Sunday, July 15, 2012

3.14 - Harder than you Thought

They want 500,000 simoleons in two days time. 

River can get the money, she knows that. Cinnamon’s already working on it, but it’ll take more than two days. Not everything can be liquidated immediately, and even if it could they can’t afford that kind of attention from the police. 

Only Pearl can’t understand why they aren’t getting the police involved.
“He is my BROTHER and he could die at any minute! What are you doing? We can’t handle this on our own! Come on mom, don’t be such an idiot!”

“Pearl, please. Rio will be fine, and he’ll be home soon, but if we involve the police whoever took him will kill him out of spite! I know what I’m doing.”

If she knew what she were doing Rio never would have been kidnapped, but Pearl won’t say that thought out loud. 

She tries complaining to her sister, but Kitten’s sided with their mom. Rio will be home soon. She’s sure of it. 
Pearl wishes she could be as confident. She can still feel Rio, but there’s something... different about him already. She can’t tell is its fear or something else and it worries her.

If it is fear, Rio hides it well.

His kidnapper isn’t what he expected. She’s nothing like the big burly mob henchmen from movies, she’s just a tiny little vampire completely unsure of what she can or can’t do. She even brought him a guitar when he complained of being bored.

“May I enter? I have news on your family.” 
Another strange thing about her. Despite having the strength to rip him in two if she wanted, she never goes near him without asking first. She’s never fed from him and doesn’t act as if she means him harm. Nonetheless, she’s the only company he has, and sometimes he wonders if she’s going for the stockholm syndrome thing.

But then he sees the shake in her hands and realizes she’s just as uncomfortable with all this as he is. He doesn’t know why she’s his kidnapper, but if she doesn’t want to hurt him then he might just have a chance. 
He always invites her into his cage, taking a seat as far from her as possible on the small couch. “How’s my sister doing?”
“Not so good. She blames your mom for letting you get grabbed, and your parents are constantly fearing they won’t be able to get the money in time.”

He knows what she’s supposed to do if his mom is even a moment late with the money. “Please Junielle, isn’t there anything you can do? Just give her a few hours more? No one wants this situation to get any messier than it really is.”

Junielle scoffs. “You think my father cares about the mess or money? He wants me to kill you either way! I managed to convince him to let you live if your mother pays, but if I ask for more time on your behalf it’ll be both our heads... and lets be honest, you’re not nearly cute enough for me to risk my own life.”

.... Hurtful. But that does give him an idea. “So you’re saying if I was any cuter you’d consider helping me live?”

She cringes, realizing she’s sort of been backed into a corner. “I’d... consider it. But if I were you I wouldn’t get my hopes up. You’re just a human, Rio. You’re... meat. You aren’t really worth saving.”
Again, hurtful.

But he supposes that’s just the way she was raised. She can’t be any older than him. And if there’s one thing he knows about teenage girls its that they love attention. 

Rio’s a born flirt, and a total ladies’ man. He’ll have Junielle head over heels in love with him by nightfall... or morning if its already night. He can’t really tell right now.

Unfortunately she knows what he’s trying to do. 
“It isn’t going to work, you know.”

“Isn’t it?” He smiles, pulling her against his chest. “You may be strong, but you stand no chance against my natural good looks and charm. Didn’t really want to use my secret weapon on an innocent little girl like you but you’ve left me no choice.”

She wants to make some sort of joke about him being crazy... but he’s sort of right. She hasn’t fed in hours but there’s a flush in her cheeks that she’s never felt before. He moves towards her, coming in for a kiss and she finds herself wondering what harm could come from just one kiss...

But then she comes to her senses. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

This is going to be a lot harder than either of them thought it would be.


This chapter made me sad, that's why it took so long to get out (as well as just being crazy busy in real life).


  1. So this is a pretty serious situation, but I can't help but laugh at the way Rio's handling it. :D
    Though it'll only work if Junielle has more influence over her father than she thinks she does.

    1. Pretty sure Rio's thoughts right now are less "I need to get out of here" and more "Well if I'm going to die I'm certainly not going to die a virgin."

    2. A frowny face is all you get.


    3. Save the frowny faces. : )

  2. All caught up! I'm kinda sad that I'm all caught up because that means now I have to wait for the next chapter....

    This chapter was really cute! but I have a constant nagging in the back of my head just waiting for the inevitable horrible thing to happen :(

    1. Don't worry, assuming I have enough time tomorrow there should be an update there.

      Although... to be honest... I think you guys would rather wait.

  3. Awwww. Poor things, and he does handle it in the most strange way, I would probably do the same. Better then crying.

    1. Exactly! These are the kids of River Sari and Dorian. Neither Rio nor Pearl are the type to just sit down and let things play out.

  4. Oh my... I do hope Rio's going to be ok

    I can definitely see how Pearl's going to end up in Law Enforcement!

    1. Yeah its pretty obvious how Pearl got the idea of Law Enforcement into her head. But she still hasn't quite been moved to join.

  5. Smooth, Rio. Smooth. Junielle is the most polite captor ever.

    Argh, way to build the suspense! I'm just afraid the ending is going to be...unpleasant.

    1. Yeah Junielle really isn't like more captors out there. Give her a break, its her first time!

  6. LOL! I love Rio. I'm kind of wishing Becky hadn't used her mind control powers to convince me to vote for Pearl now. Cause Rio is hilarious. And awesome. And if anything happens to him, you will be getting (another) long, angry PM from me Cece. Be warned! ;)

    *hurries off to read the next chapter*

    1. I agree that RIo is hilarious and awesome. He was always my faovurite. (Which is why he must suffer now)