Sunday, August 12, 2012

4.10 - Promise You'll Come Home to Me

Nicolas becomes a teen.

Coral doesn’t think its fair that he always gets to grow up before she does. Something isn’t right here.

But at the very least, now that  Nicolas is older and more “responsible” he can take her and Reed wherever they want. Like... the karaoke bar.

Nicolas would much rather be somewhere else. Anywhere else. People are staring at them!

Coral doesn’t care. She’s rocking this!

Nicolas is the best nephew ever. 

Reed is at the most... 10% jealous, and 90% bored out of his mind.

At least he manages to guilt Nicolas into playing dominos later. Coral decides not to play, stating that Nicolas will probably cheat.

Nicolas wins within minutes. Reed’s tiny little heart breaks. “But... how did... I mean... that isn’t possible!”

Nicolas hasn’t told the twins he can read minds. It’s sort of a “need to know” thing, that they don’t need to know. 

The older kids are out at the karaoke bar, and the twins are asleep upstairs. Pearl already has her tickets bought, and she and Camille leave soon. She really doesn’t want to tell Walt where she’s really going, but if its a trap or if something happens to her... well, he needs to know.

“I know you’re going to be mad at me.” She begins. “But I would really appreciate it if you lied and told me you understand and respect my decision.”

“What decision?”

She hesitates for a moment before just saying it. “The Head of the Dracule family has sent me an invitation to visit him on the mainland so we can talk things out. See if there’s a way to end this with no more blood shed.”

One thing Walt has always had pride in is his temperament. He doesn’t get mad, doesn’t exaggerate or hurt people, and has never yelled. And yet, it takes all of his self control not to give Pearl a hard slap in the face then and there. Instead he stops, takes a few breaths to steady himself and then raises a hand. 

“We agreed once to never lie to each other.” He reminds her. “So I can’t say I understand and respect your decision. I honestly can’t believe you’d make such a stupid decision without even asking me for my opinion! Pearl, this is crazy! They’re just luring you into a trap! And what am I supposed to do if they kill you? Or come after us here at home?”

Pearl’s thought this all through already. “The house will be under constant surveilance while I’m away, and I’m not going alone. We’ve already spoken with the mainland special forces and they’ll be escorting myself and Camille every step of the way. I’ll be just fine... and please, Walt. I don’t want to lose you over this, but if there’s even the slightest chance of saving my brother... I have to do it.”

He knows her mind is already made up, and even though it breaks his heart he has to let her do this. “Just promise you’ll come back to me, Pearl. I don’t think I could live without you.”

Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry...

“Nothing will ever stop me from coming home.” She promises. “I love you.”

“And I love you.” He smiles. “Go get ‘em, tiger, and please stay safe.”

Pearl hates leaving like this, but she has to. If there’s any way to stop this fight peacefully she’ll take it. 

Her only fear is what the Dracule family expects in exchange for safety.

A pair of purple eyes follow Pearl on her way out, until she’s out of sight. How strange, she never actually expected the human to go for the leader’s plan. Will she actually have to do something now? Eew, working sucks. Nonetheless she has to call this in.

“Danika? What is your report?”

Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh! It’s really him! The big boss is actually on the other line! With her! “U-uhm, that human you had me watch, she um... she’s on her way to the port. The house is still heavily guarded, but I shouldn’t have much of a problem completing the mission, sir.”

The man on the other line laughs contently. “Good, good. But stay hidden for now. My letter to her was honest, and if there is a way to solve this peacefully you will not be needed my little spy. Just keep an eye on my grandson and perhaps I will have room for you once you return.”

Danika almost swoons. 

“I won’t let you down sir!” She promises. “No matter what!”

“I expect nothing less than perfection. Off you go, child. Do not make my daughter’s mistakes.”

Danika would never make Junielle’s mistake. After all, to fall in love you’d need to have a heart.


I swear the Dracules don't normally use teenage girls to do their dirty work. But it just so happens that both times they've had to send someone to Autumn Falls, the target has been a teenage boy. And what're teenage boys' only weaknesses? That's right, teenage girls! 

At this point in time, there are no plans to have harm befall Pearl while she's on the mainland. But my story is writing itself again so don't quote me on that.


  1. Keep Pearl safe! Her babies need her. And Walt is clearly a pushover and therefore not to be left in charge. Lol no one gives in to a life-threatening plan that easily, think about what the kids can talk him into!

    1. As you'll see, Walt can be very strict when he needs to be, but you're right, he is quite the pushover. He should be happy most of the kids are too young to realize that and abuse it.

  2. Danika's gonna fall in love with Nicolas, isn't she? <3 He's growing up cute :)

    1. I am giving no spoilers for wether or not Danika falls in love. But I will say this much, if anything does bloom between them it won't end as nicely as Junielle and Rio's relationship did.

    2. My point exactly, Zoku. : )

  3. Nicolas is definitely better looking now that he could rid of his pirate headband. I am also waiting for another love story here.

    I am proud of Walt for handling it so calmly, regardless of his feelings, but Pearl sure does wear the pants in that family.

    1. I think it was obvious from Pearl's birthday into toddlerhood that she'd wear the pants in whatever relationship she had. She's very strong willed, and as hard headed as a rhino.

  4. Oh Pearl, you idiot! I'm really really hoping Nicolas doesn't fall for whatever plot this Danika has

    1. Luckily for Nicolas he's a bit stronger mentally than his own father was (Not calling Rio a moron, but if he hadn't fallen for Junielle's mind control on that first night none of this would have happened).

  5. Nico is very cute! But so was Rio, so I'm not really surprised. =)

    I agree with the above comments about Pearl, but I honestly admire her stubbornness. Hopefully nothing bad will happen to her or Nicolas though...

    Great chapter! =)

    1. Nico is most definitely his father's son.

      Pearl is a stubborn brat, but she needs to be considering all she's gone through. I just hope it never backfires on her. She can't control everything and everyone all of the time.

  6. Nico grew up to be a babe. <3

    I love Coral so, so much. Her personality is just friggin' hilarious and I love reading her interactions with her family. Also, that picture of Coral rocking out on the microphone = golden.

    I'm interested to read how Pearl's visit with the Dracule leader will pan out. I know you said not to quote you on Pearl returning safely, but I am anyway. BECAUSE!

    Danika is shaping up to be an interesting antagonist, of sorts. I'm not sure what you have up your sleeve regarding her and her "mission" (although you did give a tiny hint) - so color me intrigued.

    1. Thank you! And yeah, Danika is going to be a fun antagonist. Won't give any spoilers of her time in the story, but she might be a repeat offender...

      Coral might be my favourite.

    2. ooh - repeat offender? Welp... now I'm even more intrigued.