Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2.9 - Strength and Control

River dreams of running. She isn’t sure if she’s running to something or away, but it feels so right. The wind in her hair, her heart racing. In her dream she can hear police sirens in the background, but nothing else. How strange. 

She’s always been full of energy, even as a toddler and dancing is one of her many passions. 

Which is why daddy buys her a radio for her room. (As well as that dragon hunter portrait she wanted since he knows he’s in the doghouse with her for missing her birthday.)

Liam feared he wouldn’t be able to look River in the eyes anymore, that he’d hate her. But the moment he sees his little girl as a little girl all he feels is pride and joy for how well she grew up. He wants to give her the world, and the only person he really resents is Pablo for putting them all in this situation. But then again if it weren’t for Pablo he wouldn’t have River here in front of him. 
River may not be his daughter biologically but he loves her just as much as he loves Brooke. He just hopes he never has to explain anything to her. If Pablo leaves them alone River will never have to know Liam isn’t her dad, but of course this is Pablo we’re talking about.

So Liam starts focusing on building up good memories so that when the shit does hit the fan a second time (as he knows it will) he’ll be able to call on these memories so that River will be able to forgive him. 

Lunch went nice, even with their disagreement over vanilla or chocolate ice cream for desert. 

Liam forgets his strength sometimes. He used to hurt Serena when they played catch as kids, but now that he’s an adult...

“Oh gosh! River, are you alright?”

“If you’re trying to kill me just aim for my head next time!”

She forgives fast. Liam catches himself thinking she got that from him before remembering everything. Dammit Serena, why’d you do it?

Meanwhile back home grandma and grandpa are watching Brooke. 

Serena’s down in her basement, staring at her time machine sadly. 

It took her everywhere but where she wanted it to. She’d tried tuning it, re-visiting her notes, even kicking it! But no mater what she tried she could never get the damn thing to take her to a specific point in time. All she needs it to do is take her back to her own life, to stop herself from sleeping with Pablo and everything will be better. 

Last time the machine took her to a wedding in some city named Meadow Glenn where a blue haired groom was marrying his blonde and pregnant girlfriend. They had strange hippie names, Raindrop and Sky but seemed quite happy together. And Serena did enjoy herself, but it was still too far in the past. 
Perhaps this trip with be more fruitful.

Liam’s a starter so as part of his job he is required to play every game. So River is sent home and helps her grandparents with baby Brooke.

Brooke loves having fun as toddlers tend to. Peek-a-boo is her favourite game ever!

Liam’s morning was spent with River so he makes sure to spend time with Brooke after the game (His team won. They always win. They have him.)

Serena’s latest trip was as unsuccessful as the others. But this time she met with her grandfather Briar Sabo and as a heartbreaker himself he managed to talk some sense into her. Not that he knew he was talking to his future granddaughter or anything like that. 
“Liam, can we head to the bedroom for a minute? We need to talk.”
He doesn’t want to hear her talk, but he does want answers. Just looking at her hurts his heart and yet she manages to act as if they’re heading off to have sex, not yell at each other.

He slaps her the second they’re alone in the room. 

She recoil in pain, holding her face and instantly he feels ashamed. He wanted to hurt her, but slapping her just makes him feel like an animal. “Serena, I just...” He sighs, he can’t apologize to her but he isn’t sure how to word his feelings either. 
“Look at me, Li.”

He won’t until she physically grabs him. Her cheek is slightly pink from his slap and it makes him feel worse.
“Please Li, just hear me out. I am so so sorry for what I did. I should have talked to you, I should have told you after it happened but I was so scared of what you’d say. I never thought about how it would hurt you, and I’m glad you slapped me. I deserve everything you want to do and more. What I did will never be okay but I hope one day you can forgive me for not telling you.”

He pushes her away. “I can’t, Ren. You have no idea how badly I want to just grab you and hold you close, pretend this never happened but I just can’t. You hurt me, and if not for the girls I’d leave you and never come back. But they don’t deserve to have their family torn apart because you lied to me. I’m not leaving, but I don’t think I can forgive you. At least not yet. I need some time, and some space.”
It takes all of Serena’s strength to say “Okay” and let him leave.

She slides down the wall after he’s done, her hand reaching up to touch her sore cheek absentmindedly. It still hurts but she welcomes the pain. She knows she had it coming, but the guilt Liam felt from hitting her just makes her feel worse too. He deserves so much better, and she just wishes she’d been able to give him that.

Serena’s room is all the way on the other side of the house, but Liam can imagine her crying and it takes all his self control not to go back to her. He needs to have some self respect, but not forgiving her hurts him more than her actions did.


I love Liam. I feel so bad for what I put him through.

Also: I have been wanting an inventor sim for SO long just so I could use his/her inventions in the plot. <3 Time machine.


  1. "She forgives fast. Liam catches himself thinking she got that from him before remembering everything."

    Nurture over Nature, Liam! The kid could very well have taken after you.

    I'm kind of freaked out that Serena would go so far as to want to alter the timeline and stop her daughter from existing.

    1. Yeah when I focus on River there will be a lot of nature vs nurture between her two fathers.

      Serena is a freak. And never thinks straight. But I'm pretty sure everyone knows that last point already. *Sigh*

  2. Grrr, what an "explanation". She apologized for everything but explained nothing. Liam has no more answers than he had before. All he got was the "I'm sorry" that she should have said last chapter. Can we have her mom slap her? Alex maybe? Poor, poor Liam.

    /me finds him and gives him an alternate reality with that time machine.

    1. You just want another slap! : P I dunno. Maybe. I'll think about it.

      I love Liam. I feel bad about the life I'm giving him.

  3. Yeah, Becky's totally right about the time machine thing. That was really horrible of Serena, and now I feel bad for poor River. I didn't think it was possible for me to despise her anymore, but I do. =(

    I hope Liam doesn't slap Serena again though. I mean, violence is never the answer, and it only made him feel worse about the whole situation. He's the better person here, and slapping her brings him down to her level. Don't give her the satisfaction, Liam!

    The scene between River and Liam was just adorable! =)

    1. There's a reason I had Serena visit Rainy's wedding. They're the only two characters I've ever had that people seriously hate.

      River won't be disappearing. Cause I love her. And I really wanna build up the relationships between Liam and his daughters.

  4. I'm with Becky on the freaked out by Serena trying to stop her daughter having existed too! She really needs to get a grip on herself and face up to what she's done and why.

    Also, I'm very curious as to why you had her visit Raindrop & Sky's wedding