Thursday, July 12, 2012

3.13 - Together

With most of his children getting so serious so quickly Dorian takes each of them aside one by one to talk about why marriage is a big deal and that they shouldn’t just jump into it. Nile wishes his turn didn’t come in the middle of algebra homework. 

Pearl’s still convinced she’d going to marry Walt as soon as they’ve graduated. They’ve only gone on, like, one date, but its so fate! 
Kitten would rather live forever alone than date a stinky boy.

... Why is Kitten so rude? Boys are fun!

Especially when it comes to prom. Pearl even goes out and buys a new dress for the occasion. 

Walt certainly seems to like it. You can’t tell, but his face totally lit up when he saw her. 

And a family photo of all the teens taken by their daddy.

The more successful River and Cinnamon become, the worse the threats from the mainland are.

In passing she tells Dorian that it might be a good idea for them to beef up security around the house. 

They tell the kids that the fence is just to keep the paparazzi out of the brand new pool.

No complaints from them.

Rio, you are one sexy sim. (Also: D’aaaaaw)

Dorian ignores the pull towards the pool and instead focuses on his golf swing. Between River’s capers and his sculptures the family is bringing in quite an income. 
Rich men play golf, right?

Pearl has female friends too. They’re just far and in between. Audra Avendale-Jones is pretty much her only “real” female friend. Mostly because she’s the only one who doesn’t snub her upon finding out Kitten is her younger sister.

Nile’s cooking has really taken off, and he hasn’t started a fire in weeks!

So the family sits down for a nice home cooked meal together. One of their first since everyone is always so busy.

Even though Rio and Pearl have a significant other to keep happy, most of their time is still spent attached at the hip.

Some would say their relationship is inappropriate, but in they were a band they’d make millions. Why? Cause twincest sells.

Sims say you should marry the person who completes you, but each only feels that for each other. So Walt and Corrine will have to do to give them the family each want. Even so, they don’t plan on leaving each other. Once graduation comes they’ll move out together and raise both their families in one house. Maybe they’ll all start a band together! Pearl can sing, Rio and Walt can do the music and Corrine can be the pretty face! 

Whatever they end up doing in life, they’ll do it together.

Pearl is too much of a good girl to try and bribe the bartender for drinks so she stays upstairs are plays pool while Rio grabs his fake ID.

He still isn’t as much of a bad boy as the paparazzi report, but what’s the harm in a drink or two? He and Pearl are responsible enough and neither drive. But of course they’ll only get drinks if the bartender shows up. Where is he?

There’s only one other sim in the bar, and she’s been watching the twins closely. The charmed bartender is currently outside, after informing the other patrons that the bar was closing early due to unforseen hazards. Of course the twins weren’t told about this, because she needs only one of them.

As the minutes turn into an hour Pearl notices an uncomfortable twitch in her chest. Its like a bubble has just popped and suddenly she realizes how much time has passed, and how quiet the normally busy bar is. 

She also notices the place is completely deserted. 
“... Rio?”


And our Gen 4 heir winner is PEARL... I did not see that coming. I expected either Kitten (for her roll) or Rio (cause he's sexy). But Rio got the least amount of votes. So really... you guys wanted this.

I had a plan for Pearl's generation but it had a lot of holes since I didn't expect her to win. But when it became clear she would win I started re-planning the whole thing and came out with something I liked. Then I made the bad guy and fell in love... so now I'm re-planning AGAIN. 

Either way I'm pretty excited for Pearl's generation now. She's a really fun character to write about and I think you'll all really enjoy her story. 


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    1. This whole arc is making me pretty sad.

  2. NO, RIO! *wails hysterically*

  3. Voting for Pearl wasn't a vote against Rio, y'know! I was hoping their relationship would continue and we'd get to see him visit 'n stuff. ;.;

    1. Their relationship will continue, and we will see him again. Probably.

    2. Oh. Okay. Whew.

      Now I'm more worried about mind control than I am worried about murder.

    3. I never said their relationship would continue for MUCH longer. : )

      (Yes, I am having a lot of fun with this)

  4. Oh noes, what has the evil personage done to Rio? :(

  5. Finally caught up!

    Rio!! *cue dramatic noooooooo* If you hurt him, Cece - I'll... probably just cry or something.

    Also, I admit to heir vote cheating. I signed in to another account thinking that the my previous vote didn't go through and voted again - for a different twin. So both Pearl and Rio got one vote from me. Haha! I WIN EITHER WAY!

    I can't wait for Pearl's generation; although you're already playing with my heart strings, you monster.

    1. Pearl's life with her husband and kids will be mostly happy... can't say the same for just about everything else.

      I'm glad both RIo and Pearl got a vote from you! I admit to having my boyfriend vote when Kitten and Pearl were tied (but not saying who for).

  6. But who? Why? How? Noooo! Miss pink hair vamp girl is pretty though. Maybe she will use him for breeding.

    1. Actually that's just the lighting. She's platinum blonde (Like Rio's girlfriend) but now I must give her pink streaks. O_O

      Her name is Junielle. I like it.

  7. Wait, wait, wait. What?!


    Cece, how COULD YOU?! *cries* You are a cruel bitch sometimes, you know that? (And I love you for it. <3) :P

    1. I know you love me for it. <3 If you guys didn't I'd have no readers by this point.