie is quite convinced Hunter is crazier than she is. Or at least excitable. What a strange young man.

Bonus photo of Hunter’s shirt. Evil Bunny is still a hit in the teen boy demographic apparently.

Brooke blows out her candles.

And grows up gorgeous.

As soon as everyone scrambles for the cake River and Cinnamon are out the back door and make a run for freedom. They make it as far as the club down the street before stopping to talk. 
“So you’re serious about Pablo Evans being your dad?”
River’s tried explaining this to her friend at least a dozen times now but it doesn’t seem to sink in. “Yes! My mom had an affair with him before she married my step dad, and they decided to raise me as my step dad’s daughter because my birth father is some sort of evil mastermind or something.”
“Damn right he is!” Cinnamon smiles. “Your father is the friggin Emperor of Evil! He’s the embodiment of cruelty and such a genius!”

River looks at her friend strangely. “How exactly do you know at that?”
Cinnamon doesn’t even hesitate. “He’s my boss at the warehouse. I want to grow up to be just like him someday.”
Her best friend knows her birth father? “Cinna, could you... I mean, do you think you could get him to meet me? I want to know him without my parents chaperoning.”

Back at home Teen Hunter isn’t quite sure what to make of Teen Brooke.

Teen Brooke shows him that she’s no different from child Brooke. 

Always picking fights with people strong enough to knock her head off her shoulders without so much as bruising their arm.

Nothing like feathers in your hair and a minor concussion to scare your mother with.

It’s nice sometimes to see a boy and girl friendship that isn’t necessary romantic.

However in this case, romance isn’t necessary but it is there.


Alexandra is still hanging in there. O_o Friggin old lady, why won't you die?

Heir vote is up! Clicky Here! Vote will close Saturday, June 16 at 9:00 pm PST. I'll be honest, I was leaning towards River for most of this generation but at this point I would be quite satisfied with either girl for my heir. I look forward to see who you pick!


  1. Cadie is even more adorable than I remember. And I was wondering who that woman was with the braid...Alex!

    I still have no idea who I would like to choose. Both the girls are lovely but I feel that we know River more. But it feels like there is the possibility for a happy ending with Brooke. Sigh. I shall wait until last minute to choose.

    1. Spoiler alert: Both girls get happy endings this time around, and over all happy story arcs... at least in the romance department.

  2. Looking forward to seeing River meet her biological father.

    1. As am I! I've got some great ideas for that scene so I hope I can pull it off.

  3. Voted!

    Brooke is purdy. :) I'm kind of surprised that everything has worked out as well as it has. I definitely expected more drama, from both Pablo and Liam. Ah well, hopefully my inner drama queen will be satisfied with the story you've got planned for the sister I chose. ;)

    1. Actually you would've got more drama with River than with Brooke. I was saving River's drama for her decision between wether or not she wants to know her father.

    2. Hey! Aren't our votes supposed to be anonymous? ;)

  4. Oh if I could vote it would be Brooke