Thursday, July 5, 2012

3.9 - Trust Me

River knew where her old friend would be. She’s been at the local bar every single night since leaving her life of crime. No friends, no contact with her family, a crap career and a constant flow of booze.

River’s life might have turned out the same way if not for a loving husband and her children. But even so, she feels nothing but sadness for the girl who used to be her best friend. Cinnamon helped her escape Pablo’s grasp, and now it’s time to return that favour. 
“Cin? Come on hunny, time to get up.”

Slowly Cinnamon manages to get to her feet. She hasn’t drunk as much as usual today, not even enough to get rid of the previous night’s hangover, but she can recognize the face in front of her. “Well if it isn’t the little princess of crime herself. How’s daddy been treating you?”
River sighs, willing herself to not be annoyed. “Actually Pablo died a while back. Same day by youngest set of twins were born.”

“Oh.” Cinnamon remain quiet for a moment. “Sorry for your loss, I guess.” 
“Don’t be. After you left the game I realized that you were totally right. He’d been using me and tried breaking me away from those I cared about. I’m just sorry I didn’t come by to say thank you earlier.”
Cinnamon shrugs. “No big. I heard you had two sets of twins right? Sounds time consuming.”

“It was, but they’re all going to be grown up soon, and I want to get back into the game. Like you I left when I realized my dad’s true character.”
“Well have you talked to the new crime lord about getting back in?”
“That’s just is, there isn’t one. Everyone expects me to take over but we both know I don’t have what it takes.” River looks up at her friend, willing her to get the hint. “But if I were to say... back someone else... that person would have all the power of being the lord, and all I’d want in return is the freedom to lead the thieves, to pick the targets and lead the hits. I don’t want to be stuck in HQ, I want to be out there in the thick of things. You know?”

Cinnamon gets the hint, her face lighting up with glee. “You’d really back me? Give me all the power?”
“You’re the only person outside of my immediate family I trust, Cin. Will you help me out?”

“You kidding? I’d have to be crazy to say no! When do we start?”

It’s almost 4 in the morning when River gets home from the meeting at the warehouse. It took a lot of convincing but Cinnamon had her own fans in the local crime scene and many are willing to follow her if she can prove herself. Everything seems to be falling into place.
Well, except for that one little detail that slipped River’s mind.

“I can’t believe you’d go back into this life without even talking to me, asking me how I feel about this. We’re a family now, River. This shouldn’t have been your decision to make alone.”

Aaaaah, she fucked up. 
“Baby I’m sorry, I just... I knew you’d stop me. But I can’t do the happy house-wife routine anymore.”
“You’re not happy here?”
Shit, not what she meant.

“Dorian, like it or not thievery is who I am, it always has been. I tried giving it up but I couldn’t, and I’m going back into it wether you like it or not. But I will not hide what I am, or what I do from you or the children. I’m not ashamed of it, and I wish you wouldn’t be either. It IS my decision to make alone.”

“I’m not ashamed of what you do.” He sighs. “I’m scared you’ll get hurt, or jailed permanently. I can’t stand the idea of raising our family without you, and I don’t want to see anything happen to you.”

Nothing will happen to me.” She promises. “I’ve covered my bases, there’s someone in power who I trust with my life, and she won’t let me down. It would mean the world to me if you could put that same trust in me.”

“I do trust you.” He smiles. “And if this is what makes you happy I won’t stand in your way... just be careful. Please.”
“I will.”

Pearl and Rio are never too far from each other.

Not to say they don’t have other interests. Both are good friends with the other set of twins in town (Camille and Walt Jones).

And they do love their younger siblings. 
(All together now: “D’aaaaaw”)

Dorian and River become middle aged on the same day. Something stirs in the back of her mind about Dorian being immortal... but whatever, he must just be making himself look the same age as her.

Only a day later the younger twins also have an age up.

And Nile:


No I'm not setting up for anything. Seriously. I'm not. Honest!

Well, at least not yet.

Bonus photo of the far wall in Dorian and River's bedroom.


  1. I dunno, I think Dorian has a point. She could have at least told him before she did's different when you have a family because your decisions affect everyone. Being in jail isn't just being in jail, it's a night the kids don't have their mom. Oh well. Hopefully River and Cinnamon can manage their venture.

    Oh look! Cute kids being cute! Love the photo wall.

    Great chapter overall!

    1. I really expected the kids of this generation to be hideous so as soon as I realized they were actually cute I went out and got Dorian skilling photography. Must refrain from filling the house with photo spam.

      River has a bit of a selfish mentality, because even when things go wrong they never go BAD. Sure her parents were mad, but they always forgave her. And when she got jailed, her dad bought her way out and Dorian was there to hold her. I don't actually know if I want her to wake up or not... I mean I am one child over my roll...

  2. I'm going to ignore your comment up there...just ignore it damn it. I hate you.

    Also, I actually feel rather sorry Cinnamon though I am also highly suspicious. Sure, River came to her but, but. I don't know. I think her resentment for River's instant acceptance into the community, regardless of River backing her for the position is going to be a problem.

    1. You guys are just giving me more plot ideas. : D

  3. Nice photo collection. =)

    Nice to see Cin back in the game.

    1. It'll NEVER be as good as yours, but its nice to have some pictures of the Sari spawn around the house. Specially since I'm hoping to stay in this house until this legacy is finished.

      I missed Cin, I'm glad I was able to find a way to get her back.

  4. Those kids are very very cute, and I have to agree with Hayley, River really should have discussed things with Dorian before making her decision - she wants him to trust her, but she didn't trust him enough to talk to him first.

    1. It's not so much trust as she was just worried he'd be able to talk her out of it (which he would have, easily) and then she'd have stayed miserable in an empty house while her kids were off at school.

  5. I agree with Dorian! The least she could of done was say something to him and not give him a choice hahahaha - I so would of done that.

    1. He never would have had a choice. : P You don't just say "No" to a Sari.