Sunday, July 1, 2012

3.7 - Pearls and Things

Basically Pablo’s research was spot on, but his conclusions were completely incorrect. Dorian’s mother was Elaine Dawson, and she discovered the hidden tomb where his father had made his home. But no one had even cared about her discovery so she’d raised her son in relative solitude. And then he’d been taken to the fae world by his father before he’d even really come to age and when he returned his mother was long gone, and suddenly everyone was looking for her treasures. So Dorian gave the people what they wanted.
River’s just glad she was right to trust him.

She starts showing the day after their wedding, and Dorian rarely lets her out of his sight. It would annoy her if not for what he’d told her right after she announced her pregnancy.

“I was supposed to have a sister.” 
His arms tighten around her protectively, already sensing the twins in her. “She was born more fae than human and the air here poisoned her. Father arrived in time to cut our bond so I would live, but he couldn’t save her.”
“What was your sister’s name?”
He’s silent for a moment, trying to remember the name on the gravestone he’d only seen a few times. “Pearl.”

River leans back, pulling Dorian’s face towards hers for a kiss. “We’re having twins, yes?”
He nods. “Yes.”
“Then lets name one Pearl. It’s a beautiful name.”
He smiles, placing soft kisses all along her face. “Thank you, kitten.”
It’s been a while since he last called her that.

Staying home and doing absolutely nothing has left River bored and restless, but it isn’t as bad as she first feared it would be. 

After all, Dorian is here to give her an outlet when she needs it. He actually makes it fun to stay home and do nothing.

Still, the itch in his fingers is getting worse with every passing day. She can control it for now, but she isn’t sure how long she can act the part of the content house wife.

Just as when she was a child, dancing makes her feel better.

But next time she’s expecting she might want to give up dancing. “DORIAN GET THE CAR!”

They welcome to the family a little girl named Pearl.

And her twin brother, Rio.

Watcher has a bit too much fun making the nursery. 

That same day River gets a call from her mom. Liam passed away early that morning in his sleep. He never even got to meet the grandchildren he’d been looking forward to spoiling. 

Dorian helps her feel better, reminding her that Liam died knowing she loved him, and that he lived a good life. She shouldn’t mourn, and instead celebrate that he loved her so much.

He also cheers her up in other ways. Which make it no surprise when she quickly finds herself suffering from morning sickness once again.

While her children are still babies!

She begins to show on her twins’ birthday into toddlers.

Pearl inherits Melody’s bright green eyes and Liam’s hair colour. Then River corrects herself. It’s Pablo’s hair colour... no, one more correction. It’s Liam’s hair colour. Screw Pablo, he was never really her father.

Rio has Serena’s hair colour and Liam’s eyes. No corrections needed here.

River’s a little worried about how she and Dorian are going to handle more children while the twins need to be taught their life skills but Dorian reminds her that he works from home and she’s a stay at home mother. They’ll be fine.

Pearl’s a brave little girl but she prefers being with family to being alone. 

Rio doesn’t mind being by himself as long as he has his toys. He loves to have fun, and he adores his xylophone to no end... especially the mallets. They’re yummy.

Luckily the twins like to keep each other occupied. 

... Sometimes with very morbid things.

Dorian worries about leaving the twins alone with a babysitter but River assures him they’ll be fine (And they are. Only one fire and the babysitter suffered light burns at worse).

They bring home another set of twins. Kitten and the youngest, Nile.

Life takes on an easy routine after that (albeit with more protection cause River is done with being pregnant).

Dorian sculpts to bring in extra cash for new baby furniture.

And River spends time with the babies. 

It’s tough, but River and Dorian always manage to find time for each other.

But with the younger twins becoming toddlers life is only going to get a lot more hectic.

And Nile:


I never realized you could layer carpets with moveobjects on... SO MUCH FUN! 

I'm actually a little nervous to see these kids grow up. Their noses feel so awkward so here's hoping they grow into them... O_O I think I'll wait until the actual heir vote to post their rolls. Cause if I show the rolls I know who everyone will become biased towards.

EDIT: The first maternity dress River models for you in this chapter came from the amazing Anubis Under the Sun and can be found by following this link.


  1. I love that dress and have just downloaded. Thanks for fueling my CC addiction even more. -.-

    Also, I think Kitten is the most adorable of the twins. Not sure how I feel about Pearl's hair. And Nile is just a bit creepy, just saying.

    1. I think I'm going to add in a link to the dress because I know a lot of people will want it. It really is gorgeous. <3

      I dunno, I'm really happy Pearl got Harris' blonde hair and I LOVE her eyes. Kitten's hair is sort of boring in my opinion since Serena had it. But I think both girls are going to be interesting character wise. Nile was supposed to be a little shy and awkward so actually he came out looking the part perfectly! Rio is just adorable. I think he might be my favourite since he's always so smiley.

  2. Yay, cute cute babies! Dorian's story was sad though, poor Pearl :(

    1. Yeah not all families can be happy all the way through. But at least his sister's death made it so his dad would stick around.

  3. At first, I thought "Twins. Tough, but doable."

    Then I saw the second set of twins. Holy cow, that is a LOT of babies. I think they're all pretty adorable, but Rio and Kitten are my favorites. Pearl's hair color is quite pretty. The kids have quite an interesting genetic mix.

    *hugs for Dorian*

    1. Someone's got a thing for red heads : P

      Yeah I was really happy with how mixed the kids all look. None of them seem to be a clone of only one parent and I love how Pearl got great grandpa Harris' blonde (Actually so did Brooke's daughter Melissa).

      I've had triplets. And in my Gen 8 heir had five kids (by two different women) all the same age... now THAT was hard. Two sets of twins a few days apart wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be.

  4. "I know what will make him stop calling me kitten... I'll NAME OUR DAUGHTER THAT. Muahaahahaha!"

    I already had the dress, but I love it too. <3

    Also jealous of all the store toddler hair you have.

    1. Yeah that pretty much River's reasoning for naming her daughter that xD.

      Most of the store hairs look like crap in game... but the toddler and even child ones are actually really good. O_o (Plus I had to get that spiked male toddler one after seeing it in Buckley's legacy)