Sunday, June 3, 2012

2.7 - One Option

Recently Serena had a private basement built for her to store some of her more... volatile inventions. Melody worries about Serena being alone with dangerous experiments right now but Serena assures her the inventions are harmless enough.

It’s not like she’s built a time machine or anything.

When Serena goes into labour Liam drives her to the hospital, hesitating only momentarily before following her inside.

They welcome a little girl. Brooke Weaver. 

Liam isn’t sure what to think or feel. He wants to be happy, to enjoy life with his daughters and wife, but everything just feels so... fake.

Only Serena seems to be going on as if life is absolutely normal.

Melody is worried for her little girl. Even the children can feel the tension in the house, and Melody can’t quite tell whose fault it is. There’s been no yelling or anything of the sort so what the hell is going on?

Naveen reminds her that all couples have their disagreements. And she should just relax. Whatever Serena and Liam are going through they will have to deal with it themselves. However both he and Melody are 90 now. They need to focus on spending their remaining time with each other and their grandchildren.

Speaking of grandchildren... time for Brooke’s birthday!

She has Alexandra’s hair and Liam’s gorgeous aqua eyes. There’s no denying this one is his. But the happiness he gets from that ends up making him feel sick. He shouldn’t feel so relieved that his own daughter is really his daughter.

While out on a run later that night, Liam runs into Catrina again. As always, she’s the picture of kindness and friendship. And he spills his sorrows about his suspicion that River isn’t his child, and how he feel like he’s been stabbed every time he looks at his wife. But he can’t bring himself to confront her just in case he’s wrong.

“Well you’ve got only one real option.” She decides.
“Find a mind reader to interrogate her for me?”
A pause. “Okay, two options. But really you need to talk to her. If she didn’t cheat then she’ll be mad at you for a day, you buy flowers, and everything is better. But if she did cheat, you won’t be happy until you know why.”

Despite being a crazy person, Liam has yet to meet anyone who gives better advice than her. He decides he’ll talk to Serena tomorrow, after River’s birthday party.

But you know what they say about the best laid plans... 
“Hey mom! What’s up?”

Oh... that’s what’s up. Late last night while he was talking to Catrina his father had a heart attack during dinner. He was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late. 

The last thing Liam wants to do right now is deal with River’s parentage or Serena’s fake smiles. But it looks like his chance to control the situation is long gone.
“Pablo? What’re you doing here?”

“Well, your wife told me your oldest daughter is probably mine, and today is her birthday so I wanted to stop by and meet her. Hope you don’t mind.”


Just to clear this up: Pablo isn't stupid. He's a cruel and sadistic bastard.

And I love how both girls took after their paternal grandmother. <3


  1. Aw, Brooke looks really adorable. And now I am going to kick Pablo's ass.

    1. Someone might beat you to that. : D

  2. Pablo and I should join the "people with no tact" club.

    1. Considering Pablo's father was Harris the smooth-tongued, it's sad how tactless he really is.

  3. I feel so bad for Liam, but at the same time, I'm loving the story... Does that make me weird? >.>
    Meh, either way.
    Anyway, River and Brooke are adorable.

    1. It doesn't make you any weirder than me! I feel bad for Liam and I put him in this situation.

      I honestly can't decide which girl is prettier. But I do have a favourite who will remain secret for now.

  4. Pablo is evil evil evil and needs some serious punishment! Also, I'm beginning to suspect that all his interactions with Serena have been about some twisted rivalry with his half-brother.

    1. Well, a good portion of his reason for wanting to be with Serena was just to fuck with Liam. But the rest of it was just due to her looks.

    2. Well, either way his motives for being with Serena are extremely shallow. I feel bad for poor Liam, caught in the middle of two totally self-involved people.

  5. I don't understand how Catrina is crazy. She seems like the only sane one, imo.

    R.I.P. Harris. =(