Sunday, July 8, 2012

3.11 - Good and Crazy

Pillow fighting.

There’s no escape.

Recently River and Cinnamon’s control over the city has been threatened by the vampire crime lords from the mainland. River isn’t worried, she knows her people are loyal... but as a “just in case” she takes up martial arts. If anything happened during a job and she was hurt Dorian would never let her forget it.

Pearl and Rio’s teen birthday arrives.

Kitten does not approve of no longer having being the centre of attention. (Nile just wonders why mom didn’t let HIM bake the cakes. He only set the house on fire once!)

Teen Pearl:

Teen Rio:

Most siblings don’t have a relationship like this, even other twins. 

It’s like they have a special connection. A mental and physical link where they can feel what the other feels, and always feel like they should be close to each other. Some mind find it annoying, but they love it. Rio doesn’t worry about being insecure, and Pearl knows that if a guy ever breaks her heart Rio will break his legs.

Rio just sort of wishes he could have a similar relationship with other girls. Corrine was cool when they were kids but suddenly she doesn’t have time for him anymore. Girls! They’re crazy!

In a fit of rebelliousness he skips school.

And heads to the local karaoke bar to practice some trick shots.

He drinks too, but its non-alcoholic. He isn’t THAT much of a hard ass bad boy.

Of course the school called.

Dorian is furious and grounds Rio on the spot. This may be Rio’s first time acting out but with Kitten growing up soon Dorian doesn’t want to chance a second incident.

But really, being grounded was a small price to pay. Apparently the paparazzi got word of the Sari’s “Little Bad Boy” and Corrine finally calls him back asking him out to prom. Girls! They’re crazy!

Nile agrees with his brother completely. Professor McKinley switched Nile’s home ec partner to Monica and left Kitten with some annoying third grader. Ever since Kitten’s actually been acting... nice. Obviously she’s planning something, and Nile is scared shitless.

In a surprise to no one Walt asks Pearl out on a date. He rarely smiles, rarely makes any sort of emotional response but he does always make the first move and asks her out to prom like its no big thing.

Pearl’s heart swoons everything she sees him. He’s GOT to know that’s 90% of sims marry the person they go to prom with, right? It’s sort of a huge deal!

But if his hug is any indication, he’s totally into her and just too shy to say anything about it. How adorable!


Heir vote will be next chapter! : D 

I'll be honest. At this point I have no clear prefference for who I want to win. I love one character's looks the best, I like another's roll the best, I like a third's actual story the best, and the fourth is my favourite personality wise. (And no those notes were NOT in order of birth : P)


  1. I like Rio and Pearl a lot. I hope their good relationship continues into adulthood.

    1. The plan is for them to remain close. It would take something pretty damn drastic to break their bond.

  2. Oh same Becky they are both so cute and OMG I love Pearl - just sayin

    1. Yeah I do love how Pearl turned out. She looks VERY similar to River but I'm soooo happy at least one of the kids got Harris Evans' blonde hair <3.

  3. "90% of Sims marry the person they go to prom with."

    Haha, that's awesome. And probably very true.

    You can add me to the list of Rio/Pearl fans. Their relationship seems so sweet! Also, Pearl's hairdo is pretty. It suits her very well.

    I foresee a tight heir vote when your poll goes up as there appears to be quite a lot of dissension amongst your readers about who the favorite is. I don't know who I'm going to vote for, tbh, although I have a slight favorite right now. (But my lips are sealed!) ;)

    1. Yeah up until now I've been able to tell who people will vote for and who will win. Gen 3's vote was tighter than I expected but I figured River would win. But I have no idea who will win this one!

      Pearl's hairdo is from the MasterSuite stuff pack. Loooove the hairs from there! Corrine's hair is also from MasterSuite I believe.

  4. Pearl is so pretty! Rio isn't bad either but Pearl is winning in the looks department right now. Their bond is super cute and I am hoping you don't do anything "pretty damn drastic to break [it]". /me glares

    1. *Smiles innocently* Who, me? Now why on earth would I do something like that?

  5. D'aww, Rio and Pearl. If something causes a rift there, I may cry.

    I loved the line about Nile being scared of Kitten when she's being nice. Something's afoot...

    It's also nice to see River taking precautions.

    1. When someone is usually a bitch and is suddenly acting nice your first instinct is to be scared shitless. Poor Nile is terrified of his sister.