Tuesday, July 31, 2012

4.4 - What You Need

To Pearl’s surprise, her grandfather’s training had no sparkles or whistles attached. Her mother’s abilities are more physical than spectacular so Neptune taught her only the basics before turning her training over to Dorian. And he’s a harder trainer than those parents with kids in the Olympics!

But she still appreciates the training. She’s learned by now that the punch she gave Kitten was a lucky shot fueled by her anger, but if she can learn to harness her strength enough to use it whenever she needs? She’ll definitely be able to protect her family this way.

The toddlers are no trouble. 

They twins in particular are honestly quite happy to be alone and entertain themselves.

Only Nicolas seems unwilling to ever be alone. He has his own room and seems alright with sleeping alone, but as soon as he’s awake the crying and wailing begins until someone he recognizes picks him up and stays with him. 

With such well behaved children Pearl decides to bring up the idea of maybe having her own. 
“I mean we’re at a good age, we’re engaged, we have plenty of space in the house, and my dad isn’t going anywhere any time soon, y’know? I want us to have a baby!”

Walt chokes on his pie.

“Well, I mean, shouldn’t we maybe... uh... wait until Nicolas and the twins are a little older? They need our attention and I don’t want them feeling unloved or something, right?”

But as they sleep, his mind is quickly changed. 

And the entire time Pearl is at work, Walt just gets more and more excited. Pearl’s right. Now is the perfect time for children, and its about time Nicolas had some younger siblings, not just a younger aunt and uncle.

Pearl arrives home a little late, but happy to announce a new promotion to traffic cop. She’s no where near where she wants to be, but its a step in the right direction.

Walt’s there to cheer her up with a surprise hug.

And a surprise announcement.
“I want us to get married.” He smiles. “Right here, right now. And then I want us to get started on that family.”

“Right... here?” Pearl was planning a huge party. With bells, ribbons, a giant and extravagant ceremony and Coral being her sweet little flower girl!

But the only thing that really matters is the identity of her groom, she supposes. 

So she agrees to Walt’s private wedding.

And the feeling is exactly what she imagined it would be, even without the eyes of her friends and family on her. She wanted a big marriage, but all she really needs is a guy who won’t run from her strange family. And that’s exactly what she has.

They get started on that baby making right away.

The following morning Nicolas becomes a child.

And Pearl learns her and Walt’s first attempts at a child were very successful.


More excitement next chapter. Promise! 

You might not want that excitement though. Just saying. 


  1. I needed this chapter today though. Thank you for your kindness

  2. D'awww. Pearl and Walt are so cute together and I can't wait to see their beautiful babies. <3

  3. Nicolas is creeeeeppppyyyyy!

    I don't know. It's those vampire eyes or something. He just doesn't look... happy.

    1. I think Nicolas is adorable!

      It's vampire toddlers that I think are unsettling. So let's just say I'm glad that Nicolas aged up. XD

    2. Hey hey hey. I think vampire kids are adorable! A little creepy, yes, but not nearly as bad as toddler Niles. *Shudders*

      I think Walt and Pearl will have gorgeous babies as long as they don't inherit his eye shape.

  4. Yay, babies! I'm slightly scared what the "excitement" of the next chapter is going to be though

    1. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

      (I love freaking you guys out)

  5. I'm kind of with Buckley on this one. He's creepy. Nile was pretty creepy himself though. Imagine HIM as a vampire.

    1. *Huggles my Nicolas* Leave my baby alone! I love him <3.