Sunday, July 22, 2012

3.17 - Defeated

Today, Pearl found out her brother is still alive. Last night, Walt’s father died. Surprisingly both are feeling just about the same thing: complete and utter defeat. 

“I could have healed.” She sighs, leaning against Walt’s chest. “I could have moved on and had a happy, normal life, but now that I know he’s still alive I can’t just sit here and do nothing.” 
“I know.” He sighs, not wanting to let go. “But I don’t want to lose you. Promise me you won’t go after him right now.”
“I made that mistake already, and that’s why he’s gone.” She reminds him. “I promise I won’t try again until I know I’m prepared.”

Walt’s living with his crazy older brother now. The older brother who works for River and Cinnamon. Pearl’s sort of hoping she can change that first part.

“What do you mean you want Walt to stay with us? Pearl, there’s no reason for why Patrick can’t take care of him, and I’m sure the two of you can wait until graduation to live under the same roof!”

“Mom, Patrick is nothing but a dumb thug, you’ve said that yourself! Joseph McKinly took Corrine in, but he didn’t have room for Walt, and this morning Patrick yelled at Walt and made him scared for his life! We have more than enough room here, mom. And it’s not like I want him here so I can jump into bed with him or something. I just... I want him to be safe.”

Patrick has always been a bit rougher than need be at work, but River never imagined he could be the same way around his younger brother. But if Pearl thinks Walt is in danger than it’s River’s duty to help him out.

Still, she can’t help but feel as if she said yes to fill the void that Rio left. Dorian tries assuring her that taking Walt in was just the right thing to do, not their way of trying to replace their son. But even then, the unspoken worries are there. Both of them are getting older each day, soon enough they’ll be too old to do anything of value to find their son and bring him back. And then what? Will he just become an old memory to his siblings?

Walt joins the family the very next day. Pearl’s happy to have him so close. 

He’s offered Rio’s old room but he doesn’t take it. Instead he asks if Nile doesn’t mind sharing a room. Truth be told, Walt almost feels as if Rio’s room is filled with ghosts, and he’s always shared a room with Corrine. Nile’s snores help lull him to sleep.

The labyrinth under the Dracule family estate stretches for miles in every direction. Rio was let out of his prison early on, but he still can’t find his way to the surface without help. Just as he can’t find this certain room without Junielle’s help.
“June? I’m here.”

“Were you followed?” She asks nervously, careful to keep their newborn son quiet until the door is closed. She fulfilled her family obligations before her pregnancy could really be seen, and threatened her father with very explicit memories of her nights with Rio if he read her mind. Fortunately business forced her father to leave the estate and Junielle could hide for the remainder of her pregnancy alone. 

“No one followed me, but the guards are becoming suspicious every time I come this way. They all still believe you’ve gone off on your own while your dad is away, but I’m worried they’ll come explore this way sometime. We need to get you and Nicolas out of here.”

“We can disappear for a while, but then what? We’ll be found sooner or later, and dad always wanted a son but he followed the rule of one child. If he finds Nicolas he’ll kill us both and take him as his heir, and who knows what he’ll do to him then. I don’t want our son raised in this family.”

“I can help you with that.”
Normally, Neptune would never have involved himself with the girl responsible for his grandson’s kidnapping... but her child has his blood, and they need the help he can give. It feels like his duty to make himself appear in front of them.

“I know you.” Junielle smiles, recognizing the man’s features in Rio. “My father warned me you might be near when he sent me to find Rio. You’re some sort of fairy king, aren’t you? Why would you help us?”
“I prefer father of the Oceans...” Neptune mutters, trying to keep the bitterness out of his voice... he is NOT a fairy. 

“I’m here to help because your child was not part of Rio’s agreement to give himself up. He sacrificed his own freedom for his sister’s, and I fear what you both would want to sacrifice to keep your son safe.”
“Anything.” Junielle answers. “I’d do anything to keep him safe.”
Neptune already has a plan, but he’s careful in the way he brings it up. “I can help, but it would be very difficult to keep you all together...”

“He wants to take our son away.” Rio sighs when he sees Junielle’s blank expression. “Probably off to some fairy world or something like that. He’ll be safe, but we’ll never seen him again. He’ll probably grow up not even knowing who we are.”

Junielle gasps and Neptune does some damage control. “Your son is a vampire, I could never take him to the fae world. But I know someone close to your heart who would without a doubt be willing to raise your son...” 
Neptune nods. “Pearl.”

“I don’t know if I can do this.” Junielle sighs, eyes already tearing up. 
“Pearl will take good care of him.” Rio promises. “Giving him to her would be in his best interest. We can’t keep him safe here, and she will love him just as much as we do.” 
She takes a shaky breath. “O-Okay...”

As Rio gives his son a final hug, Neptune takes Junielle aside, placing a soft kiss on her hand. “I may not approve of what you have done, or forgive you for taking my grandson away, but in his heart he wishes to stay so I will not steal him as you did. Treat him well and you will not see from me again.”
His words are soft and kind, as if he were just flattering her appearance but the threat almost stops Junielle’s heart. 

Neptune takes Nicolas and leaves the way he came.

And Junielle and Rio are left to hold each other up. They’ve done what’s best for their son, and yet they both feel as if they just lost the battle. Without meaning to, Neptune’s visit left them feeling completely defeated.


Walt's father, Dominick Jones died right as the moodlet for Rio's "death" was disappearing, and then I kept getting pop-ups about him and Patrick constantly fighting (and yes, he and his twin sister were "child saved" by two different families) so bringing him into the family two days before Pearl's YA birthday just felt like the right thing to do. 

Grabbing Junielle and Rio's child was the wrong thing to do, but I don't want Pearl to go through 5 pregnancies (excluding possible multiples). So that's 1/5 children down.

Gen 4 begins next chapter.

YA versions of Rio and Junielle are available on the legacy exchange.


  1. I think grabbing Junielle & Rio's child was the perfect thing to do, it makes perfect sense from a storyline perspective. I'm also very glad Neptune intervened and I loved his threat to Juni!

    1. Becky gave me the idea with her comment on wether or not Neptune could take a few vampires. And I realize... he so could. Dunno if he'd want to, but he'd try to sneak in. And if his grandson needed his assistance he'd offer in an attempt to make up for not showing up earlier.

  2. I am sad that they must give up their baby and hope that Neptune is right that this is the best option. Also, I am anxious to see what happens when Pearl is handed her nephew to raise.

    1. Neptune doesn't always know what the best course of action is, but you can be sure that whatever does happen, he'll make sure nothing bad happens to Nicolas.

      Nicolas' adoption will be next chapter.

  3. King of the Fairies...hehehehehe. Deal with it, Neptune. You're a fairy.

    Poor Rio and Junielle. Giving Nicolas to Pearl is probably the best idea, though. I wouldn't want my kids growing up in that underground lair.

    1. When I get the Supernatural EP I HAVE to dress Neptune up as a fairy with wings and everything. I don't know how, but he'll still manage to rock it. <3

      Junielle grew up in that estate, and she wouldn't wish that on her worst enemy.


      I'm now holding you to this, just so you know.

    3. Please remind me in September so I don't forget. (I've also written it down on my story wall)

  4. Replies
    1. Won't lie. Most of the chapter was written on the fly and by the seat of my pants xD.

  5. tbh I'm glad that Nicolas is getting the chance to live some semblance of a happy/normal life (as normal as it can get being a vampire).

    I think they made the right choice - for the sake of their child.

    As cruddy as the situation is though, it's good that Junielle and Rio have the comfort of each other to help get them through this... at least until the shiz hits the fan again. I know it's coming eventually. haha.

    1. When it comes to my legacy, the shit is always pretty damn close to the fan. : )

      I dunno how normal a life you can get as an evil vampire- shit that was a spoiler... I'm sorry.

  6. Is Nicolas a vampire? He doesn't look like a vampire in your pictures, but it is hard to tell sometimes. (Or can you even tell at the baby stage? Lol, I can't remember.)

    Poor Rio. </3 I want the old Rio back.

    Also: I need to learn NOT to read the comments section in your blog! Too. Many. Spoilers. :P

    1. Well Nicolas was just an instant baby so there's a chance he might not be a vampire in the photos, but he will be one next chapter. Since he came from two vampire parents, story wise he should be a vampire. There is, of course, a cure for vampirism in this world but he's too young for it and I doubt Neptune would try to remove his vampirism, wether or not he even had the power for it.

      I dunno... vampire Rio is kinda growing on me. He's sexy! : D