Thursday, July 19, 2012

3.16 - The Bonds That Break Us

It’s all her fault, you know. Everyone knows it. 

Their dad was a bit shutter crazy in their youth, but Pearl’s happy for the photo he gave her of her brother. She misses him like crazy, and she no longer feels like herself. She isn’t even sure if she wants to.

The younger twins miss their brother, but Kitten’s sadness is replaced by anger. She can’t understand how her sister managed to knock her out with a single punch, but if she’d been just a bit stronger than she could have stopped Pearl from her stupid mission!

Not that she can blame her. 
“I wish Pearl wouldn’t blame herself so much.” Kitten mutters once their parents are out of the room. “If you’d been the one to get kidnapped I would have gone after you on the first day! You know... long as Pearl wasn’t around to punch me or something.”

Nile... is honestly a bit surprised. “Really? But I thought you couldn’t stand me.”

Kitten sighs, considering her words for the first time. “I may be a pain in the ass sometimes, but I still love you. You’re my brother and I just get mad since I know you could be a doctor or a scientist or something like that with your brain.”

She gets up and pulls him in for a hug. “But you know what, if you want to be a chef then go ahead. I’m proud of you no matter what, and I’ll stop bugging you about it if you want.”
He smiles, returning his sister’s hug. “Thanks Kitten, I appreciate it.”

Pearl hasn’t really felt like herself, and everything familiar hurts. Everything but Walt. 

He has the same taste in music as her brother, a similar hair colour and even dresses like he did. She always used to joke that Walt should have been her brother’s twin instead of her. 

Now his familiarness just makes her heart hurt. 

At least he doesn’t feel like Rio did. Their similarities stop at their looks. Rio was rash and hard headed. Walt is soft, gentle, and he cares for her because he wants to, not because they were born with a bond.

And Walt really does love her. His connection with his own twin sister is nothing like Pearl’s relationship was with Rio so he can’t understand her loss, but his mother is gone and his father will soon follow, so he can understand her feelings of abandonment.

Or at least he thinks he can. But even if he can’t quite understand what she’s going through he knows he needs to be supportive, and thats what he’s going to do. 

River remembers how Dorian helped her through her own family issues. Perhaps Walt can help Pearl heal from her guilt.

Neptune arrives in the middle of the night.

He knows he’s too late to save one, but if he can save the other than perhaps his son can forgive him.

Turns out neither really need saving. 
“I believe your son might still be alive.” 

Dorian shakes his head, trying to keep from having too much hope. “He can’t be. Pearl says the vampires took him, and what reason could they have to keep him alive? Besides, Pearl can’t sense him anymore and I’m sure you’ve noticed she inherited my abilities.”

Neptune sighs in exasperation. “Dorian. -I- can sense him, and what he is now. He is no longer a sim, and his transformation cut his bond with Pearl. If either of them die the other won’t be effected anymore, and Pearl’s mood swings are just her trying to adjust to no longer being a half. You’ll have to be there for her, and-”

“Wait wait. If Rio is no longer a sim than what is he? I thought fae blood stopped most transformations! Even if they bit him and turned him Pearl and I should still be able to sense him!”

“These vampires aren’t normal vampires.” River speaks up at last, voice almost inaudible. “They’re the Dracule’s, rumour has it they’re descendants of the very first vampire. They only breed when the previous leader is close to death from old age. And even then only one child. They’ve got the mainland almost fully under their control.”
Neptune nods in agreement. “I’ve watched them a few times over the years. They’re aren’t all evil, but the current leader is. He has a single daughter with a good heart so there’s hope in that. If Rio can get to her he might stay the same, but if he is accepted into the coven they will change him. He won’t be your son anymore.”

Neptune’s warning goes in one ear and out the other for River and Dorian. 
“He’s alive!” River breathes, falling into her husband’s arms. “Oh thank the Watcher.”
“We’ll get him back.” Dorian promises. “I don’t care how long it takes.”

Neptune just sighs as he makes his departure. Sims are such a disappointment, even his own son has become blinded to reason. He knows the Dracule family well. And he’s already certain he’d prefer his grandson dead than one of them... but that isn’t his choice to make.

They gave him a beautiful prison, but its still a prison.

Which is why Junielle is so confused upon finding the room empty. “... Rio?”

“Boo.” He deadpans, appearing from thin air and pushing her against the wall, holding her there with his body alone. He can hear her heart stammering, although her face shows no fear or emotion. “Did I scare you?”

“Of course not.” She growls before trying to move away from him. He grabs her arm instead, holding it against the wall and giving her a look, as if daring her to try again. Instead she glares at him, issuing an order. “Let me go, fledgling.”

He does so and she rewards him by wrapping her own arms around him, letting him hold her by the waist. “Where did you learn that trick?”
He smiles, flashing his new fangs at her. “Some of the guards let me join them in a hunt. I’ve always been a good student and it was a fun trick to learn. I was hoping to scare you even a little.”
“You can’t scare an heiress.” She lies. “I know everything.”
“Do you know that I love you?”

No. She knows that her father rewired his mind, to make him think he loved her. But if her father hadn’t done that he would have ordered Rio dead. So perhaps a fake love is better than no love at all. Besides, if her father knew her real reason for wanting Rio alive he’d kill all three of them. Herself, Rio, and their unborn child.



That is all. 


  1. Woah, woah, woah. A baby?! A BABY?! I'll admit that I didn't see that coming.

    I'll also admit that, assuming everyone survives this, I'm excited to see said baby. Just throwing that out there.

    I feel bad for Pearl. :( I hope she is able to recover soon.

    1. I'm sort of planning super super ahead, which is why I had Junielle get pregnant in this little excerpt. I doubt we'll be seeing any of them for a long time, at least until Pearl's taken over and well established in her career.

      Pearl WILL recover. But it'll take some time, and a lot of love from the people she still has.

  2. I always thought Rio was the sweet one.

    ...A hunt?


    Yuck. Ew.

    Dude, Neptune, it's gotta be said. Unable to take on vampires is a new low for the god of the sea, lolz.

    1. Like Neptune says, these vampires change you, and Junielle flat out said they changed his brain. What's to say they didn't change his personality a bit too?

      xD I'm sure Neptune could take them if he WANTED to. But- .... idea now. Thanks, Becky!

    2. What I meant was, Pearl was comparing her boyfriend to Rio, characterizing her BF as sweet and her twin as the hot-headed one. I just missed that vibe before. xD I'm sure it was there, I just forgot.

      Anyway, um. You're welcome. I think.

    3. Rio had a reputation as a bad boy because of the way he dressed and the way he'd go out drinking and partying, but at home and to his sister he was a sweet angel.

  3. If they changed his brain and his personality, then in a way Rio is dead *cries*

    Oi Neptune, go sort those nasty vamps out, you're supposed to be the god of the sea and they're mucking with your family!

    1. I really doubt Neptune would go fight them on their own turf, since if he misses even one vampire there's a chance they'll go after the rest of his family. They've hurt one, and he'll let his son deal with that. But if they come after another and he's close enough to help...

  4. Woah, woah, woah. Holy crap Cece!

    *picks up jaw off floor*

    Wow! Best. Chapter. Ever. Seriously, your current plot is amazing, and I can't wait to see what happens next! Eek!

    I still want Rio for my 'hood though, if you don't mind. I'd very much like to have some Rio babies running around! I still need to snag Brooke too.

    Great chapter, Cece! (I take back what I said in my last comment. You are forgiven. Lol.) =D

    1. Unfortunately things are going to be slowing down now, but the plot will pick up again soon. Let Gen 5 be born first.

      I'll upload Rio either tonight or tomorrow some time. I'm not sure when I'll get to play again.

    2. Thank you! <3

      Take your time though. It's not urgent. =)

    3. Rio is up on the exchange now.

  5. Well, what do you know? Kitten has a heart. *hugs Pearl*

    Oh,Neptune - fashionably late, as usual. Hopefully he can be of some assistance.

    You're so good at building suspense! Awesome chapter.

    1. Thank you very much, Hayley. Glad you liked the chapter!

      It was fun to write the scene between Nile and Kitten. I had her compliment him on the couch and his face naturally went into that "Did you just say what I thought you said" expression! xD It was awesome.