Monday, July 9, 2012

3.12 - Nothing To Worry About

Nile is KING!

“Yeah, King of the dorks.” 
She tries to be nice, really she does... but he makes it so easy!

All the kids know what their mom does for a living, and sometimes it worries Nile. What is someone gets mad and tries to hurt her? What if someone gets mad and tried to him or the other kids?”
Dorian hesitates, his fork halfway to his mouth. Would someone really go after the kids? River told him some of the mainlanders wanted in on their empire but she promised they had nothing to worry about. “Nile... nothing will happen to you or your siblings, I promise you. Your mom and I will never let anything happen to you kids, we love you too much.”
Nile accepts that answer.

Dorian just wishes he could accept that answer as well.

River feels a shred of panic when Dorian tells her what Nile asked, but she’s sure he has nothing to worry about. She and Cinnamon have been working hard to keep things calm. The kids have nothing to worry about, and neither does Dorian.

No matter what he does Corrine still refuses to hang out with Rio, so he decides to just head over to her house himself. He’s cool with going to prom with her, but he wants a bit more than just that.

Corrine’s looking for a sugar daddy, not a dumb teenage boyfriend, especially not one with a fake bad-boy reputation like Rio. He’s a good boy at school and his sister lead the pep squad! How lame!

But then again, she could do a lot worse. Maybe she’ll see where this goes.

After all, his family is pretty well known and very wealthy. He might just be the right guy for her, at least for right now.

Monica isn’t like the other girls at school.

She’s a vampire, like her mother and siblings, but she doesn’t like being treated like one. Nile is the only kid at school who treats her just like everyone else. All the other kids stare at her like she’s a freak, especially Nile’s twin sister. She’s a bitch.

Nile tries to defend his sister but quickly finds he can’t. Kitten IS a bitch. 

But she’s still his twin sister. And soon enough they become teens together.

And so does Monica.

Monica makes it very clear that she’s interested in Nile, even though he doesn’t seem to flirt back. Kitten’s sort of burning a hole in his back.

Her brother friggin sucks. She was fine with him switching home ec partners, and has even made a real effort to be nicer to him! But what does he do? Totally ignore her for some ugly vampire freak. Monica’s probably dumb as bricks too.

But Nile doesn’t care about Monica’s brains, or even her looks really. She makes him happy and he likes her. It’s not romantic, not really, but she’s a good friend and he hopes to keep her as a friend.

Monica hopes to keep him as a friend too, but she isn’t really paying attention to his arm around her waist. She’s a little busy watching the strange truck on the far side of the road with blacked out windows.

She’d seen that truck outside of their school earlier, and now its been at the Sari house as long as she has. How strange.


I apologize for the fairly early heir vote but I do need to know which character's story you want me to follow before I can continue this generation! : P 

Heir vote can be found by clicking this link or visiting the Heir Vote page on the upper right hand corner of the blog. All four kids this generation will be up for your voting pleasure. Choose wisely! The heir vote will end WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11th at noon PST (Los Angeles, Vancouver).

I am amazed at how Monica turned out. O_O I believe she is the daughter of Artemis Fierce (Daghter of Jeanie and Zane Avendale) and Titus Harris (son of Ellis and Logan). I ain't spilling on who Walt and Corrine's parents are cause you will all smack me.


  1. Okay, well now you HAVE to tell who the parents are.

    Also, LOL at the creepy, stalker ice cream truck. I'm surprised the damn thing hasn't had a bad appearance already. I know it only shows up outside the Avendale home at 2am.

    1. The ice cream truck is so perfect when setting up a plot like this. ^^

      Fiiiine. Their father is Dominick Jones, and their mom is Cadie Sari. >_> I apologize for the amount of incest in this legacy but there were seriously no other good candidates for them.

  2. How am I supposed to choose, Cece? They're all so interesting in their own way. I may resort to throwing darts here..'re too good for Corinne. You are totally not lame.

    Kitten and Nile grew up nicely. I love Kitten's hairstyle.

    1. I spent about five real life minutes trying on just about every single hair I had on her. I liked this one the best. Kitten looks good in ponytails.

      Yeah Rio really is too good for Corrine but he doesn't have many options. All the other girls in town are either his sisters or too old for him.

  3. I don't like Corrine, what does she want a sugar daddy for when she can have Rio?

    I still can't decide whether I like Kitten or not though.

    As for the ice cream truck - it really is creepy isn't it

    1. Yeah Corrine's awful but not too many options out there!

      The ice cream truck haunts my dreams. O_O

  4. I voted for Pearl. Her roll seems exciting!

    1. It is pretty awesome. And she's in the lead right now.

    2. Everyone keep voting for Pearl. *activates mind control powers*

  5. I voted, but it's a secret. =D

    I lol'ed at the ice cream truck. So very, very creepy.

    Also creepy: Incest. Isn't Cadie Serena's sister? Which would make her kids, like, first or second cousins or something? Eww... :P