Friday, July 27, 2012

4.3 - Cruel Times

Normally, the birth of a new child is cause for celebration in the Sari household.

But for Coral - 

And her twin brother Reed,

The death of their mother sort of over shadows the joy of their birth.

There’d been no signs during River’s pregnancy, and her death came as a shock even to the doctors. But River’s heart had stopped sometime between Dorian finding her on the floor, and the birth of the second twin. It was a miracle both babies had been born healthy, but Dorian couldn’t even accept that blessing. 

“How am I supposed to raise twins at my age?”
“You don’t have to worry dad, Walt and I will be here to help. You know that.”
If anything her words just make him feel worse. “But that’s just it. You shouldn’t have to stay and watch over your siblings. You and Walt should be off starting your own lives together free of burdens.”
Pearl just wishes her dad could understand that she doesn’t consider her nephew and siblings as burdens.

And it helps that Walt is so close to his soon-to-be little brother and sister in law.

Kitten becomes a young adult.

And so does Nile.

Unlike Pearl, neither want to stay home to help their father raise their new siblings. He may have lost a wife, but they lost their mother, and both would much rather move out and start a new life together in their own home.

Honestly, Dorian is glad the younger twins wanted to live their own lives. If River were still here with him, Pearl could have been just as free. 

But River is long gone, and when Dorian starts feeling older he’s thankful Pearl and Walt are still here to help him with the twins.

Who become toddlers the same day their father goes grey. They both inherit Dorian’s light brown eyes, but only Reed inherits Dorian’s blue tipped hair. Just as Coral is the only one to inherit their mother’s hair. 

Due to a water leak at City Hall, Pearl and Walt’s graduation ceremony was postponed, but at least with the new date all three of the toddlers can tag along without need for a babysitter.

Had Dorian’s abilities not faded so much with his age he might have sensed trouble the moment they left the graduation ceremony.

Perhaps leaving the children at home with a babysitter would have been a good idea.

After all, you never know who might be watching...

Normally, the leader refuses an audience when in his private rooms. But this human spy has an interesting story to tell. 

“Curious.” He mutters with a smirk. “I fear how awful a father I must be if I didn’t even notice my daughter had a child.”
“I kept an eye on the thief’s family like you asked, and the baby in their care looks just like you, sir. There is no doubt unless she somehow escaped your harem.”
“I wouldn’t have that family in my harem for all the gold in the world.”

“Then what are your orders?”
His smile fades. “Kill them all. But bring the boy to me. In the meantime I must speak with my dear daughter.” 


Please don't hurt, main, or otherwise attempt to disfigure or kill me please.


  1. Okay, I'm not even commenting on River's death because I've just been waiting for it last chapter. You're such a cruel mistress.

    Now, on to the story: who is this mystery human spy? I have been tilting and turning my head, trying to figure it out. I swear to YOUR watcher that if you make it MY Camille, that might be the first time we have words. :P

    1. xD Actually you can see his head in the third last photo, he's just a bald clone of Jacob (Gen 5 Sabo heir).

      Camille's entrance got pushed back a bit, but she'll be in the story soon. And she's going to be awesome.

  2. I was kind of expecting River's death, didn't expect the whole thing with Junielle's father though! Neptune better get training Pearl PDQ (or protect the family himself)

    1. I'll be honest, the only reason I don't already have photos of Pearl training or practicing is because I keep forgetting... and haven't studied the fog emitter as much as I should xD...

  3. Um, so... Junielle's father is attractive. I don't care if he's evil, okay? I'm shallow, we all know this!! XD

    As far as River's death goes - why must you do this to us? WHY? At least she was able to have the twins before passing...

    Welp - I'm getting ready for the shit to hit the fan (again).

    1. OMG I KNOW! I was sort of surprised by how sexy Papa Dracule came out! O_O He's just a gender bent version of Junielle with a few tweaks. Mainly the nose and some of his chin.

      I considered killing off one of the twins with her in labour buuuut then they became toddlers, and, um, they were gorgeous!

  4. I love that the twins got their parents hair!

    Also, creepy vampire harem. o_o

    1. Creepy vampire harem is made up of old character clones.

      Pole dancers: Blonde is a random NPC I found, brunette is a gender-bent clone of Walt.

      Around the chair:
      Brunette leaning over: Juliette Johnson (From Cycle 2 story contest)
      Brunette kneeling: Eris Orycalcos from Orycalcos
      Red head leaning over: Nadira Sabo from my Sabo Legacy
      Blone kneeling: Marina Allender from Orycalcos

  5. You ARE an awful father, Mr. Creepy Vampire Harem Man Whose Name I Forgot. Not because you didn't realize you're daughter is pregnant, but because you raised her underground and probably were not a very loving father. Also, you hurt Rio. Your gorgeousness does not excuse your treatment of Rio.

    Poor Dorian. I suppose the only good thing about River going is that there is no conflict of interest with Pearl.

    1. River actually quit her job when I realized she was pregnant and I wrote that as her getting tired with the life and wanting to be a normal mother who can keep her kids safe instead of putting them in harm's way. If you're talking about a conflict of interest between her and Pearl's job, she was actually in favour of Pearl's career choice.

      You have no idea how often I go back and just stare at gorgeous Dracule. <3 I wish I'd used him as a base for Nicolas instead of playing with Juliette and Rio's genetics (Eh. Nicolas is attractive too... just not as attractive as his grandpa).