Tuesday, July 17, 2012

3.15 - More Harm than Helpful

On the second morning, he finds his wife sleeping outside on the third floor balcony. The telescope lies used nearby, and her cell phone is nestled under her head. Dorian wonders if she even slept at all the previous night. He certainly didn’t, but his body can take it.

So he wakes her up, intending to make her go to sleep in a proper bed. 
She refuses. “Dorian I can’t! We only have until midnight to get the money, and now Cinnamon’s trying to convince me to declare war on those stupid vampires and its just all too much. If I go to sleep now I just know I’ll wake up with everything gone to hell.”

“You can’t honestly believe you have the power to stop everything, do you?” 
Personally, Dorian’s siding with Cinnamon on the idea of war. These monsters touched his son, and even if Rio is returned safe and sound Dorian can’t let that go. And on top of all that, his father is once again no where to be found right when they need him most. 

“I don’t know what I can stop.” River sighs. “But I have to try. If anything happens to our son...” She can’t bring herself to finish that thought.

Kitten tries to keep out of the room she shares with Pearl, but tonight she walks in on something she needs to stop.

The sisters stare at each other for a long moment before Pearl speaks, confirming Kitten’s fears. “I’m going after him. I think I can feel where he is, and then I just need to break him out. Please don’t tell mom.”

“Don’t tell mom?” Kitten repeats. “ARE YOU CRAZY? Pearl if you go looking for him they’ll just kill both of you! Don’t be such a Watcher damned IDIOT!”

“They’re going to kill Rio either way.” Pearl growls. “At least this way I might have a chance to save him!”

She balls her hand into a fist and strikes out, hitting Kitten straight in the jaw. While Kitten spent all her time playing chess, Pearl used that same time working out with Rio and their mother. She’s strong.

But not... strong enough to knock her sister out with one punch.

She didn’t even mean to hit her, really! It just sort of happened! 
... Is she still alive?

Pearl feels a pulse, and its steady. There isn’t even a mark on her sister’s head, as if she never made contact. But she must have! 

Either way, Kitten’s out cold and now there’s no one to stop her from heading out on her solo rescue mission.

Her connection with Rio has always been like a pull. So she doesn’t second guess her decision to go to Reverie’s B & B, a quiet building where her parents got married. This must be where the switch is set to happen.

Upstairs, in the same suite where River broke free of her birth father’s grasp , Rio watches Junielle. She has a reflection, just like his vampiric friends do but she doesn’t seem like them. She’s far more powerful, and manages to control his mind with only a look. Her doesn’t even know many elder vampires with that kind of power. She told him it was because her kind is evolving, but he isn’t sure if he believes her. 
“So how long do we have?”
“Another hour, give or take.” Junielle sighs, finally happy with her make up. “You looking forward to going home?”

He doesn’t give her an answer so she moves towards him. He wraps his arms around her waist, trying to keep her close. “I want to go back to my family, but I don’t know if I want to just say goodbye to you.”

“This has to be goodbye.” She sighs. “Even if you take over your mother’s empire and fuck up father will just send someone else next time. I’ve grown too attached to you, my pet.”

“Don’t call me that.”
She pushes him over, crawling over top of him. “Call you what? Pet? It’s what you are, you’re just a human.” 
He wants to say something rude but his mind isn’t working so well right now, and it has nothing to do with her vampiric abilities.

Lovely timing, Pearl.
“Rio? What. The. Hell.”

He jumps up to greet her, pushing Junielle off him a bit more roughly than he intended. “Pearl what the hell are you doing here?”
“I asked first! I thought you were in trouble! I’m came to rescue you not catch you getting hot and heavy with some random chick! Were you ever even in danger?”

“Yes! Well... at first, anyway. But Junielle is great. She managed to convince her... boss to let me live if mom paid the ransom, and has been taking good care of me.”
“I can see that.” Pearl practically growls, shooting the young vampire a glare over Rio’s shoulder.

Junielle’s blood boils at the look Pearl gives her, and she marches over. “All that’s off though now that you’re here. I managed to convince the boss to let on kidnap victim go for 500,000 simoleons, but I highly doubt your mother will have the money for two.”

Pearl did not think this through.

“Mom’ll have the 500,000 simoleons.” Rio promises. 
“Like I said, that’ll only pay for one of you. The other has to die, I can’t save you both even if I wanted to.”
“I know.” He sighs. “So let Pearl go free.”

Junielle backs off. “Excuse me?”
“You heard me, June. Let my mom’s random pay for Pearl’s life and do with me what you need to.”
They both ignore Pearl’s protests in the background.

“There’s no guarantee you-know-who will let me keep you alive.” She warns. 
Rio tries to ignore the shake in his hands. “I know, but if I let you hurt my sister I’d never be able to live with myself or look at you again. I’d rather be the one who has to die.”

She doesn’t ask twice, and instead puts Pearl into a haze, pulling her close enough to sink her teeth into the human girl’s neck. 

She takes enough to cause Pearl to fall unconscious, and then gently sets her on the floor.

The money was paid in time, but River’s heart nearly stops when she sees her unconscious daughter waiting at the pick up stop instead of her son.
“Pearl? Pearl, sweetheart, please wake up.”

Pearl does wake up, groggy and confused, but conscious enough to speak. “Mom? Where am I?”
“You’re at Reverie’s, what happened? Are you alright? Where’s your brother?”

Its that final question that brings Pearl’s memories back. And it brings her attention towards the empty feeling in her chest, as if her heart had just been ripped out. When her brother had been kidnapped the empty feeling had been mixed with fear and worry, now there was absolutely nothing. As if he’d never existed.
“I... It’s all my fault. I tried to find him and... and he gave himself up. Told her to kill him instead of me and then she bit me and....” Her tears start and they won’t stop. “Mom, he’s gone. He’s gone and it’s all my fault.”


< / 3

I'm sorry : (

(But on a side note seeing Kitten get punched was very satisfying. She's the worst sim I've ever had. All she does is fight with everyone autonomously!)


  1. I prepared myself for this. Still... Rio... :(

    1. I'm sorry. *Hugs*

      Here, have a picture of alternate dimension HAPPY Junielle and Rio to cheer you up.


  2. I'm... I'm having a hard time commenting without spilling a wall of text of epileptic trees (TV tropes lingo for basically "wild fan theory").

    1. xD Go on and gimme your theories! The most far fetched one is probably the correct one.

    2. So... J really did turn Rio into a chinchilla and is keeping him as a pet? O.O

      Well, when this happened in Star Wars, Jaina thought her twin brother Jacen was dead only to watch him turn up alive, after he was tortured for a while. Then he used what he'd learned during his time being tortured to kill the big bad. Then he had some kind of mental breakdown and became a Sith lord.

      And then Jaina had to kill him.

      And then I stopped reading Star Wars books. FOREVER.

      !@#$ing never forgiving those !@#$!@%$#@&$@.

      !@#$ing killed Jacen.

      TL;DR, I want to see Rio's dead body next chapter or he's totally alive.

      And possibly a sith lord.

      ...I'm watching you. >.>

      (Jaina and Jacen, for you non-Star Wars geeks, were Han and Leia's twin children. Obviously they had Jedi powers. They also had a special twin bond or whatever, stronger than most bonds Force-sensitive family members end up having. Jacen was a really sweet character, who existed as a child for a long real-world time in the novels until this big war broke out when he was a teenager. This war was like Star Wars 9/11. Everything had to be darker and edgier and they kicked it off by killing Chewbacca to tell you they were SERIOUS. Since most people loved Star Wars for the characters, changing the formula of the same characters going on wacky adventures... kind of went over like a lead balloon. But anyway, Jacen gets put through hell. His father becomes a drunk, his younger brother dies, and oh right he's constantly fighting SOMETHING because Jedi are on action like flies on sh*t. Jacen gets captured and tortured by the enemy, blah blah. They cut him off from the Force somehow, and his sister can't feel him anymore so she thinks he's dead. Other Jedi thought they felt him die as well. Spoilers, he's alive and he shows up again. Wins war. Then goes wandering the galaxy to "find himself" or something. Then an old villain nobody ever liked shows up and convinces him to become a bad guy. How bad? Well, he starts off killing an innocent person because he thinks he can see the future, and if she lives the futures are all bad (didn't Yoda say the future's always in motion? Jacen wouldn't behave this stupidly; Jacen was traumatized early in childhood into disliking violence, and was always the character to think forever before acting). Later he killed Boba Fett's daughter with an aneurism during a harsh telepathy-interrogation. And everyone's like, "gasp!" Then Jacen basically set fire to the Wookiee homeworld, which you can read as "started a big forest fire, and Smokey the Bear's cousins plus every environmentalist reader cried a lot". Then he killed Luke's wife. Ugh. The things that happen, when you let writers who CONFESS THEY HATE STAR WARS write Star Wars novels! ...Never forgiving them for this.)


    3. Taken to its logical parallel, Rio was turned into a Sith I mean a vampire and used his new powers or maybe a magic device to cut off his twin-psychic-bond from Pearl. Now he's training to become a criminal, and will pop up in the story again at a dramatic point in time, pitted against his sister, the cop! He'll believe he was doing the right thing all along, of course, and she'll either make him realize he made a mistake, or she'll plunge a lightsaber into his stomach and work her way up to his heart while he screams in pain.

      ...Honestly not feeling much sympathy for vamp-girl's inability to not do whatever daddy says. Up to and including a simple "GTFO and let's pretend you didn't show up, Pearl."

      I guess the godfather was watching from cameras? Or psychic powers? Though this seems improbable, since his daughter was making out with Rio and he probably wouldn't like that.

      Or maybe he's into that.

      (I will refer to Junielle's dad as "the godfather" from now on.)

      Hmm... actually... come to think of it... am I supposed to read what happened as Junielle simply throwing a temper-tantrum because Pearl walked in on them? I guess that makes sense. Like, she wanted to kill Pearl for it, but Rio was all "no, me!" and she's like "fine, it will make me feel better to kill at least one of you."

      Though it makes her totally hateable.

      Supernatural creatures can be very childish. x.x

      *cough* Anyway. Rio didn't deserve to die. ='( You broke my heart.

      Or possibly broke my heart.

      I see a 50/50 chance Rio has just been forced to go off and become Darth Rio. Or a chinchilla. Or... um... I forgot what kind of powers Neptune has.

      PS: Haha, I was assuming Kitten was faking being knocked out, so she could tell her parents about Pearl running off. xD But seeing her punched and knocked out for reals was just as amusing.

    4. So basically I love you.

      I never read any of the Star Wars extended universe after a Star Wars fanatic friend threatened me with a butter knife (I am sadly not even joking about this). But your crazy fan theory is pretty close to what actually happened to Rio.

      Basically Junielle knew that once she got back home her dad would be able to know what she knew and if she let Pearl go than he'd be pretty cranky (And might cancel her allowance! ... Or her life). No, actually he controls a lot more than what I hinted at these past two chapters, but there'll be more of that later. Far later. It's helpful that vampires live longer than normal sims do.

      Kitten getting knocked out cold has to do with Pearl's green eyes. She and Nile both have strong potential for fae magic, but only one might be able to really use it. [/spoilers]

    5. I love you too, but I want to see some explainin' next chapter! And some Rio next chapter, dead or alive!

      *points plastic spork*

      ...Sorry, I'll leave you alone now. ;D

    6. Well I wasn't planning on anymore Rio or Junielle, but I might be able to fit in a scene next chapter. Just since your theories made me smile so big.

      The spork threat just beat the butterknife threat.

    7. ...I tend not to keep objects sharper than sporks in my vicinity. =(

    8. D: GODDAMNIT JAINA. :( Jacen was the only decent Solo kid.

      >_> Becky, you wouldn't like Kevin J Anderson. He's the one that said writing for Star Wars was like flipping burgers. And then he went on to ruin the Dune series, from what I hear, so he knows a thing or two about being a crappy author.

  3. I am unfollowing this entire blog. How could you?


      And hey, my blog isn't nearly as evil as your own story!

  4. Nooo! Don't let Rio be dead! *cries*

    I'm betting Pearl has some fae magic given the twin bond stuff and the knocking Kitten out. I'm also hoping Becky's right because vampires are after all (un)dead and therefore it would be totally reasonable for Pearl not to be able to feel Rio if Junielle changed him.

    1. Yeah Pearl knocking Kitten out had to do with her fae magic.

  5. But, but Rio is so fabulous! How could anyone kill fabulous Rio?!?

    *goes to the corner to sob*

    I can't decide if I'm mad at Pearl or not. I get why she did what she did, but she had no experience with hostage situation, so she was a bit foolish....

    1. Rio was killed because the world could not handle his fabulousness. Sim nation just wasn't ready for it.

      Pearl just felt the need to do SOMETHING. She does that a lot.

  6. *glares angrily at Cece*

    *tries not to die from laughter at Becky's theories*

    *resumes angry staring at Cece*

    How. Could. You?!!! *chokes back tears* I- I am like literally speechless right now. I can't think of anything to say. HE JUST CAN'T BE DEAD!!!!! I think I'm going to have to rival your cruelness by killing off one of your favorite characters in my own blog. Hmm, first step: Create a character Cece loves. Second step: Kill them. Oh, you totally asked for it.

    *flexes writing muscles and gets to work on my next update*

    1. You ALWAYS kill off or ignore my favourite characters! Payback time!

  7. After Tempest Sabo I always expect you to kill off the offspring I like. :P