Saturday, June 30, 2012

3.6 - Picture Perfect

Beautiful day, beautiful venue... should be a beautiful wedding.

The bride is beautiful too, but you already knew that.

The one thing River doesn’t need right now is stress. And stress is exactly what Pablo plans to give her. He found out late last night that River had reunited with her family, and that it was all Dorian’s fault. He’d underestimated that boy, but he won’t make the same mistake twice. 
“You look beautiful, child. I only wish you weren’t marrying a petty con man.”

“Con man?” She figures he’s referring to Dorian, but she can’t understand why. Dorian is an artist, not a crook.

“Oh yes.” Pablo smiles, proud by his own research. “The exhibit your fiancee owns was discovered by a woman named Elaine Dawson over three hundred years ago, and she died with no children. Your dear fiancee showed up in sim record only twenty years ago, the same time the exhibit re-emerged from the hiding place Elaine took with her to her grave. Obviously Dorian stole them and has been lying to your ever since. He’s likely only marrying you for your money. I’m sorry you had to find out on your wedding day, my dear.”

River’s heard enough. “You’re pathetic! Dorian’s never stolen anything in his life, and I know all this already! He told me himself the night he proposed to me!” Actually he’d left out those details, but she’d figured by now that there was still a lot Dorian hadn’t told her. Still, she’s certain he isn’t a crook, and this just means Pablo’s once again trying to alienate her from those she loves. 

“River please, what’s wrong? I’m only trying to protect you.”
His words have no effect on her now. 

“I don’t want you at my wedding anymore.” She decides. “In fact, I don’t even want you in my life anymore.”
“You still work for me, River.”
“Not anymore. I’m done being your pawn. Just get out of here you bastard.”

Dorian can tell River is bothered, but he knows better than to bring it up now, and instead just follows her gaze to see what she’s looking at.

Apparently the only father she needs is the one who was always there for her and raised her as his own. River’s happy he’s here.

The happy couple meet under the wedding arch once the sun has set.

And say their vows, and exchange their rings.

Then seal the promise with a picture perfect kiss.

After the ceremony portion is done, River tells her parents about Pablo’s lies and attempts to pull her away from them. And apologizes once again for leaving and lying to them.

Both Serena and Liam are just happy they’ve truly got their daughter back this time. And hopefully this will be the end of Pablo’s interference in their lives.

River almost starts crying during the cutting of the cake, but does manage to hold it together.

The cake is delicious on the way down.

Not so much on the way back up.

But she isn’t worried. She and Dorian stopped using protection not long after they got engaged. It’s really a miracle that this didn’t happen before the wedding. She’s married, she’s going to start a family, and she’s no longer a thief... guess her parents got what they wanted after all.


For the wedding venue I used Reverie's Dream B&B by my good friend Buckley. You should seriously check it out. SUCH a beautiful lot. 

And yes, River's career will be on hold for a while... but perhaps not permanently.


  1. Yay, I am so proud of River for finally acknowledging that just because Liam is not her biological father, he is still the only one she needs. You're outta here Pablo! Also, thank heavens that Dorian was honest with her otherwise that might have gone a different way.

  2. Yeah Pablo's biggest screw up was not realizing that some couples are actually honest with each other. Dorian's lucky he told River the truth when he did.

  3. The wedding was beautiful! River's dress and hair are gorgeous. Your Sims are so gorgeous.

    I really like how River's character has evolved since she was a teen and first found out about Pablo. I'm glad River made up with Liam before he passed away, because that would have been really sad.

    1. Hey Hayley! Glad you caught up!

      I really lucked out so far with my sims, and I only hope the trend continues on with River's kids. I'm also really happy River managed to reunite with her parents. Specially considering how friggin old they are. I waited waaaay too long to start these two on baby making.

  4. Yay, so glad Pablo screwed up and River kicked him out of her life! I have a worrying feeling he won't be gone for good though...

    1. Actually I think he died after this scene. O_o River really tore him apart apparently.

  5. Bye, bye Pablo. Good riddance! XD

    I loved the part with Liam. That was just the icing on the wedding cake (so to speak).