Monday, June 25, 2012

3.3 - lectures

Dorian’s fixed up his room a lot since she was last here. It’s a bit too blue but the colour itself is quite soothing. 

Dorian wakes first, rising with the sun to work on a new sculpture in his workshop.

River feels nothing awkward about using Dorian’s shower. Her family has been calling her all night and she sent her sister one text saying that she was staying with Dorian but apparently it isn’t enough for them.

Dorian hints that she should at least call her parents if she won’t face them, but she completely ignores the his words.

Instead she smacks him with a pillow for trying to grab her ass while they were in bed together last night. 
Dorian claims it was unintentional and fights for his honour.

Its no surprise to River when she finds a wedding invitation in the mailbox from her sister. She and Hunter are happily engaged now, and really hope River and Dorian can make it to the party.

River sends her regrets that neither she or Dorian will be able to make it, but sends a gift.

“You know I really would have liked to attend your sister’s wedding.” Dorian guilts the following day. River has no idea how he knew about the wedding invitation since he hasn’t even gone out but she’s used to his almost omnipotent knowledge by now. 
“I didn’t realize you two were close.”
“I’ve never even met her.” He admits. “But you two used to be close. I don’t like how much distance you’ve put between yourself and your family.”

She slinks towards him, settling under his arm. “I don’t think you should be lecturing me on distance, Dorian. Where is your father now and when was the last time you two saw each other?”
“He stayed with me while the exhibit was in Redwood Harbour.” He lies. “Right before I came here and met you. I think he’s back in Egypt now.”
“Much longer and farther than I am from my own parents.” She notes.
Dammit. She’s got him there.

Pablo calls her about work after that so the moment is lost, but when she joins him for dinner Dorian has an announcement. 
“You were completely right about how I shouldn’t be lecturing on your family dynamic when I haven’t seen my own father in so long.”
She smiles, triumphant at last. “Thank you.”

“So I’ve invited him to come visit. He should be here tomorrow morning.”
River chokes on her meal. “You uh... what?”
“You heard me. Fantastic idea, love. He’s looking forward to meeting you.”
She decides not to win any more arguments from this point onwards.

Despite all of Pablo’s money, he’s a wanted man and River always finds herself meeting him in the weirdest of places. Today it’s the junkyard.

River’s younger half brothers aren’t fans.

She tells her birth father about Dorian’s father coming to visit and her fears about not being able to make a good first impression.

Normally Pablo would have worked hard to sabotage River’s relationship with anyone who tried to pull her away from him... but Dorian hasn’t even tried to stop River from doing what she does. So this time Pablo acts like the good guy. “I didn’t realize you two were getting so serious... but I suggest you just be yourself. If you keep things from each other it'll just cause a rift.”

“But I’m a thief, dad. I can't just tell his dad what I do! How can I hide it?”
“Don’t hide it. If Dorian wants to introduce you to his family then he must not care what you do, right?”
Wow he’s actually giving her advice she might use. River doesn’t know what to think.

As always, Neptune is fashionably late.

Dorian had hoped to be able to talk to him one on one before River got home but she’s due home any second now. “You know just once I wish you wouldn’t try to make an entrance. River still has no idea what I am or what you can do, and I’d like to keep it that way until I can figure out how to tell her everything without freaking her out.”

Neptune sighs. “What, no ‘hi dad, I’ve missed you’? No ‘hello father, long time no seen’. You wound me, son. It’s been generations since we last saw each other, can I at least have a hug before I embarrass you in front of this human girl you’ve fallen for?”

Dorian smiles, pulling his father in for a hug. “I’ve missed you a lot, dad. I wish you’d visit more often.”
“No you don’t.” Neptune smiles. “But that’s alright. Now are you sure this girl is worth losing your immortality?”

“Yes dad, I’m sure. I was sure the moment I met her. Now can you please turn your hair grey before she-”

Too late. 
“Dorian? Who’s this?”
His mind is filled with a string of curse words. “This... is my father.”
“You’re got to be kidding. He’s your age!”
A sigh. “Sit down love, I think we need to talk.”


Ah Dorian, you should know by now that keeping secrets will only backfire on you. 

Oh and since I know people will comment on this: PABLO IS STILL A GOOD FOR NOTHING JERK. But hey, if he tries to sabotage River's relationship and she figures it out he'd lose her for good. As long as Dorian acts meek and silent then Pablo doesn't see him as competition (as he viewed Serena and Liam). 

I love the way Dorian and River interact. It's so easy to write.


  1. Stupid cell phones, installed in people's hips. >.<

    Neptune eh?

    1. Yes. Neptune. He was supposed to have a big role in Briar's generation but the lag was just so awful that entire generation I totally gave up on a working story. So when I saw the opportunity to bring him back... I took it.

      River's hip is constantly ringing but it sort of works, seeing as her family would have been worried sick those first few days.

  2. Hooray, Dorian is related to Neptune! I thought he must be given the hair but I got the means wrong.

    I can't wait to see River's reaction to finding out the truth about Dorian's nature and family, I wonder if he'll tell her about her own family connections?

    If Pablo thinks Dorian's not a threat then I'm hoping he's got a big (and nasty) surprise coming and I hope it completely blindsides him!

    1. Pablo does have a nasty surprise coming... he's really going to regret not thinking Dorian's a threat after everything is said and done.

  3. Ooh. Neptune! He looks like Aquarius a little...

    Cool chapter. =)

    1. Well Neptune was derived from Aquarius' character base.

  4. Darn it, I guessed the wrong Ocean. :P Brb sulking.

  5. Slowly getting caught up CeCe *cheers* ... I've been reading off and on for awhile now - I'm only this far in your June entries and you're writing more chapters faster than I'm reading these old ones haha!

    Thought I'd comment now to let you know I absolutely love Neptune and Dorian - my favorite in your legacy thus far. I think the electric blue highlights and beard are dreamy! I also think River is my favorite too thus far, even though I'm not far along yet hah!