Monday, June 18, 2012

2.15 - Nature

If she isn’t doing homework or hanging out with Cinnamon, River can be found in the living room working out. A few days after her little sister’s birthday her patience for some free time pays off. 
Brooke needs driving lessons, and Liam is out at work. 

“River! I’m going out with your sister. We’ll be home soon if she doesn’t kill us both!”
“Okay mom! Love you!”

The second her mom and sister were down the street, River has her phone in her hand, sending Cinnamon a text while she runs to her car.
He’s exactly where Cinnamon said he would be.

And he looks so much like her dad it’s almost scary.
“Aren’t you-...” He trails off, recognizing her from the few times he managed to catch glimpses of her around town with her real parents. “Wow. You really are every bit as beautiful as I thought you’d be.”

River’s a little awe struck. This is the big bad meanie her parents were warning her about? He’s so nice! Nothing like the Emperor of Evil Cinnamon had described. “You’re...”
“Not what you were expecting?”
She nods mutely.

He smiles. “Not all rumours are true kid. What did your parents tell you when you told them you were coming to see me?”

“They told me your were an evil bastard.” She answers. “But they don’t know I’m here with you. They’d want to chaperone and I wanted to meet you by myself. I have so many questions!”

He pulls her close, into a hug and she rests her head on his chest. “I’ll tell you whatever I can, River. I’m so glad you reached out to me, you have no idea what this means to me.”
Apparently nature can overpower nurture more easily than he believed. Liam and Serena were always such good littler twerps, if River found it so easy to keep secrets from them then she really was his daughter, and perhaps worth knowing... and making use of. After all, she was just as stupid as her mother, she hadn’t even noticed the bright red glow surrounding him.

As they head into the building only one pair of eyes notice them. 

“Hey Judith! Long time no talk, how’s it going?”

“What? ... And you’re sure it was her? ... Okay, thanks for telling me. Take care, sis.”

He barely had time to put his phone away before River came through the front door, heading straight for her room. “Hey hunny, where were you?”
“Cinnamon wanted to hang out.” She lies swiftly, not looking at him. “We were at the park until I noticed the time. Sorry, dad.”

Great. Another woman in his life keeping things from him. Were all females like this or was he just lucky?

Once Serena gets home from the junkyard Liam asks her to join him on the couch. “We’ve got a situation, love. Judith says she saw River having dinner with Pablo at the local karaoke bar. When I asked River where she was she claimed she was out with Cinnamon.”
“Are you sure Judith wasn’t just seeing things? River isn’t the type to lie to us like that.”

“I know that, but we have to consider the possibility that we might not know our little girl as much as we think we do. Haven’t you noticed all the knew decorations and gadgets in her room? I know we give her a generous allowance, but not generous enough for that fancy new radio.”

“You think Pablo might be buying her these things?”
Liam shrugs. “I hope that. The alternative is she took after him. I remember Pablo always use to get in trouble for stealing at school and-”
“Liam our daughter is not a thief.”
He sighs. “Let’s just keep our eyes open from now on, alright? Maybe we can get her to open up to us before anything serious happens.”


So by killing off 9 sims... my lag almost disappeared. I'm going to guess one of the 9 was either glitched or had something corrupted on them. But whatever, I'm not going to complain. 

Anyway, as many of you know RIVER won the heir vote (by only a single vote!), which means she will be our third generation heir. I'm actually really excited for her story and I hope you guys enjoy it too!

Just a reminder of her roll: 
- Couple
- Three kids
- Primary Career: Criminal (Thief)
- Secondary Career: Sculptor 
- Gen Goal: The Opportunist 
- Misc Fun: Multi Cultural


  1. I'm excited as well. I'm glad that Liam is able to catch on and hopefully Judith isn't so bad. Maybe Serena will actually believe him. And no, I still haven't forgiven her, whether he has or not.

    1. Judith actually has a higher relationship with Serena than she does with Liam or Pablo but I figured it would be better to have Liam be the one with open eyes this time around.

      And Serena DOES believe him... she's just going to be in denial for a while. It's sort of how she deals with things. Liam prefers to silently wallow in self misery. Neither of them are the confrontational type.

  2. I don't know. I'm not convinced that kleptomania is genetically inheritable. It seems much more likely that her lying and stealing is related to another problem. Low self-esteem, boredom, a desire to defy her parents or get even with them for keeping her biological father a secret from her perhaps? I'm not sure, but I just don't buy the "she takes after Pablo" bit.

    But then again, I personally think that in the nature vs. nurture debate, it's not black and white. Both nature and nurture play important roles in shaping a child's future, and in my opinion neither one outweighs the other.


    I don't like either Serena or Liam, atm. Liam's like a doormat, and Serena... I doubt that I will ever like her. She got off too easy.

    1. I definitely agree with you on pretty much all of this. Although, I have overlooked the doormat thing because of the hot genes. Some people just get a free pass.

  3. Actually the title of this chapter was meant more to show how similar River is to her mom. Especially in the "will never admit to anything even if she's sure everyone already knows what she's done" thing. And I dunno if River's kleptomania was what River inherited from her father. Maybe its something else. Her kleptomania is more of a tick she can't control. It's bound to get her in trouble sooner rather than later though.

    And I totally agree about it not being black and white. I'm trying to get that across in the story itself but I dunno if it's working so well.

    Serena got off pretty easy because Liam really is a doormat, and although he tried to resist he had to forgive her because it was hurting him more than it was hurting her. But don't worry, in a few chapters you'll see Liam hasn't totally forgiven and forgotten.

  4. River will certainly be an interesting heir. That's for sure.

    I'm curious to see if Pablo will somehow have a change of heart and actually begin to care for his daughter since she's, ya' know, his blood and whatnot or if, and I'm guessing here strictly from the way he worded the last statement while hugging River, that he'll continue down his current path and just use her for his own ends. Hmmm...


    1. My current plan is for Pablo to not change in the least, but you never know. My sims have really been surprising me lately. There might be hope yet.

  5. Pablo really is a nasty piece of work, he's only just met his daughter and he's already thinking about how to use her... I hope he gets his just desserts at some point.

    1. I dunno about just desserts, but he'll be getting something alright.