Tuesday, July 24, 2012

4.1 - A Very Mixed Family

Cinnamon is constantly calling for some reason or another but River is just exhausted these days. Her elder birthday is just around the corner and with everything that’s happened she’s just so... tired. Once she becomes old she’s going to retire. For real this time.

Perhaps she’ll stay home after retirement. Be the mom that walks around in her underwear all day long to embarrass the kids. (Although to be honest... she does that already)

Walt’s dabbled with the guitar, but he never really worked hard at it. 

When they first started dating, Pearl asked him if he could play a song for her. He couldn’t at the time but he’s been practicing and now he can. It just makes Pearl wonder what she did to luck out and get him for a boyfriend.

Nausea is nothing new to River. She had it during her pregnancies, and all during Rio’s kidnapping. But lately her nausea has returned with quite the vengeance, and she isn’t sure what to make of it.

Surely its just nerves. Cinnamon fears River’s retirement will be seen as an insult, and the vampires might strike again. 

By the following morning River is certain her nausea isn’t from nervousness.

She’s only a few days away from her elder birthday and she’s pregnant. As if she didn’t feel old enough, her oldest daughter was becoming an adult today! So was her oldest son... wherever he was. But back to the baby. How the heck was she going to do this?

Pearl’s birthday arrives. 

And she grows into a lovely young woman. 

Shortly after, Walt becomes a handsome young man. 

Pearl already knows what she wants to do with her life, but Walt certainly tries talking her out of it. Not that it will change anything. Once Pearl’s mind is set, it’s set.

When River first told Dorian about the baby his mind was blown, but slowly he’s adjusted to the idea of the next baby in the house being their son or daughter rather than a grandchild. He’s worried about his and River’s age coming into play but surely they can handle one child, right?

Yeah, they can do it. With age, Dorian’s abilities have faded but he’s filled with an unnatural fear every time he feels River’s tummy. But he keeps these fears to himself. If there really is anything to worry about the last thing River needs is the stress.

Walt loves living in a full house, but to be honest he does need his space now and then. 

Of course Neptune chooses this very moment to interrupt his quiet time. 

“Another son?” Dorian asks as he sees Neptune and Walt entering the house with the tiny toddler. 
Neptune doesn’t smile. “Not a son. A great grandson. Your son Rio’s boy, Nicolas. He and the baby’s mother were afraid for his safety so they asked me to bring him to Pearl.”

Dorian’s gut freezes from the knowledge that his missing son fathered a child and Neptune took only one of them. “Pearl just started her life as a young adult. She doesn’t need to be saddled down by a toddler. River and I can handle him.”
“Can you really?” Neptune asks, shooting a glance towards River. “And I haven’t mentioned that Nicolas is the grandson of the Mainland’s crime lord. I can help train Pearl to keep her family safe, but your powers are weakening every day. If they come after the child you won’t be able to protect him.”

Dorian can’t say much to that since he knows his father is correct. “Still, you’re going to have to at least make sure Pearl knows what she’s getting herself into.”

“You don’t have to ask.” Pearl interrupts, coming between the men. “If Nicolas is Rio’s son then you know I’ll take care of him. If anyone comes after him they’ll have to get through me first.”

Thats what worries her father and grandfather the most.


River's pregnancy was not planned in the least. 


  1. Naw. So much to take in. I am really proud of pearl for being so independant

    1. If there's one thing about Pearl that has never, and will never change it's her position of family comes first. She doesn't care if it puts her in harm's way.

  2. Erm. I honestly don't know how I feel about River's pregnancy. I mean, I know it happens in real life, but Nicolas is going to be older than his aunt or uncle! I kind of feel bad for Dorian and River's unborn child, too. It doesn't seem fair to him/her, as s/he isn't going to have much time with his parents, and the time that s/he does get with them is going to be while they are old. Nothing against old parents (my parents were older when they had me), but there comes a time when you just need to stop having children.

    Sorry. I'm speaking more about real life now. So how does this fit in with the legacy rules? I mean, you can't actually keep the kid in the active house, as it would put you over your four kid limit. Unless, of course, you count it as one of Pearl's? But that isn't right either because s/he really is not one of her children. So does this mean River and Dorian are going to be moving out now? Ack, so many questions!!

    Looking forward to seeing how this plays out. =)

    1. I agree on older parents completely which is why I mentioned that RIver' pregnancy wasn't planned.

      My parents were very young when I was born xD. I'm never getting rid of 'em.

  3. I'm imagining Cece will count it as one of Pearl's. You can acquire children by adoption and all. But that would require something happening to River and Dorian first...

    So maybe they'll just move out of the house and be happy. ;D

    1. The baby will be counted as Pearl, so that does mean something will be happening to River and Dorian. It's sort of been over-done in legacies but honestly I don't have much choice in the matter anymore. There really is a limit on what and how I can deal with sims, y'know?

  4. Oh dear, I'm quite worried about what's going to happen with River, Dorian and the unborn baby now

    I love Pearl's reaction to Neptune bringing Rio's baby though and I'm glad he's going to teach her how to use her abilities

    1. I don't know if Neptune training Pearl will actually make it into photos... and what photos there are will mostly be of Pearl practicing on her own, but that's just cause I'm lazy xD.

  5. Watcher, -now- what are you going to do? You get worse every day.

    1. Still not as bad as you. But I'm working on it!

  6. Cece, I bow to you. You are the Queen of the Plot Curveball. River's pregnancy just about knocked me off my chair.

    1. I reacted the exact same way. Since that curveball was all woo-hooers fault, not mine. : )