Monday, August 27, 2012

4.12 - Silent Anger

Another school day, another breakfast of cold plasma juice, another morning Nicolas dreads the idea of going to school and facing his cruel peers. If only he weren’t the only vampire in school. 

But today is different. His aunt Pearl is out in another city right now and uncle Walt was too busy getting the twins ready for school to even notice Nico jogging past the school bus and to the far side of town. 

For now at least he’s free enough to go out and skip school and have no regrets about it. His aunt and uncle have watched over him well enough, and he’s sure he’s strong enough to fight off any would-be attackers if they tried ambushing him. Sure everyone expects him to be at school right now but what harm will one day of playing hookie do?

He stops by the graveyard, intending to pay his respects to some of his family before catching sight of an interestingly dark bird. Its feathers are spotted, almost looking like stars in the night sky and its face is almost owl like. Nicolas can’t tell if the bird is hideous or beautiful... but he likes it. It’s weird, just like him.

“You’re not that weird.” Says a female voice from the graveyard entrance. She’d been watching him since he left his house, making herself known only after reading his mind and marking him as vulnerable. “A bit strange, perhaps. But then again, who isn’t?”

“Um... I guess?” Nico mumbles, trying to gather his thoughts around this new girl. He’s never seen her before, and marking her as a vampire already sends up a few warning signals. Not to mention the fact that she can apparently read his mind. He concentrates for a moment, but its as if there’s a wall up around her mind. He can’t read anything. “How are you able to read me when I can’t read you?”

“What, your parents never taught you to close your mind? I thought you were leaving it open for a reason!”

“I’m raised by humans.” He explains, then sees the next question on her lips without even needing to read her mind. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Truth be told Danika was trying to take control of his mind, put him under a haze so she can lead him off the island, but even untrained his mental strength is impressive. Looks like she’ll actually have to do a bit of acting. “Oh, sorry. I wasn’t trying to pry. My family just moved here and I got excited when I realized I wasn’t the only teenage vampire here. My name is Danika Darling, what’s yours?”

“Nicolas Sari.” 

She smiles. “Well, do you think you could show me around town a bit? My family just arrived last night and I got lost already!”

He isn’t worried about her anymore. She’s new, and she’s just about his age so she can’t actually be working for his grandfather, right? There’s no harm in playing the friendly neighbor. “Sure! It’d be my pleasure.”

He shows her all around their sleepy little island town, sharing some of the local gossip about whose dating whose cousin, and even shows her the two schools from a safe distance (One elementary, one high school). 

The tour ends at the local country style hangout where Nicolas tries to empress her by showing off some of his bull riding moves. 

Danika is impressed, but not by his moves. Nicolas seems nothing like the much feared Dracule family head, but he looks just like him. At least as far as his coloring goes. Feature wise he’s most definitely the son of that big-headed red head who was never more than an arm’s length from Miss Junielle Dracule. Danika’s already making plans for how to bring Nicolas back.

But whatever the plan, it’ll have to wait just a tad bit longer. Because eyes are always watching Nico, and his Uncle is already on his way.

“Skipping school is one thing, but running off without telling anyone where you’ll be? Are you stupid, Nicolas? You KNOW people are looking to hurt you! You know we’re in more danger since your Aunt is out of town and yet you still took off? What’s wrong with you! If you’re going to skip school at least stay home where I can keep you safe!”

Nicolas knows full well that if he had stayed home, his uncle would have driven him to school after a long and uncomfortable guilt trip about how education is important. But he has more sense than to point that out while Walt is so angry. Walt’s never angry! Ever! Nico knows he must have royally fucked up to get this kind of reaction.

“I’m sorry, uncle. You’re right, I wasn’t thinking and I’m sorry for making you worry. I didn’t mean to cause any trouble, and I was just trying to show Danika around town. We weren’t in any danger.”

“Danika?” Walt repeats, looking over his shoulder at the empty room before turning back to his nephew. “Who is Danika?”

She must have taken off as soon as Walt entered the building, Nico realizes with a shock. But why would she have done that unless... “Can we go home now, Uncle?”

Walt’s anger falls away completely, replaced with worry when he comes to the same conclusion. “I’ll call the police, see if we can contact Pearl.”

Coral and Reed get picked up from school in a police car, and once they’re safely home Nico explains the situation to them. Reed just shrugs and goes upstairs to do some research for a school assignment, Coral reacts a little differently. With shock at first, and then silent anger.

Why can’t they just be normal kids in a normal family? But nooo Nico had to go and be some evil overlord’s grandson and now people want to kidnap him and that means she won’t be allowed to go out or have fun until Aunt Pearl gets home. Pearl and Coral are technically sisters, but Coral never met their mom, and her memories of their father are hazy at best. So Pearl is more of a mother to her than a sister. Still, she calls her an Aunt to make things less confusing.

Pearl gets home that same night, after a full day of traveling with a fuming Camille sitting next to her the whole time. Fearfully, Nico tells her about Danika, what she looks like, what she was wearing, how she acted, and how she could read his mind but he couldn’t read hers. 

He can’t understand why Danika didn’t move to hurt him if she really was working for his grandfather, but he’s thankful his Uncle showed up when he did.

Pearl does her best to comfort him. “You did great, Nico. I’m so proud of you. We were lucky this time, but now we know they’re still after you and we can prepare.”

“So I’m not in trouble?”

“For almost getting yourself kidnapped? No. For skipping school? Hell yes. Dishes until you’re old and wrinkly, and you’re grounded until this whole matter is resolved. We’ll see about getting you into homeschooling if you really hate school that much, but next time talk to us before you do anything stupid.”

Nico finds that punishment completely unfair, but he won’t argue. Homeschooling might be a good thing.

That same night Jade becomes a child.

And so does Daphine. With everything else thats going on their birthday gets swept under the rug. They don’t even get a cake.


Iiii'm back! I had SO much fun on my vacation and I've never felt so relaxed and happy. I like feeling like a princess, and cruise ships are so good for making you feel like you're the only person who matters. God I love it. 

If you have the money for it, I seriously suggest you try going for a cruise. It was awesome.

Now it's time to make my sims suffer once again. Hope they enjoyed their holiday from me just as much!


  1. Yay, new chapter! I'm seeing Danika falling for Nico. Probably won't happen, but that's what my mind's coming up with.

    1. I'll give you this much of a spoiler. If any sort of emotion does flourish between them it will NOT be love. Although if you're willing to sell me your soul I might be able to swing something...

  2. Nico is so darn handsome!

    And I'm happy that he did the right thing... I was worried there for a bit.

    1. Nico has his moments of rebellion as every teenager does, but deep down he knows hisfamily situation isn't normal, and as such he knows when to stop being a brat and run home.