Friday, June 1, 2012

2.5 - One More Night

Late in the night, the family welcomes back two familiar faces.

Cadie, now a young adult learned a lot in boarding school but still looks forward to a career in science, not the arts. 

James however thrived at LeFromage and realized his potential as an artistic genius. 

Being so different has had absolutely no effect on their relationship, and if anything their time together at boarding school only strengthened their bond to each other. They both still consider themselves too young for marriage, but they do want to move out together. They’ll only be staying the night and heading out in the morning. 

It’s been a long time since the brothers last saw each other, but both are thrilled at their reunion. James was happy to hear of the marriage, and of his new niece. Liam is incredibly excited that his brother is still madly in love with Cadie, and wishes them both the best of luck. 

Cadie may not want children any time soon but James is hoping to change her mind. He’s over the top family oriented and loves babies. He wants a full house, and hopes his brother and Serena have more children soon. 

Every time Serena holds River all she can think about is Gwendolyn’s looks versus Alexandra’s. Worst case scenario River takes after her real paternal grandmother, but otherwise no one should really be able to tell. 

River is sweet, and always smiling even though she does have her grumpy days. It would be impossible not to love her, and Serena knows she’s no exception. But the guilt eats at her constantly.

“I just hope you look like me.” She muses out loud one evening, watching her daughter fall asleep.

“I hope she looks like you too.” Liam mutters, coming up from behind and wrapping his arms around her. 
“Why’s that?”
“Because you’re beautiful, and if our daughter looks like you she’ll be just as beautiful. Well, that and my hair. Cause my hair is awesome.”

She turns in his arms, wrapping her own around him. “I love you, and your hair.”
“I know.” He smiles, placing a soft kiss on her lips. “And I love you more.”
She won’t deny him that victory, since she knows its true. 

River is a natural born singer like her grandmother apparently. Every time someone sets her down in the swing the whole house is filled with her laughter and voice. 

Sometimes guests find her annoying, but Liam sees no wrong in his little girl. She’s absolutely perfect. 

If anything about Serena has truly changed, it’s that she no longer has any fear of being in bed with Liam. She actually looks forward to it. It makes her feel close to him, and helps her escape the worry of what her daughter will look like. 

But the worrying is over. Today is River’s birthday.

And she looks so much like Gwendolyn you’d think Watcher interfered. (And for the record. I did no such thing. THANK YOU GENETICS!)

She’s a cutie pie. 

Despite River’s obvious resemblance to to Pablo’s mother, Serena feels nothing but love for her little girl. 

And if River’s hair colour set off any warning bells in Liam’s head he certainly isn’t listening to them. 

Black hair is a very common colour for mutations, and its not like men typically study their children for signs that their wife if cheating. All he sees in River is Melody’s eyes and his father’s nose.

When he finally gets to bed, he sees Serena wrapped in her own thoughts, looking utterly miserable. 
“Hun? Is everything okay?”

She could tell him everything now. She should tell him everything. With River looking so much like her grandmother, Pablo will undoubtedly demand a paternity test soon. Maybe even the moment he sees her, whenever that will be. If she tells Liam now then maybe she can salvage something from the mess. But even that is just grasping at straws. The minute Liam finds out about her affair their marriage will be over. She can’t bring herself to come clean.

But maybe for just one more night she can pretend they’re a normal, happy couple. She jumps into his arms, kissing him hard, hungry for his touch. “Make love to me, Liam~.” She begs, squirming in his arms. “I’ve missed you.”

He stumbles towards the bed, leaning over top of her. She’s acting strange and for a moment he wants to stop and ask her what’s wrong... but then he sees her eyes and knows its best to shut up and just give her what she wants. Something is wrong, and he isn’t sure he wants to know what it is.


Still waiting on child #2. 

I think I need to start a bonus pictures page. Soooo many cute photos of Cadie and James I couldn't fit in here. A few days after moving out they got engaged, with Cadie working in the science labs and James in the film industry. 

Harris and Alexandra are still very happily married. Every time I get a pop up of them holding hands I smile.


  1. It just had to happen that River would look like her paternal grandmother - even your game knew! I can't wait to see what happens between Serena, Pablo and Liam now!

    1. Mentall I'd considered all the hairs and giggled at how hilarious it would be if she got Gwen's hair:

      Melody's hair: Oh I hope so. She'd be so pretty!

      Naveen's hair: Damn, she'd look just like her mom and be pretty boring. Ah well. Maybe she'll get nice eyes or features.

      Harris' hair: ... Yes please. <3

      Mutation hair: Ugh. If its that ugly brown one I'll flip a coin between Melody and Harris.

      Gwen's hair: LOL! If only, SP, if only. That would be hilarious.

  2. Serena deserves this. Sorry to say but she put herself in this position and, really, it's only a matter of time before Liam finds out, Gwendolyn's hair or not.

    1. Exactly right! And really, by waiting this long she's pretty much ensured he's going to be even more hurt now.

  3. Well, at least Caddie and James can be happy (yes plz)?

    1. Yes. Please! (I have no plans to the contrary. I want them to be happy.)

  4. "'And I love you more.'
    She won’t deny him that victory, since she knows its true."

    Ouch! Poor Liam. He's in for a rude awakening. As for the hair thing, there's always a 10% chance of a random color, so it's totally understandable if River has a different hair color. I'd be more worried if she had another distinguishable feature of Gwen's (like her nose or eyes or something). Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out. =)

    1. So was I until I actually sat down to write it out... now I'm sad. : (