Saturday, June 2, 2012

2.6 - Suspicions

Serena’s last night of faking it seemed to have unintended consequences, leaving her feeling ill and crabby in the morning.

In a sorry attempt to cheer herself up she heads to the junkyard to blow shit up. (It works... a bit.)

(Bonus photo of Cadie and James being adorable)

While Serena is out, Harris stops by to visit. He and Alexandra are still very happily married and he won’t stop talking about Pablo’s upcoming marriage to Faye McKinley and her quickly growing belly.

Liam responds by showing off his baby girl. 
“She looks a lot like your mother.” Harris points out, momentarily growing confused. “She has her hair.”
Liam gives his father a strange look. “Dad, mom was a red head, remember?”
“Oh yes yes, that’s right. It was Gwen who had black hair. Thats a little strange, isn’t it?”

That is a little strange, Liam muses to himself after his father has left and he’s rocking River to sleep. The more he thinks about it, the more of Gwendolyn Evans he sees in his little girl. River seems to have her lips as well. But why would that be? Neither he nor Serena have any relation to his dad’s ex-wife. So why would River... 

The idea is lodged in his mind now. The possibility that Serena cheated on him with one of his brothers, but he doesn’t want to believe it. Why would Serena have done that? DId he do something wrong? Did he drive her away somehow? Why hadn’t she told him? And among the questions he feels a deep shame. Does anyone else know? Was he the last person to find out? Had it been a one time affair or something ongoing? Was she with him now?

Well the answer to that last one at least is a no. 
“Liam? Can we... talk?”

He’s expecting some sort of confession or apology. But instead he gets something much worse.
“I just got back from the doctor and guess what. We’re having another baby!”

This time there’s no excitement. Just a feeling of dread. “Oh... awesome. That’s great news, hunny.”

The questions won’t leave him alone. Is this his child this time, or will it take after his brothers once again?

The following morning he plans on confronting her, but she has different ideas.

“So girl or boy, I think we should name our new baby Brooke.”
“Why?” He can’t hide the crabbiness from his voice today. 
“Cause, silly. I think it would be nice to give our children names that follow a theme. River, and Brooke. I mean, mom told me she and her siblings were all given musical names so I thought it would be nice.”
He isn’t really listening anymore. He’d forgotten that their mothers had families on the mainland. Could his mom have had a parent with black hair? She'd always refused to tell him about her parents.

But Liam knows one person who might talk for her. “Alexandra’s parents were... strange." Melody tells him. "Her father was a well known rockstar who slept with almost every woman he ever met. He had five children that we know of, by the two women he married. His second wife, Alexandra’s mother had beautiful black hair. I remember that because she was always a bitch and Alex and I used to call her the wicked witch of Starlight Shores. I think her name was Cecilia.”

For a moment, Liam is relieved, but then Melody has to break his heart. 
“Her hair almost reminds me of River’s, but Cecilia’s was a bit more brown. She had lighter highlights that always made her hair look strange. River’s is so much more beautiful. Thank goodness she got such a lucky mutation colour, hm?”
“Yeah...” Liam sighs. “Lucky.”

“I’m really excited for this baby.” Serena smiles once she and Liam are getting ready for bed together. “I liked growing up in a big house full of kids and I’m glad we’ll be raising our children the same environment.”

He puts his book down to look at her. “Serena... is there anything you want to talk about? Anything at all? I swear I won’t be mad, I just want to know. You’ve been acting a little strange ever since our marriage and I want to make sure every thing’s alright.”

Oh god he knows. But instead of taking the chance and telling him, she just smiles and shakes her head, crawling under his arm and curling up next to him. “It’s just hormones, hunny. I’m sorry if I’ve been worrying you. I love you”

"I love you too." 

As they lean in for a kiss Liam hides his disappointment. If it had been a one time affair why wouldn’t she have come clean long ago? Maybe she’s still cheating on him, and maybe this baby isn’t his either. The idea puts a sick feeling in his stomach but he can’t push her away or yell. Maybe he’s just being paranoid, and River’s hair really is just a mutation. Maybe his wife is loyal and loving and he’s just going crazy. He has hope, and that’s what he’s clinging to.


So confession time. Cecilia (Alexandra's mother) actually had the same colour as River buuuut I couldn't have that so I had Melody fib for me.

Baby number 2 is born next chapter!


  1. That explosion picture is awesome! Also, I feel so bad for poor Liam. I can't imagine what he is going through with all the questions and then blaming himself. I truly hope he can either confront her or she comes clean on her own soon, for his sake.

    1. Yeah I didn't realize how bad I'd feel for Liam when I was planning this arc, and then writing this chapter made me feel like crap. But things aren't over for them just yet.

  2. Oh, poor Liam *hugs him*, he is going to be so devastated if/when Pablo demands a paternity test

    1. Devastated... Angry... Same thing, right?

  3. Oh, Half-Siblings. Breaking up families, one roll at a time.