Sunday, June 24, 2012

3.2 - Harsh

Hunter missed school today so Brooke goes to visit him and make sure everything’s alright.

Last Brook heard, he had two younger siblings. 

And Chance:

Hunter corrects her by telling her about his newest baby brother, Alvaro. He’s the son of his mother’s latest husband James Weaver.

James is Brooke's uncle. This is getting a little creepy now.

River helps Dorian pick out a house. It’s a lot larger than what he would have picked by himself but it’s right in the heart of town, has a great view of the mountains and the perfect space for his sculpting studio.

As soon as they start moving in the furniture he’d picked River knows they’re going to have a problem.

Dorian swears the bed was something he’d had since his youth, but he still lets River pick out the majority of his furniture from that point onward.

When she gets home from Dorian’s, Liam is waiting. “So?”

“I wasn’t out stealing from the poor.” She answers, not hiding her attitude. “I was out helping Dorian pick out some more furniture and yes he paid for it with real money. And I called Pablo, told him I can’t work for him anymore.”

Liam’s relieved to hear that last part. “I’m sorry I was so harsh the other day, sweetie. But you have to understand I’m worried about you. You’re so smart and you can do so much with your life, I hated the idea of you throwing that all away.”

In truth River’s just put her career on hold until she’s sure she can keep it out of her parents’ knowledge. It leaves her feeling restless and annoyed, but she’ll put up with the itchy fingers for as long as she can.

The following day Liam has his birthday.

And proceeds to show off the fact that he’s still got it.

The morning of Brooke’s birthday River gets invited over to Damaris Avendale-Wish’s house (Daughter of Yalena Avendale and Danial Wish). Like River, she works for Pablo and has a message from him. He’s going to need River to work today but he promises she’ll be home in time for her sister’s party. No one will even notice she’s gone.

But when Brooke’s birthday has arrived her sister is no where to be found. And least Hunter is there. He aged up earlier that day and River’s the first to notice his missing fangs.

She ages up into a stunning young lady.

Damaris was at the club accidentally for something unrelated to Brooke’s birthday. When she overhears Liam and Brooke talking about River not being there she visibly panics.

River’s excuse is a pretty damn good one though. The whole heist had been an ambush, apparently one of the guys on her father’s team was an undercover cop.

Pablo buys her way out of prison and strikes a deal to have the charges against her dropped, but by the time the paper work is done it’s nearly three in the morning. She can’t go home now.

So she goes somewhere else, and Dorian greets her with open arms and the hug she really needs. “Stay as long as you need.” He offers. “I’m here for you.”

“Thank you.” She smiles. “It won’t be for long, I just can’t face my parents right now. They’ll know I was in jail by morning, and my dad will know I lied to him. I just... I can’t go back.”


I'm actually quite happy with the house I built for these two. It's got three spare bedrooms, one master (the entire third floor) and one spare room downstairs that can be converted into a fifth bedroom if needed (which might happen with my luck... River stole another radio from work on her first day and I don't think I'll sell it this time).

The house itself was just a shell when River bought it but I've slowly been filling it up as these two make money. Big thanks to Colleen for helping me pick out the right walling for the outside. 

At the point where I am in game Brooke and Hunter are engaged and living together (with his mom xD). Actually they're River and Dorian's next door neighbours which makes me laugh. But that probably won't make it into the story.


  1. So, are we going to get an explanation of what happened to Hunter?

    And Pablo is an ass. Being the Emperor of Evil and all, he probably KNEW that guy was a cop but wanted to isolate River even further from her parents. Can I slap him?

    1. I sort of wanted to leave Brooke and Hunter's story untouched but basically he just didn't want to turn into his mom and remarry every time one spouse kicks the bucket.

      And you TOTALLY hit the nail on the head for what Pablo did. : D That's why I love you. Yes, he totally knew and thats why he called River in for that single job.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. Unless that comment is in reference to Pablo, in which case he's just laughing in the background of my mind right now. I want to hit him.

  3. Replies
    1. I am very proud of that house. It actually looks decent!

  4. Brooke is GORGEOUS! Is she available for download? ;) (If you're not going to give her a big role in your legacy, then I might as well...)

    Dorian seems like an enabler. I would have told River to suck it up and deal with the consequences of her actions. Another revelation: Pablo is a *total* ass. What did Serena ever see in him?

    1. Dorian tries to be supportive, but I suppose he could come across as an enabler in this sense. And yes, Pablo is a TOTAL ass. But he's also very controlling. More on that next chapter.

      Brooke'll be up in a few minutes. I actually just forgot to put her and River up, that's all.

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  6. You might get a double comment from me because my computer shut down while it was submitting (curse you windows update).

    Anyway - my other comment was simple, but I just want to say that Pablo is a jerk; Brooke is beautious (it's a word now); and River is really digging a hole for herself.

    1. Brooke really did come out very beautiful, and I'm looking forward to getting babies from her and Hunter (hopefully soon).

      RIver is digging a hole and might need a hand to help her get out of it. Good thing she has someone who cares.

  7. Pablo is such a *******, River is getting so badly over her head by working for him. I'm not sure what is going on in Dorian's head in terms of River's actions and their consequences but I'm getting the strong feeling that he's some kind of fae so maybe he has a whole set of different morals...

    1. Dorian is most certainly fae, I'm not even trying to hide that. But he was raised as a human and has their same morals, he just doesn't want to push River away.