Tuesday, July 3, 2012

3.8 - Shuffling

Pearl has a strange fascination with playing house. She doesn’t yet really understand why mommy and daddy mash their lips together, but obviously that makes babies, and Pearl loves having a full family.

Rio hates playing house unless Pearl kicks and screams and forces him into it. He’d much rather explore around the house. So many doors on the second floor, he wonders what’s behind door number three.

Nile is generally the quietest of the bunch and likes keeping himself occupied. So of course he’s the only Dorian grabs the most often to terrify with “the claw”.

Kitten is typically content no matter what. She’s just as silent as her brother, and Dorian sometimes wonders if something bad happened. River assures him they’re both just born geniuses.

Maybe having four kids so close in age was a bad idea...

A maid is needed to deal with the chores he and River no longer have time for.

The maid isn’t the best, but he does free up enough time for Dorian and River to spend even more time with the children. 
(Don’t judge him... Pearl can be very persuasive when she uses the pout)

So... much... to... teach...

Finally its time for Pearl and Rio to become children.

Pearl gains a love for everything girly and pink.

Rio just becomes fabulous.

After a bit of shuffling and discussing, its decided Pearl will share the larger of the rooms with Kitten (once she ages up).

RIo gets the smallest room all to himself.

River and Dorian aren’t exactly filthy rich anymore but they still have enough to buy a few birthday gifts. Such as a craft table for Pearl.

Rio just gets his mom’s old radio, but he doesn’t mind that the gift isn’t brand new. Music is awesome!

These two still have some time before their birthday. 

Nile is just happy he won’t have to share a room with Kitten once they’re older. She talks in her sleep and it scares him.

Out of the blue River gets a call from her sister. Earlier that day, Serena passed away in her sleep. River grieves... but not as much as she did for her father. Her mother was always just... there. Never really involved in her life.

She’s thinking of going out tonight. Doing something she’d planned on giving up before her children were born. Thievery is a part of whom she is, and she wants to feel like herself again.

That night Dorian and the children eat without their mother.


I CAS'd Rio and Pearl into YA so I could sneak a peak. They grow into those noses SO well. Can't wait to see the younger two.


  1. Kitten is still my favourite. I can't wait to see what she looks like when she gets older. And I do hope that Nile doesn't look so creepy.

    Also, in the first two little paragraphs, you wrote Paris where you meant to write Pearl.

    1. xD Oops! Yeah, Paris (my gen 7 Sabo heir) was the first to sport that hair style so I guess subconsciously I mixed her up with Pearl. Fixed now!

      Nile might also just be the haircut, but hopefully they'll be children next chapter.

  2. So many babies >.< AAAAND I caught up YAY

    1. Yay! I'm so happy you finally caught up!

  3. Uh oh, I can't help thinking something's going to go badly with River's little excursion...

  4. Bye Serena. :(

    Dang, Rio IS fabulous! The outfit, the hair - he's adorable. Pearl is, too. Looking forward to seeing the other two grow up! I love that store set you used in their bedroom, it's so whimsical.

    Hoping River doesn't end up in too much trouble...

    1. All of the kids are pretty cute but Rio might just be my favourite looks wise (at least so far) and omg wait'll you see him as YA for the heir vote! His siblings should be happy he's got the most boring roll cause otherwise he'd be getting all the votes!

      Yeah the beds I used for the girls' room are my favourite so I was soooo happy to finally be able to use it.

  5. I still think Kitten is my favorite as well. She is adorable. Wherever did you get that hair from anyway? Little wee things grow up so quick.

    1. I will be honest. I have NO idea. I thought it was store but now I can't seem to find it in there so I dunno. O_o

  6. RIO! Oh my word, I love that hairstyle on him. He totally rocks it too. Lol.

    Nile looks sad in that picture. Or pissed. I'm not sure which, but his facial expression is hilarious.

    Kitten's toddler hair really is lovely. It looks nice in that color too.

    1. Rio is most likely the best looking kid in the family. <3 I love him.