Friday, June 22, 2012

2.17 - Liars

Liam is quite convinced River’s new secretiveness and lying stems directly from Serena.

Serena thinks Liam really needs to drop it. She thought they’d moved past this already! And maybe River’s secretiveness stems from the fact that Liam is overbearing and never lets her have any time to herself when they’re home at the same time!

“At least I spend time with her! You’re constantly at your work bench or off in the junkyard! Or at least that’s where you say you are!”

She tries to hit him but falters and he manages to deflect her blow easily. 
“That’s... that’s not fair.” She already knows he still doesn’t trust her, but to hear him say it out loud hurts.

He falters as well when he hears her voice breaking. There’s tears in her eyes and he feels as if he just stabbed himself. 
Shit this always backfires on him.

He pulls her close, kissing her tears away. “Don’t cry, love. Please.”
“I’ve done everything you’ve asked.” She whispers, trying to hold back more tears. “I lied about only one thing, one event, and yet you still refuse to trust me. Why?”
“You hurt me, Ren. I’m not going to be able to let it go ever. No matter how hard we try.”
Hearing him say it out loud is what hurts the most.

Aria “Jane” Sabo-McKinley retired from crime at a very young age, while her children were still young and LONG before her hair went grey. She left her throne for whomever wanted it most and lived the rest of her life as a stay at home mother and fair mannered member of the community. River wants to know how she can do the same.

“Basically I don’t want to be a thief, I don’t want to steal and make my parents ashamed but every time I try I end up stealing without even realizing it! I’ll get home and find a gnome in my backpack with no memory of how it got there!”
Great-aunt Aria’s pretty sure that’s a sign of insanity, not kleptomania but doesn’t say that. “I stole because that’s what I had to do to live. I never stole from want. When I started a family I didn’t need the money anymore so I retired and focused on what was truly important to me. That’s really all I can tell you, sweetie.”

Before River can ask anything else, Aria begins to feel very light.

It really isn’t right, but River takes this as a sign that she’s destined to be nothing more than a petty thief.

But even then, it isn’t being a thief that scares River. It’s losing her family. And with every passing day she can feel her family pulling away from her. She knows all she has to do is tell her parents what’s wrong, and what she’s been doing, but every time she tries to find her voice it fails her.
So instead she spends all her time in her room, trying to ignore the sounds of her family moving around the house.

He appears out of no where, in a surge of energy. He’d tried to stay away from her, honest, but he never has been good at avoiding temptation.

“What... the hell are you doing in my room and how did you get in here?”
Well, she’s blunt that’s for sure.

“I’m NOT here.” He says with a straight face, waving one hand over her face without actually putting any sort of glamour over her. “I’m actually just a figment of your imagination. You must really have a huge crush on me if you’re imagining me in your room while your parents are in the house. 

She cracks a smile for the first time in a while. “If you were a figment of my imagination you’d be naked, and maybe surrounded by all that gold from King Tutenkasims’ tomb.”
He laughs as well. “That’s so not happening, Kitten. You are WAY too young for that kind of talk.”
“Oh whatever, I’m not a child! I bet I’m a lot closer to your age than you think.”
He bite his lip to keep from smiling too big. “Yeah... I’m sure you are.”

Of course at that point her father decides to come in and ruin the moment.

“Who in the Watcher’s name are you and why are you in my daughter’s room? You’ve got ten second to answer before I call the police.”

... Crap.
“I uh... I’m Dorian Oceans. My family owns the new exhibit at the art gallery. I’m not... I mean, I wasn’t-”

River comes to his rescue. Obviously Dorian is awful when under pressure. 
“Oh my Watcher, daddy you’re so embarrassing! Dorian’s been trying to help me get a job at the art gallery after graduation! I knew you guys would make a big deal out of it if I told you, that’s why I snuck him in here while you guys were busy. You’ve totally ruined my chances now!”

“Graduation?” Liam repeats the only part that sunk it. “You can’t be thinking about that already! You’re still just a baby!”
“Daddy my graduation is only a few days away. I should have been thinking about this earlier. And if I get a job at the Art Galley than I can help Brooke with her post-graduation career as well.”

Dorian is amazed by how smooth a liar she is. Even with such a ridiculous story she’s managed to convince her father every word of it is true. He even steps back to apologize to Dorian. What a strange, trusting family.


River is very quickly becoming one of my favourite characters thus far. She tries to be strong and fight her battles alone but soon enough she'll realize she needs someone. 

And I'm pretty sure Liam purposely changed into that outfit before heading in to scare Dorian. Just for the luls, cause when I clicked him to go yell at Dorian he was wearing his normal clothes. 


  1. “You hurt me, Ren. I’m not going to be able to let it go ever. No matter how hard we try.”

    Aw, really? =( Aw.

    I sympathized with teen Serena, but I didn't sympathize with adult Serena until this moment.

    And LOL at Liam changing into sim-fu outfit to spook the dude in his daughter's room. ;D

    1. I didn't even notice Liam's change in clothes until I was editing this chapter, but it just worked so well.

      And yeah, that first scene sort of wrote itself.

  2. Wow, she is a smooth liar. I'm not sure whether to be impressed or wary. Maybe a bit of both. I imagine she is going to get in a lot of trouble with that.

    I laughed out loud about the closer in age "Yeah, sure you are" comment. :D

    1. I'm still playing with the idea of making Dorian human-aged or make him more than a few generations old. Either way it'll be simple to explain in an upcoming scene but I'm leaning towards a few generations old. Or at least older than River's parents.

    2. OoOoOoOooo...not having read the Sabo's I have no idea about Dorian, non-human ages or werecats but I am *loving* the intrigue! Dorian is H.O.T. XD Also, is it just in my head or can I totally sense the chemistry between Dorian and River? Seems weird to say that about a story, lol

    3. Dorian's father calls himself Neptune, and its been established that not only does he rule over the seas, but he might even be more significant than that. But he isn't the only "god" nor is he the strongest (Although that part is pending). He channels his inner Zeus by having a bajillion babies.

      I'm glad you can sense the chemistry between Dorian and River. That's what I was aiming for.

  3. Poor Serena, but she sort of brought this upon herself. I honestly don't blame Liam for not trusting her. Once a cheater, always a cheater...

    Dorian seems a bit of peculiar. I mean, randomly showing up in some teenage girl's bedroom? That was... creepy? No, that's too strong, but you get my point. At least he's cute! He can randomly show up in my bedroom any time. ;) Haha.

    1. Dorian knows full well that what he did was borderline innappropriate (even though at this point they're just friends) but he doesn't care. He follows his own rules! And I love him for it.